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ReadyMeals Thu 16-Sep-21 15:14:57

AIBU to wish the eyebrow fashion would hurry up and change so that pretty young girls can stop ruing their faces by painting what looks like ugly fat brown slugs above their eyes?

PinkCosmos Fri 17-Sep-21 09:43:22


My eyebrows are going greyer and greyer! Wondering whether to have them dyed - anyone done this?

I dye my eyebrows using regular hair dye (Nice and Easy).

There is a bottle and a tube in the pack. I mix the same amount of each in a very small container. It is actually a small lid from a bottle. Then I apply it using an old mascara brush and leave it on for about 40 minutes.

It does a great job and the bottles/tubes last for ages as you are only using a small amount each time.

I dye my hair dark blonde which comes out light/mid brown (Nice and Easy No. 7) and dye my eyebrows a bit darker (No. 6).

I would steer away from any red based colours though.

I also get long hairs in my eyebrows but I cut them rather than pluck them as I have gaps anyway

seacliff Fri 17-Sep-21 09:50:45

Hetty. I get medium brown, it says 5 mins. Suggest just do 3 mins first as you won't want them too dark.

seacliff Fri 17-Sep-21 09:54:22

With Just for Men you also mix the 2 tubes, just a really tiny dab of each.

ExDancer Fri 17-Sep-21 09:56:26

I have my lashes and brows tinted at a salon. The price has risen from £16 to £19.50 recently, they blame the extra sanitising of the treatment rooms because of covid.

Annsan Fri 17-Sep-21 10:38:57

I wouldn’t know one eyebrow fashion from another... never think about them. I see attractive and less attractive people but that attraction tends to come from within...

Soroptimum Fri 17-Sep-21 10:48:08

Many thanks for all your suggestions regarding dying my eyebrows! I shall be taking the plunge. smile

GardenofEngland Fri 17-Sep-21 10:48:49

I think the slug/scouse brow is waning I see so many young girls with what I would say are normal colour and thickness more and more. My eyebrows were plucked to death in my youth. I now have them micobladed every couple to three years and I wake up with a face! They are a tad dark for a month or so but after that 2+ years of just trimming and tidying them which I do with one of those little pen eyebrow shaver devices. Most days I never even bother with makeup. But I do put castor oil on them and my lashes every night.

Madwoman11 Fri 17-Sep-21 10:51:55

I get an Eyelure brow dye kit as mine are going grey. Very easy to use just wipe off any errors. I do mine of an evening and use a bit of facial scrub the next morning if any is on the skin

Oofy Fri 17-Sep-21 11:01:12

Another one who tried eyebrow dye at the hairdresser last time I went. The beautician used a mix of grey and black, she said. Well pleased with the result. Still get my hair coloured dark brown, very grey underneath, though I gather that is coming into fashion!

Florida12 Fri 17-Sep-21 11:08:14

Mine have stayed the same for years, I didn’t over pluck them in the 70’s, but they are gapped. Whenever I touched my roots up I used to do my eyebrows at the same time. I must add that a beautician gasped when I told her.
I am not keen on the very thick and dark eyebrows either especially with the blunt square ends, my eyebrows have never grown like that. My friend tried to get me to have mine done, I had to remind her that I am 65 and the darkest I can go is blonde as I am a red head.
I do remember eyebrows going thicker in the 80’s when Brook Shields and Madonna came on the scene, but they looked more natural somehow.

Glenco Fri 17-Sep-21 11:09:22

Soroptimum Thu 16-Sep-21 17:19:11
"My eyebrows are going greyer and greyer! Wondering whether to have them dyed - anyone done this?"

Soroptimum, I had mine tattooed some time ago. They were great (once the initial "heaviness" had settled down) and I loved them. Unfortunately I was supposed to have freshen-up after a year, but the tattooist had gone and I couldn't get it done so they have faded again now. I'd have it done again in a heartbeat if I could.

Audi10 Fri 17-Sep-21 11:13:36

Eyebrows fascinate me, apart from my own ? having hypothyroidism doesn’t help they are getting more sparse as the months go by especially at the ends , it’s the first thing I notice on a ladies face, so many different ones, unfortunately I have to fill mine in, What I’d give for thicker brows.

