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Who is hiding the coffee creme chocolate? Light hearted

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Poppyjo Wed 06-Oct-21 01:16:43

I am a recovering chocoholic! Well trying to be. One of my favourite flavours has always been coffee creme You always used to get a coffee soft creme in boxes of chocolates. Now there are so many flavoured bars of chocolate you could eat them for breakfast, but dare to try and find coffee flavour you would need to go on a world tour and still be unlucky.

I’ve tried Canada, Australia, Great Britain etc., They even stopped coffee matchmakers and have made a salted caramel matchmaker flavour instead.

So come on, own up who is the coffee creme hoarder?

I think we need a arrange a coffee creme hunt across the world. Anyone want to join me?

Ro60 Wed 06-Oct-21 02:34:08

I'll trade for the Black Magic green marzipan ...

BigBertha1 Wed 06-Oct-21 06:33:30

Hotel Chocolate have a good range of flavours in small packs. Love the champagne truffles....Can't remember if they do coffee specifically I love coffee cremes too.

nanna8 Wed 06-Oct-21 06:39:01

Haighs do them here but it’s a helluva long way to get chocolate!
I am an unrecovered chocoholic addicted to Aldi almond milk chocolate bars. Much nicer than Cadbury’s, a bit similar to Lindt. Maybe we should start a CA group to assist in recovery ?

seacliff Wed 06-Oct-21 07:31:48

I too love coffee creams.....I really want one now you've mentioned it.

Love Tesco's. Coffee ice-cream too. In fact, most things coffee.mmmmmm

H1954 Wed 06-Oct-21 07:54:56

I remember the coffee cremes in the boxes of chocolates years ago. In our house they always got left, no one liked them and I wasn't brave enough to try one. Then one day, as I craved for a chocolate I summoned the courage to take a little bite.......I was hooked! I loved it!
Ever afterwards the coffee cremes were all mine and didn't get wasted.
Fast forward several decades, I really don't eat much chocolate - mainly because I shouldn't- so I wouldn't really know what's in the traditional style boxes anymore; might ask Santa for a small box........all in the spirit of research I might add ?

tanith Wed 06-Oct-21 08:11:31

Coffee chocolates have always been my favourite too, I’ve not seen one for a very long time, even walnut whip did a coffee flavour once upon a time but no more. seacliff I can’t get that Tesco coffee ice cream any more my Tesco just never have it anymore ? we should have a BRING BACK COFFEE FLAVOUR CHOCOLATES campaign ?

Lucca Wed 06-Oct-21 08:16:41

Ever tried google ?!

Sarnia Wed 06-Oct-21 08:42:02

I have inherited my Mum's love of coffee creams. Salted caramel seems to have overtaken it these days. I don't think I would be a very good hunter as I would be eating the evidence.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 06-Oct-21 10:45:26

Oh dear tanith, I fear I may be causing a shortage of Tesco coffee ice cream!
Does anyone remember the Coffee Crisp bars in the 60s? I loved them - then they were no more ...?

tanith Wed 06-Oct-21 11:07:09

Lucca I know I could probably order them but it’s nice to just find one in a mixed box if I’m offered one and that never happens now.
Germanshepherdsmum STEP AWAY FROM THE ICE CREAM AISLE!!! ?

Zoejory Wed 06-Oct-21 11:08:08

They're in my bin

Shelflife Wed 06-Oct-21 12:16:28

Coffee creams were my favorite too , never see them now !

Nanna58 Wed 06-Oct-21 12:22:00

I loved the coffee creams! Zoejory quick lift the lid would you, this bin surfing is hot work !!!!?

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 06-Oct-21 12:22:41

I promise I’m not in the ice cream aisle tanith. It’s those pickers who insist on finding it for me.

May7 Wed 06-Oct-21 12:26:59

I too love coffee flavoured chocolates but not had them for a while. Carte D'or do gorgeous coffee ice cream though at it's often half price

Blinko Wed 06-Oct-21 12:30:46

Does anyone remember some years ago, Kit Kat was trialled in a cappuccino flavour? Bring it back, I say!

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 06-Oct-21 12:32:23

Ooh, I missed that!

Blinko Wed 06-Oct-21 12:36:42

Twas delish!

trisher Wed 06-Oct-21 12:39:15

I loved the coffee creams, them my eldest son developed a taste for them! I mean you would do anything for your children but sacrifice a coffee cream-there are limits (he was good at sneaking in there before me) Coffee cream war was declared!

Kali2 Wed 06-Oct-21 12:40:38

Not me for sure. I just love chocolate, but it has to be 70% dark, and NO creams, yuk.

Coffee and dark chocolate is a delicious combo though. My favourite currently though is Dark 70% Lindt with a touch os sea salt. 3 squares every evening - and it is actually good for your cholesterol. Hurrah.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 06-Oct-21 13:25:06

I tell myself a couple of squares of Yorkie bar have a beneficial effect Kali!???

Grannmarie Wed 06-Oct-21 14:02:35

I wouldn't say No to a coffee cream, but my favourite chocolate ' in the whole world!'
(as I used to say to my children) is the big purple one, lovely nut and soft caramel.

DS3 always buys me a pack containing only purple ones at Christmas.

highlanddreams Wed 06-Oct-21 14:06:18

you can get wonderful coffee cremes from Thorntons & they're lovely but unfortunately they're not as strong in coffee flavour as you used to get in the the Roses & Quality Street tins before they were cruelly snatched away. They were my favourite chocs in the tin along with the nut cracknells and I stopped buying when both were taken away.

lemongrove Wed 06-Oct-21 14:46:05

My local farm shop sells Beeches coffee creams all year round, and you can buy them on Amazon.
Also, I have seen them in The Pound Shop, so definitely still around.
If somebody buys us a mixed box of chocs, Mr L always snaffles the coffee cream from both layers angry