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No PCR tests available

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Grannynise Thu 24-Mar-22 11:55:09

I know I've got Covid. My LFT was positive and I have clear symptoms. I would just like to have a PCR so that a positive result is actually recorded but there are no tests available at all.
So statistics are already unreliable even before the official end of free LFT tests. How are we to assess the impact of the current lack of restrictions if there aren't reliable data?
What would you do if you were me?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 24-Mar-22 12:13:31

You can report your LFT online.

kittylester Thu 24-Mar-22 12:25:17

I also have Covid and have reported by LFT on line (as GG said) and DS1 has been pinged as a result. He also now has covid and has reported on line.

It was DH's fault - lots of things are!! grin

Grannynise Thu 24-Mar-22 12:56:23

No you can't do that in NW London. I've reported it in the ZOE app but I don't think that affects the official figures at all. Can't order any more LFTs either or get them from anywhere. I'll keep trying but I suspect the London figures are too high and this is a way of reducing them. Or have I just got a very suspicious nature?

Grannynise Thu 24-Mar-22 13:01:20

If you're in the UK
Sorry, there is a problem with the service.

Please try again later.

If the problem continues, call the contact centre.

UK-only contact centre

England, Wales and Northern Ireland: call 119 (free from mobiles and landlines)
Scotland: call 0300 303 2713 (charged at your standard network rate)
Open every day, 7am to 11pm.

And the contact centre says it's nothing to do with them.

rosie1959 Thu 24-Mar-22 13:10:32

Not a lot you can do if reporting website is down
Wouldn't bother with a PCR anyway
I would just test until I got a couple of negatives

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 24-Mar-22 13:12:32

I posted my positive LFT result on line. This was on Sunday. OH did his on Tuesday. No problem. Both positive results are duly recorded. From what I understand you do not need to follow it up with a PCR test.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 24-Mar-22 13:50:12

When I went onto the NHS site this morning to register my Negative ( at last) result, there was a section inviting me for a PCR test locally, but I didn’t go in to have a look at the criteria, so I imagine you can still get one.

Yesterday when I registered my 1st negative, I was able to get a box of LFT tests, they arrived this morning! But this morning the little box to request some had been removed.

Grannynise Thu 24-Mar-22 19:00:52

Eventually the site let me book a PCR but it took endless attempts. I still think that most people won't bother to do it. I couldn't record my LFT at all. That's the way to reduce the case numbers ....

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 25-Mar-22 09:23:58

As Mr Trump once said

If you don’t test, the numbers go down

Or something like that.

The only data we will have is hospital admissions and Deaths

Baggs Fri 25-Mar-22 10:12:34

The only data we will have is hospital admissions and Deaths

These are the important data. If people who get positive LFTs aren't ill, why does it matter? And if they are ill (not counting hospital ill), they can stay away from other people as much as possible, as they would with a stinking cold or flu. Oh yes, and they can wear a face mask if they have to mix with other people. Face masks work, right?

This is what "living with it" means.

maddyone Fri 25-Mar-22 10:20:29

I think it matters a lot. We need to know roughly how many cases are out there. How can anyone, particularly the more vulnerable, make an informed decision about what they might or might not do if they don’t have any facts to work with? I’m really quite annoyed with the government about the way this has been handled. Surely we are entitled to the information.

maddyone Fri 25-Mar-22 10:23:09

The evidence from Gransnet alone suggests that a great many people who get a positive LFT are really quite poorly with it. I’ve lost count of the number of Gransnetters who have said they’ve tested positive and been really poorly. Of course those who test positive and don’t feel poorly will just go out and infect more people.

Charleygirl5 Fri 25-Mar-22 10:27:11

I read online that those who are 75 and over and others who have been shielding with get LFTs free.

Apparently those who are 75+ in London are more likely to be hospitalised.

giulia Fri 25-Mar-22 10:29:10


The evidence from Gransnet alone suggests that a great many people who get a positive LFT are really quite poorly with it. I’ve lost count of the number of Gransnetters who have said they’ve tested positive and been really poorly. Of course those who test positive and don’t feel poorly will just go out and infect more people.

Don't you mean "test NEGATIVE"?

maddyone Fri 25-Mar-22 10:30:06

I’ll have to pay to visit my elderly mother in her care home now.

maddyone Fri 25-Mar-22 10:32:30

No Giulia. I meant what I said, test positive. If people were testing negative there wouldn’t be an issue would there? The issue arises because people testing positive may well still go out and infect others.

annodomini Fri 25-Mar-22 10:45:30

You're unfortunately right, maddyone. I tested positive for Covid last month and felt perfectly well, apart from a cough no worse than I'd previously had with common colds. I could have gone out and spread it, but I didn't. Others might not have the same scruples.

volver Fri 25-Mar-22 10:46:57

I've just registered my latest test (negative)

System worked fine.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 25-Mar-22 11:41:57

Giulia our local post office staff who are testing positive but no symptoms are working as usual, many more staff are off now with Covid and have symptoms.
Apparently they can’t force staff to stay away even if they are testing positive.

JenJenT Fri 25-Mar-22 11:47:54

My DH (aged 75) and I (65) have just had this. Both triple jabbed. He started before me with a throaty cough and vicious sore throat. We tested and reported the results on the NHS site. My throat was only a bit sore, but I had at least 4 days of extremely runny nose, like at the peak of some colds but without letup. Really exhausted as well. We both finally tested negative on days 9 and 10, but the fatigue is lasting longer. One wonders how bad we would have been if we had not been fully jabbed. That people will have to pay for the tests will undoubtedly lead to an increase in cases and particularly penalise those who cannot afford to keep testing every time they feel unwell. Ridiculous

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 25-Mar-22 11:48:24

Baggs see my post above, people are amongst us who have tested positive, if you are working next to someone how can you judge if you are safe or not? Maybe everyone in the office should wear a mask except the one who is carrying the infection?

Maybe those who are vulnerable should lock themselves away?

No one seems to care about them as it’s assumed that they are elderly and don’t work, there are plenty of vulnerable adults who aren’t retired and go to work, they are virtually being told to suck it up and take their chances.

A friend of my daughters has long Covid and can only work part time, caught Covid from someone who was positive but worked anyway, now her teeth are falling out, all due to Covid.

This is what ‘living with it ‘ means , right?

icanhandthemback Fri 25-Mar-22 11:48:53

Anybody can enter their LFT results on the Government website. They will email you or text you to tell you what the results are so you have a record.
It seems to me that the majority of people who are getting Covid, and there are plenty I know, are getting little more than a bad cold or mild flu. It is only those who are vulnerable or immuno-suppressed who might find it harder to cope with. For that reason alone, I would never go out without testing. However, 3 members of my family had symptoms and tested immediately. For 2 days they tested negative and on the third day, they tested positive. To confuse matters further, the first day they had symptoms, they felt really rough and then the second day they felt better so went out again before feeling unwell enough to test again on the third day. As they had been with me on the second day, they were mortified to think they might have passed it on to me but a couple of weeks later with regular testing, I appear to have escaped.
I think we just have to accept that this is now like ordinary flu or colds. Some people will be hit harder than others and it will kill some people just like flu does every year.

songstress60 Fri 25-Mar-22 11:51:25

I hardly ever test. Had triple vaccine so I've done my bit for society. People can't keep testing. Lets just treat it like the flu or a cold. For God's sake we need to get back to normal. I am damned if I am going to pay for the LFT

Baggs Fri 25-Mar-22 12:22:51

The evidence from Gransnet alone, MaddyOne, will not be robust. You can't use it as proper data.