Moggycuddler Fri 17-Sep-21 11:20:22


My eyebrows are going greyer and greyer! Wondering whether to have them dyed - anyone done this?

For some years I've been using Eyelure Eyebrow tint kit. You can get it from some chemists or on ebay for about £8. Really easy to use. You just mix a bit up and put it on with a little brush that comes with it. Leave for 5 mins and wash it off. Lasts about 4 weeks. One kit does mine about 5 times. Use it when you aren't going out for a few hours though or before bed because it can stain the skin and looks a bit obvious for a while but if you wash the area a few times it wears off after a few hours and looks very natural.

homefarm Fri 17-Sep-21 11:46:29

Can't understand why anyone messes with their eyebrows at all

grandtanteJE65 Fri 17-Sep-21 11:47:16


One of the side effects of thyroid disease is thinner eyebrows. Mine are a great shape now as a result.

Well, I wish mine would follow suit, but my overactive thyroid which is stablising had absolutely no effect on my eyebrows, except to make it quite impossible for me to see to neaten them up, due to seeing double with my left eye, due to hardening of the muscles surrounding the orbit!

I feel quite in the fashion with my thick, bushy eyebrows, but wish they weren't going not only grey, but white and sprouting wire-like hairs to boot!

Theoddbird Fri 17-Sep-21 11:52:15

I am sure everyone here has gone with the fashion at some point in their life. Not for anyone to make derogatory remarks about though. Just accept....

Frogs Fri 17-Sep-21 11:52:52

My niece had her eyebrows tattooed on - I just wondered what happens when fashions change.
Duck lips look ridiculous and painful I can’t wait for this to go out of fashion but has been with us for quite a long time.

JdotJ Fri 17-Sep-21 11:55:08


I am not too keen on the very thick eyebrows, but I do so wish that I hadn't completely buggered mine up by over plucking in my younger years

I totally agree NanaK54. Mine are almost non existent now through overplucking over the years

choughdancer Fri 17-Sep-21 11:59:42

I had mine micro-bladed and am very happy with the result. I too had overplucked mine in the '70s, and they were almost invisible.

Riverwalk Fri 17-Sep-21 12:00:18

I'm just back from having my eyebrows waxed & a pedicure, so looking pretty hot right now grin

Brows always look so much better and well-defined as the strays above, below and down the side are removed. I insist that any greys are plucked, even if it leaves a gap, and get the longer ones trimmed - oh, the joys!

Iwtwab12bow Fri 17-Sep-21 12:09:01

I went to a beauty counter in a large department store with my then 5 year old Granddaughter. While l was looking at some lipsticks, she was staring very hard at the young girl behind the counter. She suddenly blurted out," oh Granny, why has that lady got black caterpillars on her face ?" Out of the mouths of babies!

janipans Fri 17-Sep-21 12:13:45

My thyroid is fine (so far as I know) but my eyebrows have always been naturally thin and I have never plucked them.
When the local police did a house to house enquiry and one of the questions was do you pluck your eyebrows. when I said "no", he looked at my face then asked me again - he just didn't believe me! (They also looked for nasal hair and piercings and when I asked why, I was told it was for elimination purposes as witnesses often remembered these features! - interesting! - so if you fancy robbing a bank, the trick is to paint on the slugs, glue a few false eyelashes up your nose, and for good measure add a non permanent tattoo, then when you go back to normal nobody would identify you! - Simples!

Ro60 Fri 17-Sep-21 12:22:26

I Need the trend to change - mine are sparser now - probably not helped by earlier trends. They seem to be popping up on my chin now ? & I'm having a job trying to see the side ones - under glasses, over glasses ??
Time for a trip to get them done. The last appointment was cancelled due to covid?

Fernhillnana Fri 17-Sep-21 12:26:26

I have mine done, along with my eyelashes, every 6 weeks. It makes a huge difference.

Grannygrumps1 Fri 17-Sep-21 12:34:21

I used to pluck mine and they are very thin BUT have improved since I got an eyebrow dye kit from Boots. If you have gone grey. Then there is a probability that your eyebrows have too. If you try it at home it’s really easy and is cheaper than going to a salon. The first time mine didn’t last long. But realised I should have kept the dye on longer. A box is about £6:00 and does eight to ten goes depending on how much you use. Well worth it. Much cheaper than pencil and no rush first thing in the morning.