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To think police should sort out these Scammers

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sazz1 Thu 31-Mar-22 19:15:15

Had a text message from British gas saying click the link to submit readings. Checked the mobile phone number and it's a scam number. I think if you send in readings you are likely to get a phone call asking for payment up to today and pay over the phone.
Rang British gas and definitely nothing to do with them.
Blocked the number and a few hours later I get another message from them urging me to send in readings.
Well I did readings earlier via my online account with British Gas which has my name account number and address on it
Please all beware of these scammers.

sazz1 Thu 31-Mar-22 19:22:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sazz1 Thu 31-Mar-22 19:35:22

Sorry its 07537 416816
There was no number on the 2nd text just telling me to click link

Jaxjacky Thu 31-Mar-22 19:47:29

You can report to fraud line.

SpringyChicken Thu 31-Mar-22 20:47:55

There's a scam going round on WhatApp about a free Cadbury chocolate Easter Basket. My friend totally believed it and not only did she click the link and complete a 'survey', she's also forwarded the scam to friends including me! It's a scam from Russia?

ValerieF Thu 31-Mar-22 21:47:20

You are right in saying beware of the scammers. Not easy for the police to “sort” them out! Very clever and deceptive. They have a fraud squad to report to who are probably trying and failing to keep one step ahead. Average police have no chance tbh. Not simple case of “shouldn’t the police be doing something”.