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Who is hiding the coffee creme chocolate? Light hearted

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Poppyjo Wed 06-Oct-21 01:16:43

I am a recovering chocoholic! Well trying to be. One of my favourite flavours has always been coffee creme You always used to get a coffee soft creme in boxes of chocolates. Now there are so many flavoured bars of chocolate you could eat them for breakfast, but dare to try and find coffee flavour you would need to go on a world tour and still be unlucky.

I’ve tried Canada, Australia, Great Britain etc., They even stopped coffee matchmakers and have made a salted caramel matchmaker flavour instead.

So come on, own up who is the coffee creme hoarder?

I think we need a arrange a coffee creme hunt across the world. Anyone want to join me?

MissAdventure Fri 08-Oct-21 15:06:28


I used to love the coffee flavour walnut whips. The modern ones that I have tried aren't a patch on them.

I used to love those, too!

glammagran Fri 08-Oct-21 14:29:02

Another one who likes coffee flavoured anything really.

NanKate Fri 08-Oct-21 08:13:43

We have a shop in our town made to look like an old sweet shop. I bought DH a box of coffee creams from there last Christmas.

I like the chocolate in a purple wrapper with a nut in the middle. ?

Grannymyers1954 Fri 08-Oct-21 07:56:56

We are fortunate to have a chocolate shop in Scarborough who does 2 types one a coffee cream in either plain or milk chocolate and the other a coffee truffle in white chocolate. Bliss ….

Riggie Fri 08-Oct-21 01:45:06

I used to love the coffee flavour walnut whips. The modern ones that I have tried aren't a patch on them.

Jaxjacky Thu 07-Oct-21 20:24:28

Theoddbird I don’t really like chocolate either, maybe, if MrJ is having a chocolate pud out, I’ll taste it. But coffee… only 2/3 times a year, cake or ice cream, yum, I don’t even drink it at home!

Shawlands2000 Thu 07-Oct-21 19:21:23

Morrison's caramel latte ice cream is delicious. Heavy on the coffee flavour and less of the caramel. Pretty cheap too. Gives me my coffee chocolate fix.

Redrobin51 Thu 07-Oct-21 19:12:54

I still get the Thorntons version over the Internet for my dear friend as they are the only ones she will eat. I've also seen Whittakers in Iceland and pound shops.x

Claretjan Thu 07-Oct-21 18:58:26

Oh I remember Weekend and the tv advert for them! Chocolates and candies I think. I liked them but as a child in the sixties I liked most boxes of chocolates as they were mainly a treat at birthdays and Christmas!

Jane43 Thu 07-Oct-21 18:28:52

I once found some Coffee flavour Magnums in a discount freezer shop, they were delicious and I have never seen them again.

Jane43 Thu 07-Oct-21 18:27:29


As already mentioned, Iceland have Whitakers Chocolates Coffee Creams 125g a box for £1.
I always get my son these at Christmas. He loves them.

Ooh thank you. I will get some and put them away fro Christmas, I should be at target weight by then.

Bennydian Thu 07-Oct-21 18:22:22

Don't like coffee at all! It's good old fashioned Violet creams for me.

allule Thu 07-Oct-21 18:11:15

I never tasted coffee cremes till I left home, as they were my father’s favourite and he had first pick.
I had to have caramels, as my parents both had dentures and couldn’t manage them.

Bluecat Thu 07-Oct-21 17:41:05

I read somewhere that coffee isn't a popular flavour in chocolates, cakes, etc. Makes no sense to me. I could devour some coffee cremes and a slice of coffee cake, right now.

Socksandsocks01 Thu 07-Oct-21 17:33:11

L love coffee creams to. Ringtons do boxes of coffee creams but I think they are just up here north east England. I think our chocolates tasted better before they got took over. The walnut whips were hand done and had a walnut on. And boxes of milk tray and dairy box are not the same. They are continental in appearance and taste. Who can remember boxes of weekend

sodapop Thu 07-Oct-21 16:53:16

When I was still working everyone brought their coffee creams in for me as I was the only person who liked loved them.
Someone upthread said they ate three aquares of chocolate per night, what great will power they must have.
I used to eat chocolate every night but have given it up completely. I can't just have a small amount.

leeds22 Thu 07-Oct-21 16:43:24

Coffee cremes are always left till last along with orange cremes. DH usually has them when he’s desperate for chocolate.

TwiceAsNice Thu 07-Oct-21 16:28:29

I hate coffee creams. I hate anything coffee flavoured except a cup of coffee. I know it’s crazy!

I’ve just bought a box of coffee chocolates from the factory shop as part of my friends Christmas present, she loves them! So you can definitely get them there.

Somebody mentioned Thornton’s but they’re not in business anymore are they?

PGAgirl Thu 07-Oct-21 15:54:30

My DDH has his Coffee chocolate delivered monthly from Amazon, since I bought him a selection of coffee chocolates for his birthday. Tesco did an own make coffee chocolate bar but it has recently gone missing as most of my favourite things from Tesco. Lidl occasionally do a lovely Italian coffee ice cream but you have to be lucky to get it.

Musicgirl Thu 07-Oct-21 15:38:33

Coffee creams have always been one of my favourites too and I have long noticed their absence. Apparently they are the least popular flavour but not for me or other gransnetters by the looks of it. There are far too many nutty chocolates in my opinion so if they want to send a flavour to chocolate room 101 it should be the horrible dessicated coconut not coffee cream.

GrannyHaggis Thu 07-Oct-21 15:30:11

Plenty of choice on Amazon!!

MissAdventure Thu 07-Oct-21 14:35:26

Aldi's chocolate is very highly rated amongst chocolate lovers, and they make coffee flavoured, as far as I know.

Pineapplerock Thu 07-Oct-21 14:33:34

Try friars chocolate they do a coffee creme in milk or dark and they are lush,easily ordered online

Willjac123 Thu 07-Oct-21 14:29:12

Our local Iceland doesnt have Whitakers Coffee Creams- only the mint ones ??
Wish they did- I LOVE their coffee creams

Gwan1 Thu 07-Oct-21 14:27:00

Oh the Black magic coffee cream was absolutely amazing! Beaches are ok but I like the cream to be soft and it's a bit hard!