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I have ordered a bikini

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ariodante65 Thu 15-Jul-21 18:01:08

But is this ridiculous? I’m over 60. I know Helen Mirren looked great in hers a few years ago and I am a reasonable shape, but I am not Helen Mirren.

cornishpatsy Thu 15-Jul-21 18:04:57

If you feel comfortable wearing it then other peoples opinions does not matter.

I admire your confidence.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 15-Jul-21 18:05:14

If you feel comfortable in it then why not?

I feel uncomfortable wearing one in public but wear one in our garden or if we rent a private house for our holidays (pre Covid holidays, ah yes I remember them well……..)

Hithere Thu 15-Jul-21 18:06:55

Yes! You do you, what works for you

NotSpaghetti Thu 15-Jul-21 18:09:24

Lots of Italian women of older years happily wear a bikini.

How lovely.
I'm sure it will be super-chic!

Luckylegs Thu 15-Jul-21 18:12:32

I’m 73, certainly not model shape but I’ve always worn bikinis, don’t possess a ‘costume’’. I like to get my tummy brown. I wear one on beaches and everywhere. Have you seen some of the sights on foreign beaches? Wouldn’t worry about me! I wore a bikini to an aquarobic class and was told it would be better if I’d wear a full costume. Not been since but I’d wear a bikini if I want to.

Blossoming Thu 15-Jul-21 18:13:41

Good for you ariodante65 I hope you’ve got some fabulous sunglasses and a chic sun hat too ?

Flexagon Thu 15-Jul-21 18:14:55

Years ago, on a sunshine holiday, the husband in a couple we had become friendly with turned to my husband (the former didn't think I could hear) and said, Don't they look funny when they take their costumes off. - meaning (I think) the bits that didn't get the sun. At least with a bikini there's less of that. smile

Esspee Thu 15-Jul-21 18:40:25

I wear bikinis, often just the bottom half when only OH is around as I don’t want strap marks.
I couldn’t give a damn what other people think.
Oh - I’m 72.
You are just a young thing OP.

Jaxjacky Thu 15-Jul-21 19:21:12

Good for you ariodante65 and others, don’t see an issue myself.

CanadianGran Thu 15-Jul-21 19:27:17

No reason not to wear a bikini! Very few indeed have perfect figures, but you don't see the men donning a t-shirt over their middle aged tummies and grey chest hair!

I say enjoy the sun on bare skin if you are comfortable with it. Good for you.

DanniRae Thu 15-Jul-21 20:07:34

I am 73 and a size 18 and wear a bikini on holiday because they are more comfortable than swimming costumes. I always put a sarong around me when I am walking about, however. (This is abroad not worn one since my last holiday in Portugal September 2019!!)

Allsorts Thu 15-Jul-21 20:11:43

If you feel good why not a bikini, I would if I looked good in one. Lucky you,

Tizliz Thu 15-Jul-21 20:16:18

My husband asked if I had seen his bikini! Found out that this is what the covers for his scope are called but I was a bit confused until he explained.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 15-Jul-21 20:21:41

I’m in my 60s and another one who wears a bikini. I used to wear tankinis but found having to constantly pull the top down over the tanking bottom annoying. Also on one of our trips abroad it was so unbearably hot I went in the nearest C&A and bought a bikini and been wearing them ever since.
Go for it ariodante65

Whitewavemark2 Thu 15-Jul-21 20:29:54

???. That’s the thought of me in a bikini.

midgey Thu 15-Jul-21 21:04:13

My first thought…..Good for you!

Grannybags Thu 15-Jul-21 21:08:02

??? That's the thought of me in a bikini!!

I'd wear one if I felt comfortable in one

Poppyred Thu 15-Jul-21 21:27:47

If you feel comfortable then do it!

ariodante65 Thu 15-Jul-21 23:40:32

Thank you all for being so encouraging and especially to those of you senior to me who are bikini- wearers. I’ll try it out in the garden over the weekend. I’m glad no one seems to think it’s unacceptable!

Ro60 Fri 16-Jul-21 00:13:23

Of course you can! On the last holiday I had no one would have dreamed of wearing anything else at the pool. ?

Draw the line at a thong though ?

DanniRae Fri 16-Jul-21 09:04:55

ariodante - Just to say that when you try on the bikini don't think "Oh I could never be seen in this!" You will feel differently when you are on holiday and everyone else is wearing swimwear. It's like a different world, added to this you will realise that how you look is so much better than some of the sights that you will see!
I hope that you will be able to actually get away on holiday this year. Good Luck!

Lucca Fri 16-Jul-21 09:56:52


Of course you can! On the last holiday I had no one would have dreamed of wearing anything else at the pool. ?

Draw the line at a thong though ?

If I’d been there then I would have looked odd as I don’t wear a bikini now. my body is not a thing of beauty. I did wear one on a hot holiday in my early sixties though.

For me it’s not about “what other people think”. It’s how I feel.

henetha Fri 16-Jul-21 10:38:06

Absolutely go for it. It's great.
I shan't be joining you. At 83 my beat up old bod would be a huge shock to the nation. grin

Daisymae Fri 16-Jul-21 11:17:24

The only thing that surprises me is that people want to tan! I'm covered from neck to toe in the ?.