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Do we still grow British apples.

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taurusmmuk Sun 11-Jul-21 22:10:42

I do my grocery shopping in all the usual places, but can’t seem to find British Apples. I think it is preposterous that I can buy apples from Brazil, Chile, South Africa and other countries but not at my local stores. I am mainly thinking of the air miles and it saddens me because I am refusing to buy foreign apples or for that matter any fruit with the possible exception of bananas because they usually come on large cargo ships.

AIBU, or am I not seeing something obvious that more business savvy people would know. ?

NotSpaghetti Sun 11-Jul-21 22:19:08

British Apples are in season September to about April.

Do you remember the soft apples of our youth when they had been stored too long?

vegansrock Sun 11-Jul-21 22:27:14

Liz Truss was very excited about the possibility of selling British apples to India - anyone else think that’s mad?

SueDonim Sun 11-Jul-21 23:10:43

There are plenty of British apples in my stores. I’m in the NE of Scotland and apples manage to make their way up here from Worcestershire and Kent etc.

Shandy57 Sun 11-Jul-21 23:19:10

The apples on my tree won't be ready for a few more months, I'm excited to try them!

lemongrove Sun 11-Jul-21 23:19:44

Our apple trees ( garden) won’t be ready until late August.
Actually I would like some softer teeth aren’t up to the rock hard ones in the shops.

NotSpaghetti Sun 11-Jul-21 23:24:19

I think Gala may be in stock soon. I think they are maybe earlier?
Unfortunately we find those a bit dull.
Oh and Bramleys should still be about.

Which varieties are you finding now SueDomin?

SueDonim Sun 11-Jul-21 23:32:13

Braeburns come to mind, Notspaghetti. I’d have to visit a shop to look at the other names!

NotSpaghetti Sun 11-Jul-21 23:32:15

Ok. So just found this article:

Apparently we can now have some apples "fresh" in summer as we can store them for nearly a year!

I stand corrected!

Maggiemaybe Sun 11-Jul-21 23:51:10

I usually get my main shop from Sainsburys online. They always have British apples on offer. I’ve no idea what variety they are but I wouldn’t buy anything else. I know exotic fruit has to be transported, but not apples!

nanna8 Mon 12-Jul-21 00:34:57

Can you still get Cox’s Orange Pippins ? They were such a lovely little apple and I still think of them.

M0nica Mon 12-Jul-21 01:00:08

I do not think apples are flown in from other countries. I think they come by sea in atmosphere controlles conditions.

In the past I have had trees in my garden cropping from late July, but the earlier the apple the poorer the keeper so they hve to be eaten or peeled and frozen quite quickly. The good keepers are the later apples.

NotSpaghetti Mon 12-Jul-21 01:38:46

We had some Court Pendu Plat at our "old" house that kept well (obviouslynot as long as in these modern chiller units). Really fabulous apples though from the 1600s - they grew increasingly mellow as they aged.
Wish we had room here for apple trees.

NotSpaghetti Mon 12-Jul-21 01:39:13


Can you still get Cox’s Orange Pippins ? They were such a lovely little apple and I still think of them.

Yes you can.

nanna8 Mon 12-Jul-21 01:50:06

Wish we could get them. Most of ours are from Tasmania and very nice but there was something special about the Cox’s.

Washerwoman Mon 12-Jul-21 06:43:41

I have reluctantly had to buy apples from NZ and Chile recently but always look for British ones.It would be wonderful if there was a way of storing them and prolonging their season of availability.
And unfortunately my love of bids and feeding them and the excitement of seeing a bullfinch visit our garden has been tempered by the fact it looks like we wont be getting any on our own tree this year!

grandMattie Mon 12-Jul-21 06:50:25

There are plenty of apple growers/grown in Kent, but the season starts about now with Discovery. It’s hard to keep apples in prime condition over the lean months of spring, hence the ones from the Southern Hemisphere.
This year, with the erratic weather, there will probably be a shortage due to bad pollination.

M0nica Mon 12-Jul-21 07:01:52

We have enough apples on our apple trees to keep the country going for several years.

H1954 Mon 12-Jul-21 07:10:54

Well, yes, of course we do. Just look at the number of cider farms we have ?

agnurse Mon 12-Jul-21 07:48:51

Is it an option for you to shop at businesses that specifically source locally, such as farmer's markets or similar?

M0nica Mon 12-Jul-21 08:23:58

We have got too acustomed to being able to buy every food staple all year round.

In recent years, I have been trying to return to seasonality in what we eat. We only buy locally grown asparagus. for example, and this year had to accept that the weather meant there was little and the quality was poor.

Yes, there is 'perfect' asparagus in the supermarket, flown in from Chile or somewhere similar and pulled up to a week before it makes it to the supermarket shelf, but nothing compares with the local crop, pulled the morning I buy it and eaten the same day,

toscalily Mon 12-Jul-21 09:32:11

Prefer to buy British & in season when possible. I bought a pack of 8 grown in Kent (I)mperfectly Tasty Gala apples in Sainsburys yesterday. I like them because they are not too large which suits me better than the very big imported ones.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 12-Jul-21 09:36:12

Discovery soon be ripe.

Caleo Mon 12-Jul-21 09:41:09

I have been buying British apples from Tesco. No problem.

BTW you can slightly stew dessert apples if they are too hard for you.

timetogo2016 Mon 12-Jul-21 09:44:52

I`m with you on that nanna8.
My dad loved russet apples at christmas time.just thought i`d share.