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I have ordered a bikini

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ariodante65 Thu 15-Jul-21 18:01:08

But is this ridiculous? I’m over 60. I know Helen Mirren looked great in hers a few years ago and I am a reasonable shape, but I am not Helen Mirren.

BlueSky Sat 17-Jul-21 10:08:26

Good for you! I’ve always worn one on our holidays abroad (remember them?). There are lots of high waisted bottoms for those with a tummy to hide, or let it hang like men do! Honesty if you feel comfortable in one go for it!

Greeneyedgirl Sat 17-Jul-21 10:20:11

I think it’s great if you’ve got skin that tans. I’d feel safer in a burkini because my Celtic skin burns to a crisp if exposed, and I’m careful as my mother has had lots of bcc’s. I don’t think age should be any barrier to what we want to wear if we are happy with it.

timetogo2016 Sat 17-Jul-21 10:27:31

Good for all of you who wear a bikini.
I wouldn`t as i don`t like the sun and i am covered from head to foot in light clothing,and i have bluddy horrible legs too.

Greeneyedgirl Sat 17-Jul-21 11:01:28

grin timetogo

JanetAnn Sat 17-Jul-21 12:30:23

I always wear a bikini (except when in swimming pool) I am 64, size 14 with a belly.