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Dogs to be kept on lead.

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Santana Tue 10-Aug-21 13:58:32

AIBU to expect dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead, as per signage, in my local park. There are open spaces available next to it where dogs can run free.
The park has enclosed and unenclosed children's play areas, plus sport's pitches. I have checked the government website and parks like this are covered by Public Spaces Protection Orders and a fixed penalty fine can be issued.
I asked 3 dog owners yesterday, in a non challenging way, if they were aware of the signage. One said I was a dog hater, another looked at me blankly and continued to search for her dog's poo which she was unaware of until I told her.
Another lady was lovely and instantly put her elderly lab on the lead.
I think a visit from local PCSO might be helpful.

Beswitched Tue 10-Aug-21 14:10:30

The two parks nearest to me have very clear signs saying dogs must be kept on a lead. They are widely ignored by selfish dog owners who just let their dogs run around with no regard for those who don't like, or are afraid of dogs.

Grannynannywanny Tue 10-Aug-21 14:28:33

I am a dog lover but no longer have one. My AC each have dogs and I love them to bits. I have a relative who has a severe learning disability. To say he is afraid of dogs doesn’t come close. He is utterly terrified and becomes hysterical if a strange dog comes near. I can’t take him in local parks because of dogs running around while their selfish owners are oblivious to the fact that not everyone is comfortable with a dog running to greet them.

We have to avoid dog friendly restaurants after a very upsetting experience when a woman allowed her dog’s lead to extend till her dog was alongside our table. Some dog owners just don’t get that not everyone loves their pooch just because they do.

Redhead56 Tue 10-Aug-21 14:42:32

I was uncomfortable when visiting my DD and GD when we went to a local park. There are visible signs about dog leads everywhere as its a children's playground. There were young lads roaming around with dogs off leads it made me nervous.
A few years ago I was picking fruit with my dog on the lead on open land. I was dragged to the ground because two dogs were off their leads. I was bruised and hurt my knee and hand. It would have been terrible if is was a child. I was brought up with dogs but always told to be respectful of rules and consider other people. Because of the selfish act by a dog owner I have not been able to go out with my dog on my own since.

Kate1949 Tue 10-Aug-21 15:01:48

Same around here. I'm frightened of dogs so avoid places where I know they'll be off leads. It also annoys me that some owners assume everyone likes dogs. I don't.

AGAA4 Tue 10-Aug-21 16:16:48

There are signs in the country park near me that state dogs must be kept on a lead but most people ignore them. As there are sheep grazing nearby I can't understand the owners. If their dog attacks a sheep the farmer could shoot it. Not fair on the dog.

Santana Tue 10-Aug-21 17:39:17

There is a supportive doggie group in my road, and they all meet up and go off loudly together. Some are elderly so brings a social aspect, until you know that this never stopped through any of the Covid lockdowns. They ran a terrible risk and I could never understand it. I worked behind the scenes at a hospital during the first lockdown and was undressing in the hall. I have retired now and realise that I was being over zealous, but we didn't know anything about the virus then.

Chestnut Tue 10-Aug-21 17:52:03

It is horrible trying to avoid loose dogs, e-scooters and crazy cyclists these days. People seem to be so selfish now and have no respect. That is what it is all about, respect for other people, which is sadly lacking amidst all the selfishness.

MayBee70 Tue 10-Aug-21 17:52:44

Not unreasonable at all. I’m a dog owner and despair at the behaviour of fellow dog owners. I was in a dog walking group that hasn’t met up throughout most of the pandemic. I have left it though for other reasons but was feeling uncomfortable anyway in that it consisted of a large group of dogs running off lead a lot of the time. We always kept ours on a lead. And don’t get me started about people putting pictures on Facebook of their dogs running through crop fields….they get very irate when people point out those fields are someone’s livelihood.

BlueBelle Tue 10-Aug-21 18:07:49

I think dogs should be on leads in public spaces There are open commons woods and beaches out of season when they can run free but anywhere there are other people they should be on leads

Maddison Tue 10-Aug-21 18:15:58

I am in my 70's and dogs were never on leads when i was a child it it has caused me to have a fear of them, i still feel that fear when i see one without a lead, you never know what a dog is thinking or feeling, no matter how tame they are, they could turn if they are frightened, please keep dogs on leads even if they playfully approach me and jump up i get frightened i was in our local park last week i was sat on a log having a rest a couple walked by with their dog it came straight towards me i got up and turned my back on it, the owner gave me a lot of abuse saying i was ignoring her dog!!

MayBee70 Tue 10-Aug-21 19:59:15

Oh Maddison, that’s really awful. My grandson used to be scared of dogs. Less so now that he has a dog of his own but he’s still scared. So is his dad. People need to realise that. My dogs have been attacked so many times but quite often, if I ask people to move their dogs away I just get a mouthful of abuse. Most times when a dog has gone for mine the owner has just said ‘that’s never happened before’ even though their dog is loose and mines on a lead. And then they just carry on walking as if nothing had happened.

JaneJudge Tue 10-Aug-21 20:01:15

I always keep mine on a lead

Chardy Tue 10-Aug-21 20:11:22

Sorry Bluebelle but
There are open commons woods and beaches out of season when they can run free but anywhere there are other people they should be on leads ??
I would never walk my dog in woods; this is partly for my dogs' safety (being distracted by an animal and running off), and partly for my personal security.

valdali Tue 10-Aug-21 20:11:33

Mine's nearly 15 and he has laryngeal collapse from pulling on his lead when he was younger. He's a coward and if anyone (dog , cat or child) comes towards him on the path, he makes a perfect semi-circular detour not to get too close.We try not to use his lead, I admit it must look droll as I spend most of my time pushing him rather than putting his lead on and pulling him. He has frequented his local park for 14 years, he can't hear or see well but still loves to have a sniff. I never put him on a lead there (there is no requirement to; in that case it would be different). If I did he would struggle with his breathing, and as he never goes near anyone (except daschunds who for some inexplicable reason delight him) it seems eminently sensible to leave him lead-less.

