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Noise and smoking nextvdoir

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Beswitched Sat 17-Jul-21 21:56:12

Really need an opinion on this. For years we had to deal with an obstreperous teenager next door having loud parties every weekend when his parents went away.
He's now 35, his parents are away and even though he doesn't live there anymore he has a group of friends in who have been there all afternoon and are still out there drinking, smoking and shouting.
I have just gone upstairs and banged my bedroom window shut because of the smell of smoke from one woman's cigarette which was blowing up into my window. I got a rally dirty indignant look.

I know from previous experience that they will be out there til all hours. The temperature has been up in the mid twenties all day and I can't sleep with the window shuy.
I've been caring for my mother who has cancer and am currently getting a few days respite.
WIBU to ring and ask if people could smoke at the back of the garden, not underneath my window and how long the noise is likely to go on for?

Beswitched Sun 18-Jul-21 15:27:54

He has been asked many many times but just ignores repeated requests. Even when there was a seriously ill and elderly man living on the other side of them who was just out of hospital he ignored desperate requests to keep the noise down.

As a teenager the police were called to the house on several occasions (not by us) but it stíll didn't stop him.

Infinity, that made me laugh grin

Granny1810 Mon 19-Jul-21 09:56:23

I had neighbours who liked drum and bass at silly o'clock at night. Oddly they didn't like the drummers of Barundi at 7 in the morning

indispensableme Mon 19-Jul-21 13:49:27

In our previous house the son of the neighbours kept his boy-racer in his parents' garage, he would come every morning at around 2am, loud exhaust booming, park on the sloping drive, crash the garage door open, rev his car for a couple of minutes, get the car into the garage then slam it shut.
He then decided to do some work on his car on the parents' drive, he parked it sideways with the rear almost in our window and revved it for half an hour. When I slammed the window closed, it was mid Summer, he came round and called me a racist, they were, I believe, Hong King Chinese, to which I replied No, but with you I could make an exception.
That seemed to shock him, the problem was that his parents were lovely people but were rarely around when all this was going on. Neighbours with very young children were also abused when they asked him to be quieter during the night.

indispensableme Mon 19-Jul-21 13:53:44


Yes, we’ve had to deal with students from time to time. More understandable as they’re so much younger. What often worked for us, if they were outside, was to say their voices travel at night, and we can hear every word. That seemed to embarrass them, and they always stopped. Nowadays, they’re always plugged into something. We don’t hear much at all.

Whether it would work for this man, I don’t know. His generation were the first age group we started getting students in our area, and they tended to be noisier. This was 15 years ago. For the last 10 years or so, it’s been getting much quieter.

Somehow, you need to make him feel silly, too old for this, embarrass him. Of course, the parents are a good first step.

In our first house we had awful neighbours, constant shouting, arguing and loud, long parties every weekend. We went to work abroad and deliberately rented our house to a group of male students, expecting them to have a similar loud lifestyle! Sadly, another neighbour told us they were lovely lads, they only saw them at the weekend when they were cutting our grass!