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ReadyMeals Thu 16-Sep-21 15:14:57

AIBU to wish the eyebrow fashion would hurry up and change so that pretty young girls can stop ruing their faces by painting what looks like ugly fat brown slugs above their eyes?

grannyrebel7 Tue 28-Sep-21 19:58:25

I have my eyebrows dyed and waxed too every two months and would definitely recommend it. I've never plucked them as I couldn't bring myself to do it. The dye doesn't last that long though, so I just use a gel in between.

Ali08 Tue 28-Sep-21 19:32:02

I've been in a bit of a bitchy mood today so just about everyone on tv (as only him indoors & myself at home) was got at.
One woman, I think she popped up on the news, I quipped up,
"Jeez Louise, have you never ever tried a different make-up look since you first put it on in the 60s?!"
Black panda eyes might have looked good on her then, but she now looked like she'd been assaulted!
And women who never ever try a different hairstyle, going into their 70s plus with the styles they wore at school!!

Ali08 Tue 28-Sep-21 19:25:37


Haha, 'in pleats' I have never heard before, but it makes absolute sense as we would say 'we creased up!'

hollysteers Fri 24-Sep-21 12:08:23

I know the expression “in pleats” for helpless with laughter.
Seems to be Liverpool/Merseyside area?

hollysteers Fri 24-Sep-21 12:05:59

One of the benefits of lockdown and more time on my hands was I had a little rethink over my makeup (which I love) Being impatient, it was always done very quickly.
My over plucked eyebrows were pencilled in, but I realised that I could take a slightly darker and more defined shape. By taking selfies, what I thought was strong enough wasn’t, so now I’m bolder, without being slug like, god forbid.
I like Rimmels eyebrow pencil. Amazingly my mother used it for years and so do I.

Granny23 Fri 24-Sep-21 10:06:37

I've said it before on GN but i'll say it again.

Grow a long fringe

Fringe will frame your eyes and no one will see your eyebrows or lack of them wink

Hetty58 Fri 24-Sep-21 09:21:23

Oh dear - so many pretty girls making themselves look ugly!

Chestnut Fri 24-Sep-21 08:52:55

Has anyone seen the monobrow? Not terribly popular but some people seem to like it.

Franbern Fri 24-Sep-21 08:32:23

Back in the mid-50's, 14 years old, I thought my eyebrows looked too thick and heavy. Did not know that people had them plucked, so I tried to cut mine. Got a gap in them, and then had to use a black eyebrow pencil to cover that up so that my Mum did not notice.
Interestingly, I note that some young actors actually have a gap in their eyebrows as fashion these days.

Chestnut Thu 23-Sep-21 13:48:39


I agree with polly123 hate the trout pout and slug eyebrows look.... have seen so many naturally pretty girls succumb to this look

The problem is they all look the same. It's as if there is a 'look' and they must all have those ridiculous features to conform (slug eyebrows, fat lips, heavy eye make-up). I find it incredibly sad that young women are losing their individuality, because I honestly find it hard to tell one from the other. Young men must also find it hard to choose a suitable partner as they have no idea what the person actually looks like!

PaperMonster Thu 23-Sep-21 13:41:22

That’s brilliant Sarnia!

I can’t abide the eyelashes - I think they’re called Russian eyelashes. I wonder how they open their eyelids!

Sarnia Thu 23-Sep-21 12:46:13

My 12 year old autistic grandson seemed very interested in a group of 4 teenage girls with thick dark eyebrows, sitting across from us on the train. In a loud voice he asked me why did those girls want to look like Angry Birds. He had a point.

Twirlie Thu 23-Sep-21 12:01:21

I'm definitely not a fan of the huge thick eyebrows but I'm sure my makeup fashion was frowned upon by my grandparents when I was young. Thankfully our grand daughter doesn't follow that trend.
However, don't get me started on the 'trout' lips! Hideous!

Jezra Sun 19-Sep-21 20:42:48

It’s not a look that I like. I think a lot of young women/girls look like pantomime dames with their fat eyebrows and long false eyelashes but each to their own I suppose.

Amberone Sun 19-Sep-21 19:56:02

I use Maybelline Eye Brow gel - it has tiny fibres and is coloured so brows end up looking a bit darker and thicker. I also have a pencil I use for filling in a couple of areas, but only do that if I am going out these days.

seacliff Sun 19-Sep-21 19:02:38

Just For Men is abut £7 and has lasted me for several years. I do it about ever 6 weeks or so. It is a very dry mix so does not drip into eyes.

amblucgeolyd4 Sun 19-Sep-21 18:46:54

I agree with polly123 hate the trout pout and slug eyebrows look.... have seen so many naturally pretty girls succumb to this look

Jodieb Sat 18-Sep-21 10:57:24

Thanks for the tips. I have just tried mascara on my brows and have realised I have more brow than I thought!
Yes Readymeals, It is a daft fashion. I used to love wearing fake eyelashes but always trimmed them first. Now they wear great sweeping ones. Everything is overdone

Gabrielle56 Sat 18-Sep-21 10:44:32


My eyebrows are going greyer and greyer! Wondering whether to have them dyed - anyone done this?

You could try dye but I found it didn't take. Nowadays you can get an absolute full spectrum of colours to suit all shades of brow try Hi-Brow powder application I've used this for over 10years and they do lots of different shades it's subtle and very natural .it has 3 different templates for personal shape choice too. Not cheap at about£25 but late literally ages. Well over a year for me. People have commented on my brows ,wondering how I've managed to keep them looking so good and no greys(which is not the case.ive loads) give it a whirl.

Chardy Sat 18-Sep-21 08:18:37

Weren't big, dark eyebrows fashionable in the 1950s? I have visions of a young Elizabeth Taylor with them.

harrigran Sat 18-Sep-21 07:44:51

I have grey eyebrows and it doesn't bother me as they match the co.our of my hair. They are an OK shape as I never over plucked them and odd long hairs are snipped at an angle so they follow the line of the eyebrow.
I would never dye my eyebrows or eyelashes, I worked in an eye hospital and saw some of the results.

Gilly66 Sat 18-Sep-21 05:27:56

I have mine waxed and tinted at a salon

CanadianGran Fri 17-Sep-21 21:09:02

Jannipans - I cannot imagine why police would have to ask at a door to door inquiry if an individual plucks their brows! Unless brow hairs and a compact mirror were left at the scene of the crime....

I also hate the painted on huge brow look. If you have naturally bushy brows it suits your face for the most part, but for some it looks like they paint them on with shiny shoe polish - horrible!

Also have notice a lot of men with overly perfect brows. I understand and know a few that pluck out the middle to avoid uni-brow, but some are too well plucked for my taste.

Hithere Fri 17-Sep-21 19:06:28


Dont look at me! ?
I follow something if I like it and if it fits me.

TillyTrotter Fri 17-Sep-21 18:40:39

Ha! * ReadyMeals* , it is just a fashion and I certainly liked to follow fashion when I was young.
I don’t think today’s young women are any different to how I used to be.
Often I’ve looked back at photo’s and thought “whatever did I look like?” - but I thought I was the bee’s knees at the time (and a slave to fashion).