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Frankie51 Sat 08-Jan-22 15:34:17

I just want to thank everyone who responded to my post some time back about attending the funeral of someone who was a friend but I had had a massive row with just before she died. She died tragically and unexpectedly during the pandemic. She was only 35. I didn't go to the funeral, but my my husband did on our behalf, and I sent my coldolences. We decided to invite the widower round for dinner and things have been much easier. I think he is pleased we did so. He saw the row as just one of those things, and is sorry(as I am), that lockdowns prevented us from making things up. Our social club has been very supportive to him, and he is on the mend, although still reeling from the tragic loss. I'm glad I did make contact with him. Thanks everybody.

midgey Sat 08-Jan-22 15:40:58

There are some very wise people on Gransnet! Glad that things have worked out.

nadateturbe Sat 08-Jan-22 21:39:00

That's good. I'm pleased for you Frankie51.
Gransnet is often very helpful.

Ro60 Sun 09-Jan-22 00:46:46

And thank you for letting us know how it's all turned out.

I often wonder the outcome of posters queries. Good to hear there was a positive side.

Best wishes going forward.