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Getting through to a doctor

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PinkCakes Tue 29-Jun-21 13:09:47

I'd been trying to get through to my husband's GP surgery (I go to a different surgery) for an hour and 20 minutes - it was engaged all that time - and then when I DID get through, I was put in the queue, position 8! I waited, and when I was in position 2, the line went dead! And now it's engaged again! It's ridiculous.

growstuff Thu 08-Jul-21 16:26:20

By the way Candelle I shall be refuting nothing, because I haven't made the comments you have suggested.

growstuff Thu 08-Jul-21 16:27:16

PS. I used to be a teacher and I did work the hours which GPs work.

Smurf52 Fri 06-Aug-21 16:16:29

Shoot me down if you want, but I expect GPs are now so used to doing the odd phone call rather than face to face during lockdown, it’s a nice number for them as they are still drawing their full salary. But enough is enough, I want to see my doctor face to face. I should be monitored regularly as I’m on a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea. I haven’t seen anyone for 18 months and had only one phone call. My machine should also be checked periodically but it hasn’t.

Flaxseed Fri 06-Aug-21 21:47:49

I work in a hospital which is back (and has been for a while) doing routine surgery.
It’s so upsetting to see so many advanced cancers coming our way.
A lady with advanced mouth cancer who was told (over the phone with no dr/dentist actually looking at her) to use a mouth gargle as it was probably mouth ulcers due to stress. A 60 year old man who was told his neck lump was ‘just a cosmetic problem’ for 8 months - advanced throat cancer. But the worse one, a newly wed young lady feeling very unwell for months, was giving antibiotics for a ‘chest infections’. After a few months she rang to tell the dr the whites of her eyes were yellow and was told it was probably a side effect of medication. She collapsed and died last month.
I am beyond angry at the appalling way the GP’s have behaved throughout this pandemic angry