Jaxjacky Tue 10-Aug-21 20:40:51

I’ve always been ambivalent about dogs, but a few weeks ago a large, male, GS went for me, fortunately on a lead. I was in a pub, the dog owner said he didn’t like women with glasses and a mask on. Two friends, dog owners of many years, said the dog would have attacked me if not on a lead, I’m more wary now. They were barred from the pub.

MayBee70 Tue 10-Aug-21 20:57:56

The breeder I got my dog from told us last year to get our dogs used to people wearing masks, not just for the safety of the general public but because judges at shows, vets etc would be wearing masks. Let’s hope that GSD doesn’t need a mask wearing lady vet with glasses on to save it’s life one day.

CafeAuLait Tue 10-Aug-21 23:40:55

My dogs are always on leads but with a harness so there is no pressure on their necks. I do notice a lot of people don't obey the rules.

Rosie51 Wed 11-Aug-21 00:08:13

I had a friend, late 70s who was "greeted" by an off lead dog in a local park. It knocked her over, and the owner apologised but said he was only being "friendly" and saying hello. Shame that "friendliness" left my friend with femur damage that resulted in three operations (one that was admittedly botched) leaving her disabled and condemned her to a miserable last year of her life. That dog owner is blissfully unaware of the damage her dog did. If he'd been on a lead my friend might have enjoyed a totally different outcome.

welbeck Wed 11-Aug-21 03:35:20

Valdali, wouldn't a harness solve the problem, to avoid pulling on the neck.
i think a dog needs to be on a lead in a public place, in most circumstances.

Esspee Wed 11-Aug-21 07:19:28

My niece was over from Toronto and screamed at me when we were our one day “Aunty, look, an unleashed dog!”
Clearly other places have far stricter rules.

H1954 Wed 11-Aug-21 07:53:28

How dreadful for your friend Rosie! Dogs should be on leads under all circumstances, parks, open spaces, public roads, footpaths etc. Dog owners might think they know their dogs but they cannot foresee random incidents that might trigger actions or behaviour from the dog that could cause injury to people, other animals even the the dog itself.
I'm not a dog owner and whilst I wouldn't call myself a dog lover I certainly wouldn't not cause or wish harm to any dog but dog owners need to accept that not everyone likes dogs, not everyone wants a dog jumping up at them either and those extendable dog leads are a flaming nuisance and should be banned completely!
A neighbour of ours was in a local park recently, her dog was unleashed and some distance away from her whilst she chatted away oblivious to a couple of stray dogs attacking hers. Her dog was alright and made a full recovery but had she had it on the lead surely it would have minimised the risk?

Nansnet Wed 11-Aug-21 08:06:43

Some years ago, in the woods which were local to us, someone was walking their dog on a lead, which was attacked by the local farmer's pack of gun dogs ... all unleashed. Sadly, it died. That is obviously an extreme example due to pack mentality, but so many dog owners don't seem to understand that a dog wearing a lead can feel very threatened by dogs who are unleashed.

I know that our two dogs, who always wear a lead, do sometimes feel threatened if an unleashed dog runs up to them, even if they just want to play, our dogs don't necessarily understand, or want that. And, some leashed dogs feel that they need to protect their owners, which is a natural instinct, if they feel threatened. My dogs have on a couple of occasions been attacked and bitten by an unleashed dog running up to them ... only for the owner to say they don't ever do that sort of thing normally, and one even inferring it must be our dogs fault!

I think all dogs should be on a lead in areas where there are other people/dogs. It doesn't matter how obedient, or docile, you think your dog is, you can never 100% guarantee that they won't turn if either they or another dog feels threatened. I don't blame the dogs, as it's a natural instinct, but owners should be more aware, and responsible.

Hetty58 Wed 11-Aug-21 08:38:10

I always keep my little dog on a lead - as her recall skills are unreliable. I do love dogs, but despair at the behaviour of many owners.

I'm so sick and tired of 'It's ok she/he's friendly', usually after the owner has strolled over from some distance away. Meanwhile, I hold my terrified dog in the air, while theirs jumps up at me, no recall attempted - and somehow, it's my problem, not theirs!

Then there's 'They need the off-lead exercise you know!' - often it's the bone idle owner having just a short walk and relying on them flying around to burn off their energy.

Finally 'I only pick it up from pavements.' as if dog pooh elsewhere isn't a problem. (Why, oh why do I always manage to tread in it?)

Yes, again, at 7.30 am, the local walkers meet opposite my house, pandemic or not, unmasked, undistanced, chatting away as usual, off to release their various hounds in the field at the end of the road. They're immune, you know - so the rules don't apply!

Kate1949 Wed 11-Aug-21 09:44:30

Rosie your poor friend. Jaxjacky The dog 'doesn't like women in glasses or masks'. What a b****y cheek! It's a dog for goodness sake. I was once walking in wet weather. As I passed a woman with a Labrador, it leapt up at me. Its paws were on my chest. It was terrifying. The owner pulled him away and my coat was dirty and torn from its claws. I was so shocked I couldn't speak. The owner was sniggering. No apology. My coat went in the bin when I got home.