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Cyclists parking bikes on my lawn

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Thegrandmarniter Sun 25-Apr-21 14:10:17

I live near a Millennium Greenway. I cycle or walk on it almost every day. However I don’t like it very much when cyclists from elsewhere stop outside my house, park their cars outside my living room window and then lean their bikes against the tree on my lawn, or walk across my lawn or mend their bicycle chains on my lawn.....Need I go on. I have put a little sign against one of the trees saying , ‘Private Garden, please keep dogs off the grass’ because, of course I have found little doggie dollops by the tree as well. If I go out and ask them politely to get off my garden they usually do but I’m a bit upset today. There were a group of 6, standing outside my window, a bike propped against each of the two trees and a third being mended on the grass. I politely asked them to move. One actually started laughing, another muttered something about 1st world problems, a third tried to make a joke about thinking it was a patch of Council grass. The final straw was when one said, ‘Oh, you’ve got a sign here, you haven’t cut the grass so I didn’t see it.’ Exasperated I said that maybe I’d get my bike out and follow them home and park on their lawns. One said, ‘If you did love I’d invite you in for a drink.’ The implication that I was being unreasonable was clear. The incident has left me a bit upset and shaky. Any advice Gransnetters?

JackyB Tue 27-Apr-21 10:40:25

Who is responsible for the cycle path? Couldn't they be involved. They could at least put up signs.

Neilspurgeon0 Tue 27-Apr-21 10:45:32

Never heard of a millennium greenway, but if you own the land, fence it !!

Direne3 Tue 27-Apr-21 10:52:11

Agree with Katie59, DH found ground cover roses to be most affective when he had a problem with tourists tramping over an area that he was contracted to care for.

Direne3 Tue 27-Apr-21 10:53:28


Aepgirl Tue 27-Apr-21 10:57:55

You don’t say how large your garden is, or how near to the cycle path (I know that shouldn’t matter because it is YOUR garden). People can be so rude and inconsiderate.

I think the only answer is a small fence or shrubs.

Candelle Tue 27-Apr-21 11:10:37

A 'pottering' cyclist here...just wanting to apologise for the dreadful behaviour of the cyclists you mention. They spoil the reputation of the vast majority of of us who don't wear head to toe lycra, jump red lights or run down pedestrians!

We have a gravelled front garden and I see people walking on it all the time. Annoying, so I know how you feel, it's a territorial thing!

We had the border between the edge of our land and pavement (which peters out towards the end of our garden) planted with dwarf conifers. They all died quite quickly and I soon saw why... Dogs love to wee on them and their owners just let them, even when obvious that doggie urine was killing the plants.

I think I am sympathising with you as I do know how you feel. I think painted rocks would be the way to go but presumably you can't move the trees that cyclists are using. Perhaps a bigger 'please don't damage these trees' might help?

olliebeak Tue 27-Apr-21 11:13:51

I really can't get my head around the clauses that some developers build into their designs these days.

I know a few people who, having bought properties on fairly modern developments, have found themselves to not be permitted to fence - or define in some other way - the outer edge of their own small garden area ....................... Something like that would immediately put me right off from buying!

You have my greatest sympathy, #Thegrandmarniter.

Regarding the nuisance of dogs etc, how about a notice that warns of the use of chemical pesticides on your lawn and to please keep animals away from it for their own safety. I don't mean for you to use any such stuff - just a warning notice as a deterrent wink.

Buffy Tue 27-Apr-21 11:15:20


Set up a sprinkler and water your lawn as and when necessary.

Electric fence would be illegal but chain link fence would be second best. I used to hate it in snowy weather when the milkman took a shortcut across my front garden. Once the snow melted there were yellow foot prints for weeks.
I cancelled the milk. Problem solved. But no help to The Grandmarniter.

Granof412 Tue 27-Apr-21 11:15:40

But what is a millennium greenway???

Coco51 Tue 27-Apr-21 11:18:03

How about large rocks placed around your boundary? (garden feature) You can’t do much about car parking if it is not an obstruction on the road, but there will be a clear line between public and your private space.

JanetOFB Tue 27-Apr-21 11:18:40

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Cid24 Tue 27-Apr-21 11:19:59

Pyracantha is pretty, and has prickles too! You need to demarcate your lawn for sure.

Sleepygran Tue 27-Apr-21 11:28:34

This is brilliant! Tbh I’d not have thought of that but it’s a great idea!

JanetOFB Tue 27-Apr-21 11:29:05

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Alioop Tue 27-Apr-21 11:41:40

I'd paint some boulders white so the idiots can see them, I did that cos neighbours gardener kept parking car on my grass to cut theirs. I got my friend some chain link on eBay for his garden, cheapest place by far.

Doodle Tue 27-Apr-21 11:42:03


Chookmama Tue 27-Apr-21 12:00:30

Our last house was on a corner and the previous owners had put up a small wooden fence. That eventually rotted and, after getting fed up with people cutting across our grass, I planted some Rosa rugosa - pretty but very prickly!

Mealybug Tue 27-Apr-21 12:04:39

I like the motion operated sprinkler idea, people don't like getting wet lol.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Tue 27-Apr-21 12:15:57

Brilliant suggestions! Love the sprinkler idea. ?We have an open plan front garden, frequently used as a public dog toilet and I've been thinking about how to prevent such access. Probably a garden sprinkler would be pinched here, but I think a row of something prickly along the front would be good ?

GrannyGear Tue 27-Apr-21 12:19:37

Who is responsible for the Millennium Greenway? Is it the local highway authority or a voluntary group who maintain it? Worth contacting them.
Also if the cyclists are from an organised group eg Cycling UK (formerly CTC) or a some local group try writing/emailing them to put your case. No good of course if it's just a group of yobs who don't mind whose garden they wreck.
If they arrive by car you can take their numbers.
You might try photographing them.
Or send an letter/article to your local paper if you have one, or your local facebook page like many towns/villages have.
Just a few ideas.

springishere Tue 27-Apr-21 12:22:24

We had the same problem years ago, and put up a berberis hedge. It is now six feet tall and has to be cut each year. I had wanted something prickly to keep people off, but wish we had put in privet instead.

Yorki Tue 27-Apr-21 12:39:56

It obviously doesn't look like a private lawn area. Can't you somehow fence it off, I had this problem in my first house, it was open plan, I got sick of being used as a dogs toilet, people would also think my garden was a short cut to the street behind me, eventually I moved because we weren't allowed to fence it off. With hind sight, I should've planted spikey bushes around it's perimeter. Maybe get around it that way. You don't deserve any patronising remarks from jumped up "Know-it-alls" , they would soon get sick of having their boundaries used as a free for all, regardless of what they say. It's your home. End of!!!! As someone on here has already mentioned, get the hosepipe out and pretend your not looking at where its aimed. That would be my preference. But I do have a daring mischievous side to me. You'll do just fine, be brave.

RustyBear Tue 27-Apr-21 12:49:16

Put up a sign like this! Taraxacum is the common dandelion, and the ‘radiation’ they would be exposed to is the sun, but it looks scary!

ALANaV Tue 27-Apr-21 12:49:42

Check with whoever imposed the no fence ruling and explain the problem. Also check with your insurer as to any liability should someone (even though they are in the wrong being on your property !") should try to sue you if they fall over the fence if you put a chain one up....and the sprinkler is a good idea if you can control it from indoors .....

RustyBear Tue 27-Apr-21 12:51:15

Try again, with the photo
Put up a sign like this! Taraxacum is the common dandelion, and the ‘radiation’ they would be exposed to is the sun, but it looks scary!