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To feel spied on?

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Grandmaclampet Fri 08-Apr-22 20:37:43

I collect my grandchildren from school and take them to their own house. Have done this for many many years. Son and daughter in law recently got a dog which is left in the house when they go to work. The other day my granddaughter told me there was a camera in the kitchen so keep an eye on Maisie. Of course this camera can also see and hear me. I had no idea it was there! When I asked my son about it he said it was just to keep and eye on the dog. I am cross that I was not told it was there. What do you think?

Jaxjacky Fri 08-Apr-22 20:49:55

I think a dog shouldn’t be left in the house all day.

Deedaa Fri 08-Apr-22 20:54:13

I hope you take the poor dog out when you get back from school. Being left all day is so bad for dogs, they are pack animals. I wouldn't bother that much about the camera if it's only in the kitchen.

Grandmaclampet Fri 08-Apr-22 20:56:31

Nowhere did I say it was left all day! I said when they went to work which is late afternoon.

biglouis Fri 08-Apr-22 20:56:49

I think they should have told you about it when they set it up. However how would you have felt about the camera if you knew about it beforehand? Would you consider it a breach of your privacy?

Cameras can also set one's mind at peace that someone or something is ok and not in trouble.

Five years ago a nephew I see once a week (he lives alone) had a stroke and was unable to alert anyone. He lay on the bedroom floor for two days until I called on the friday, alarmed that he had not come to see me as usual and was not answering the phone. The caretaker let me in and we called the ambulance.

Since then we have set up a camera in the hall of his flat where he would pass to go to the bathroom and come in and out. It does not show what he does in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom - simply that he is moving around the flat. So its not infringing his privacy.

I check the camera every day to make sure he was moving about that day. I usually ring him for a quick chat. I also have cctv around my property which shows every time I go into the garden, so he can also keep an eye on me. Im in my 70s so we can keep an eye on one another.

Farmor15 Fri 08-Apr-22 21:03:35

I think I would feel self conscious if I knew there was a camera, and avoid the kitchen as much as possible. Also I would like to have been told it was there.

Elizabeth27 Fri 08-Apr-22 21:16:12

I have two relatives with these, I forget the cameras are on but I am not doing or saying anything that I would not want them to see.

If I was not told that they were there I would think that they were spying on me.

Coastpath Fri 08-Apr-22 21:20:09

That's a clever and sensible set up your have there BigLouis

I don't think I'd mind the camera being there OP, but I would be a bit put out at not being told about it.

Floriel Fri 08-Apr-22 21:21:20

I think it’s a massive invasion of your privacy and quite wrong that they didn’t tell you about it. I’d feel inclined to hang my coat over the camera.

Serendipity22 Fri 08-Apr-22 22:35:27

Cameras in the house! Hmmmm, it wouldn't bother me at all, its not as if i would be doing anything i shouldn't.

When i was a carer, there were a few people who's relatives had installed cameras, we were told who has a camera and that never bothered me in the least because I knew I wasn't doing or saying anything I shouldn't.

Hithere Fri 08-Apr-22 22:40:25

I feel you are overreacting if it's just for this detail - if there is more background, it makes sense

Many people have cameras in their homes, it is very thoughtful of them to keep an eye on the doggie.

JenniferEccles Fri 08-Apr-22 23:01:06

Have you posted about this before? This story is familiar.

Zoejory Fri 08-Apr-22 23:03:09

I don't think it would bother me particularly.

I would be rather sad that both parents have to work evenings or nights though.

nadateturbe Fri 08-Apr-22 23:07:17


I think it’s a massive invasion of your privacy and quite wrong that they didn’t tell you about it. I’d feel inclined to hang my coat over the camera.

Same here.

Smileless2012 Fri 08-Apr-22 23:13:10

You should have been told it was there Grandmaclampet.

MissAdventure Sat 09-Apr-22 00:18:17

Yes, it is illegal (I think) to film someone without their permission.

I'd be really cross.

Pepper59 Sat 09-Apr-22 01:22:39

I think you should have been told. I also don't understand people who get dogs when they are out at work all day. However, the dog is their problem not yours. I wouldn't be pleased if family had a camera on and didn't tell me.

LtEve Sat 09-Apr-22 05:12:03

I hate people having cameras in someone's house that I don't know about, not because I would be doing something I shouldn't but I might want to adjust my bra or scratch my bottom and I wouldn't want to be filmed doing that.

snowberryZ Sat 09-Apr-22 07:37:05

Cover it up while you're there and uncover it just before you leave.
Job done.

lixy Sat 09-Apr-22 07:57:08

DD also has cameras in the house for security. I was a bit self-conscious at first but now usually forget they are there. You should have been told about the camera though.

It was odd when they rang me from their holiday to ask me to pick up a delivery that had arrived on their doorstep earlier than expected. Their doorbell had told them it was there!!

Ailidh Sat 09-Apr-22 08:08:38


I would be very annoyed to have learned of the cameras after the fact. Not that I do anything dishonest or unkind but I have been known to burp or fart or scratch my rse when I'm alone, or eat too many biscuits. I'd be very embarrassed.

Chestnut Sat 09-Apr-22 08:58:13

I agree with snowberryz, just put a hankie over it while you are there. I'd be more bothered about the additional duties having to look after their dog as well as the children, but you don't say for how long you have them.

Marydoll Sat 09-Apr-22 09:12:55

This is breach of your privacy.

As far as I am aware, GDPR regulations require your consent, which you obviously haven't given, because you didn't know it was there. It doesn't matter, whether you are in someone's home, a church, a café, shop etc.
With GDPR, you need to prove you have consent from every identifiable individual in the shots you've take.

I don't think your family are using it to spy on you, but they should have had the courtesy to make you aware of the camera. I would be pretty annoyed.

lemsip Sat 09-Apr-22 09:23:24

you should have been told the camera was there!

BeverleyJB Sat 09-Apr-22 12:17:54

Marydoll GDPR does not apply to CCTV images taken within the boundary of your own private domestic property.

But personally I think Grandmaclampet should have been told the camera was installed - it's common courtesy, even if not a legal requirement to do so.