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Exorbitant rise of anything! £50 more today than last Friday!

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bikergran Tue 02-Nov-21 19:17:05

Have you had your eye on anything, furniture, goods, clothes etc etc .

I have had my eye on this small round glass table with chrome chopstick legs for quite a while, but seeing as though I couldn't
find any chairs to match at a reasonable price I gave up with the idea.

It is in a shopping village across the road "Oswaldtwistle Mills" if anyone has heard of it.

Anyway popped in for a new diary earlier on this evening and went to look at "my" table lol.

I nearly had to sit on one of the chairs!

Last Friday it was at it's price that it has been for around a year. £119

Todays price!! Order now in time for Christmas! £169 shock £50 price rise since Friday!

CraftyGranny Tue 02-Nov-21 19:20:14

Cheeky B's. That is ridiculous.

bikergran Tue 02-Nov-21 19:47:54

lol yes ! Crafty

Shinamae Tue 02-Nov-21 19:52:21

Christmas price then, maybe it will go down in the sale Bikergran …🤓

M0nica Tue 02-Nov-21 20:01:19

Or is that what new stock of the same product costs. If they are taking orders for Christmas, that will be new stock. the price for new stock may have gone up them as well.

Why not ask them if the one on display is still the previous display model and if it is, offer to buy that one for the previous price.

bikergran Tue 02-Nov-21 20:19:39

hmm possibly, but had given up on the table as I say couldn't find suitable chairs..I was just shocked. maybe Father Christmas will surprise me lol,

PaperMonster Tue 02-Nov-21 21:37:03

Not been to Ozzie Mills for a while. Cheeky price rises though!

Chewbacca Tue 02-Nov-21 21:49:03

A couple of weeks ago I bought a couple of token Christmas presents for friends, from a garden centre. I paid £9.00 for one item and £10.95 for the other. I went back to the same garden centre today and saw the same display, same items: £13.00 for one and £14.50 for the other. Then I went to John Lewis and saw the exact same items there. £15.00 for one item and £16.50 for the other. Thank heavens I bought them when I did.

Charleygirl5 Tue 02-Nov-21 22:04:42

Chewbacca is John Lewis still "never knowingly undersold" because you could always ask them to reduce their price.

Chewbacca Tue 02-Nov-21 22:08:17

Regrettably not Charleygirl, JL abandoned that a while ago.

ElaineI Tue 02-Nov-21 22:12:17

Well many items in Tesco have gone up by 10p over last few weeks. My shopping now costs £15 more than it did before all the price rises so now getting more in Aldi instead. Won't mention petrol as that is just the end! Expect bigger goods have gone up too.

Calistemon Tue 02-Nov-21 22:19:28


hmm possibly, but had given up on the table as I say couldn't find suitable chairs..I was just shocked. maybe Father Christmas will surprise me lol,

Is it a different price online?

I was going to buy an item from Curry's a while ago and the online price was quite a lot cheaper than the in store price.
I challenged them and they sold me the item for the online price.

Josianne Tue 02-Nov-21 22:30:11

I think November 1st saw in a lot of price rises, especially in clothing, after an array of 20% discounts.
Whether retailers will discount again before Christmas, who knows, but I think it is unlikely.

Chestnut Tue 02-Nov-21 23:54:23

Amazon is renowned for upping prices. I think it does this when the item has a lot of viewings. They think it looks popular so let's squeeze the potential buyers like a lemon.

vegansrock Wed 03-Nov-21 05:48:33

Won’t mention the. B word, but we were told we’d have lower prices weren’t we? Instead we are headed for record inflation. Wonder why…..

Sarnia Wed 03-Nov-21 08:30:44

I have noticed price rises on pretty much everything. Hairdresser, train fares, petrol, domestic bills ( I bet next year's council tax will be eye-watering), clothing, materials for house maintenance etc. Businesses will be trying to claw back some of the revenue lost due to Covid but I will stop and think before I buy some things from now on.

bikergran Wed 03-Nov-21 08:33:37

Another thing is Wood lol. Well! I have building projects to do lol.

Katie59 Wed 03-Nov-21 08:54:46

One or two “suckers” might buy at the higher price, most will wait until the January sales when the same item will be “On Sale” at 40% discount - all sales items have to be offered at a higher price.

It’s just sales tactics, we are bombarded every week in the supermarket, ignore it if you can, just buy the quality you want at the price you want. The retailers only concern is to get you to spend as much as possible.

Littleannie Wed 03-Nov-21 09:03:26

My husband went to look at a nearly new car at a showroom a few weeks ago. Yesterday when he went again it was £1000 more. When he asked why, they told him there was a shortage of pre-owned cars !

Hetty58 Wed 03-Nov-21 09:12:27

Supply and demand means they'll always set the highest price they think will still attract sales. Then, there's the pre-Christmas price hikes everywhere. Still, nobody holds a gun to your head and forces you to buy a single thing!

Josianne Wed 03-Nov-21 09:23:42

Also most people get paid a bit earlier at Christmas so there is more money in the pockets for people to spend.

Calmlocket Wed 03-Nov-21 09:31:01

My son bought a summer house earlier this year a week later the price had gone up a £100!!

timetogo2016 Wed 03-Nov-21 09:46:41

I do my Aunts shopping as she is housebound,last week she asked me to pick her up a sainsburys cottage pie which cost £1 last week,this week it`s gone up to £2 a 100% increase.
And that`s not the only thing either.

biglouis Wed 03-Nov-21 10:09:23

With the tax rises that are coming (increased NI contributions) in people on PAYE will get hammered. Companies of all sizes - including the self employed - will simply raise their fees and prices to clients and end users to cover the deficit. It is the end consumer who will be financially reamed.

Lincslass Wed 03-Nov-21 10:19:01


Won’t mention the. B word, but we were told we’d have lower prices weren’t we? Instead we are headed for record inflation. Wonder why…..

Don’t worry , we are not on our own. My family in Germany assure me prices have rocketed there too. Petrol €1.60 at least, diesel even more.Nothing to do with Brexit, because I’m sure that’s what you meant. world prices have risen since the pandemic.