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Expecting glass ware to be wrapped at the till

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Lilypops Sat 19-Jun-21 08:30:35

I bought some wine glasses, some Pyrex baking dishes at a well known chain beginning with W...O,s. After I paid I asked the woman on the till for some paper to wrap the glasses in. She said “. We don’t have it no more !!! How was I expected to get 6 wine glasses , 3 glass dishes home , without being wrapped, and not getting broken , they always used to have small sheets of brown paper, so I bought some extra carrier bags 10p each
and continued to wrap them at the till while she huffed and puffed at me. AIBU ?

NotSpaghetti Sat 19-Jun-21 08:33:28

It happens all the time I think.
I would probably have asked to see a manager as they must have got to the shop in some packaging.

Nannarose Sat 19-Jun-21 08:41:40

You can take them, in your trolley, to the customer service desk for wrapping. One of our local supermarkets has a 'homeware' section, and they will wrap at their desk. Otherwise, I take to customer services before doing the rest of my shop. I don't often do this, but did about 2 weeks ago.
There should be a sign saying this, so you don't get put in such a daft position - and the assistant should have told you!

Lilypops Sat 19-Jun-21 08:42:33

Yes I think I should have asked for a manager, but a queue was building up behind me and I was trying to get the glasses wrapped up , I think I will ask next time I go in to the store ,why they don’t give paper anymore to wrap glass ware. Even some used bubble wrap would have been useful.

LauraNorder Sat 19-Jun-21 09:11:53

That’s vey poor service Lilypops and certainly warrants complaint.
Had they provided a little recyclable paper you wouldn’t have been forced to purchase plastic bags.
A lesson to us all, carry paper in your shopping bags if intending to buy glassware. In fact carry paper all the time as most of us probably buy on impulse.
Crazy world.

Redhead56 Sat 19-Jun-21 09:13:06

There should be paper on the counters for this. It is ridiculous I agree they have classified ads paper free why can't they use them.

Kali2 Sat 19-Jun-21 09:26:21

It has happened to me twice- so if I ever go to buy glassware- I shall take my own wrapping with me.

Lillie Sat 19-Jun-21 09:45:52

waitrose make an effort to wrap at the till but I dont like being given yet more plastic bags.

Savvy Sat 19-Jun-21 09:59:58

Fragile items should always be wrapped, you could argue its a heath and safety issue; what happens if it breaks in transit and someone gets injured? If you are still in the shop, who is liable?

Wrapping paper is not only there to protect the item, its there to contain any breakages, which is why you are supposed to wrap broken glass before putting it in the bin.

nadateturbe Sat 19-Jun-21 10:29:28

Not good enough. I've encountered this too but have never complained. Perhaps we should.

Lilypops Sat 19-Jun-21 10:30:40

I have just emailed my complaint to customer service at Wilko,s. But as it is the weekend I don’t expect a reply until next week , I will keep you posted on the outcome,
Thankyou all for your comments.
I think I should have made a bit of a thing at the time and asked for the manager but I just wanted to get the glassware wrapped and get home,

maydonoz Sat 19-Jun-21 10:36:02

No YANBU Lilypops, that was poor service you had at the store.
The assistant should have been more helpful and wrapped the glassware or at least pointed you in the direction of where it could be done.
I recently bought a pack of 4 glasses in a chain store and I asked the assistant for some bubble wrap for extra safety, they were already boxed.
She happily went off and found some. Otherwise I would probably have not bought them.
You can ring the store and explain what happened, maybe they can improve their customer service

jaylucy Sat 19-Jun-21 10:40:25

My friend had the same problem. She stopped the cashier and walked over to the stationery section, and grabbed a roll of bubble wrap, then made everyone wait so she could wrap everything up!
Strangely enough no one in the queue complained at all as they were all making comments that she shouldn't have had to do that!
The one time I bought a vase from that same shop, the person on the till, got out the brown paper and might as well not have bothered doing anything with it!!!

maydonoz Sat 19-Jun-21 10:45:53

I just read your update, it's good you emailed your complaint in. I had a very quick response from that store recently, not a complaint, I bought some parsley seeds, but when I went to use them, the pack was empty!
The response was positive and just told me to go back to the store and show her email and it was replaced when I was able to go there.
I'm sure they will respond favourably to your complaint, at least they will know you were not a happy customer on that day.

Liz46 Sat 19-Jun-21 10:56:03

When I volunteered in a charity shop we always had bubble wrap (when we could get it) and newspaper under the counter.

Calendargirl Sat 19-Jun-21 10:59:22

She said “We don’t have it no more!”

Tut tut!

This should really be in Pedants Corner!

JenniferEccles Sat 19-Jun-21 12:52:10

I was going to say something similar Calendargirl!

3nanny6 Sat 19-Jun-21 13:53:22

They always wrap up glasses etc; and breakables like that in the charity shops, better quality of service.

M0nica Sat 19-Jun-21 17:21:36

We do car boot sales and Antique Fairs. We always have lots of bubble wrap, all recycled, and sellotape ready to wrap things up.

Lilypops Sat 19-Jun-21 20:00:24

Calendar girl. Just needed to point out it was the assistant that said “we don’t have it no more”. I would hate you to think I don’t know my grammar like what I should !!

nexus63 Sat 19-Jun-21 20:13:18

i got two sets of glasses as a wedding gift for a friend, they put them into carrier bags and i asked do you have the boxes for them or can you wrap them, all i got was sorry this is all we have, i said oh thats okay, just refund my money and i will order online, by the time it took for a supervisor to come to the till and ask me what the problem was i had already ordered and paid online, they arrived in sturdy cardboard boxes.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 19-Jun-21 20:18:29

Totally agree, very poor service, should have been wrapped at till,

Deedaa Sat 19-Jun-21 20:20:58

I've had the same problem in Tesco. Yesterday I bought a china serving dish in TK Maxx and the girl took it away and wrapped it very carefully for me.

Lilypops Fri 25-Jun-21 08:32:26

Just a follow up to the problem I had in Wilko re wrapping of glassware. I had an email back from customer service. Their reply was. “In accordance with environmental changes and reduction in waste , we do not have the option of wrapping paper for fragile items and that they have to charge for carrier bags as wrapping paper”. So the options are. Don’t buy glassware from Wilko,s. Or. Take your own paper and carefully wrap them at the till while the assistant waits for you to get your purse out and pay !!!!
Thankyou all for your support and comments ,

glammanana Fri 25-Jun-21 09:05:53

Whilst I always carry a plastic bag with me when shopping I feel strongly about fragile items not being wrapped for protection against breakage.
I bought a silk blouse in Debenhams before they closed down and was just handed it over the till for me to put in my tote bag I was so annoyed if it wasn't such a bargain I would have passed it back.