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How embarrassing ?

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Poppyjo Sun 10-Apr-22 22:03:53

I was in the kitchen with the back door wide open. I was busy and talking out loud to myself! I turned around and there was a workman standing looking at me. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. Trying to think of something to say so he would not think I was mad I turned around and began talking to an imaginary cat. I felt so awful.. please tell me I am not alone in this or is it too late for me?

BigBertha1 Sun 10-Apr-22 22:09:31

I talk to myself all the one else understands me.

HowVeryDareYou Sun 10-Apr-22 22:15:29

I talk to myself all the time. If someone happens to overhear me, I'm not in the least bit bothered.

Bellanonna Sun 10-Apr-22 22:27:29

If you wear a mask you can even talk to yourself in shops.

Charleygirl5 Sun 10-Apr-22 22:29:37

I do discuss some TV shows with myself but that is the only time.

Kate1949 Sun 10-Apr-22 22:33:37

Bella grin

OnwardandUpward Sun 10-Apr-22 22:41:19

I always talk to myself ... I never shut up. Quite good company for myself, really haha. Occaisionally people do notice, but I have stopped caring. Goodness knows what I'll be like when I actually hit my older years!!!

MissAdventure Sun 10-Apr-22 23:23:38

One of my exes phoned me, but didn't hang up properly.
I heard him talking in a Bruce Lee type voice, running into his living room and saying "Aaahaa!" then doing his Bruce type kicks and karate chops on on an imaginary person. grin

Spinnaker Sun 10-Apr-22 23:27:59

I find the good thing about talking to oneself is that you always win in an argument grin

Redhead56 Sun 10-Apr-22 23:35:12

That's me eccentric so I have been told but I don't give a monkeys uncle. My attitude is take me as you find me or not at all I talk sense even to myself ?

BlueBelle Mon 11-Apr-22 02:22:24

I always talk to myself the worrying part is I answer too ?

Esmay Mon 11-Apr-22 07:50:29

Poppyjo - you are not alone .
I talk to myself a lot .
I'm also conscious of turning into the crazy old lady, who talks to everyone at the busstop , on the bus and in shops.
When I lived in a flat and was cleaning the kitchen I did a very enthusiastic dance with a broom to Tamla Motown in full view of the astonished new neighbours ,who were having a party !

AGAA4 Mon 11-Apr-22 08:44:11

I do talk to myself but I really need to find someone sensible to talk to.

Nannylovesshopping Mon 11-Apr-22 08:49:26

I have my best conversations with myself?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Apr-22 09:06:47

I often talk to myself. The time to worry is when you start arguing with yourself.

Witzend Mon 11-Apr-22 09:06:53

This might make you feel a bit better!
I wasn’t talking to myself, but to our dog - the usual (for me) extreme baby talk, ‘Mummy love oo!’ etc. Out loud!

I was in a very well wooded part of the nearby park, and (as I thought) completely alone. That is, until I heard the sound of extreme mirth - there were two young blokes up a big tree, absolutely wetting themselves laughing!

Daisymae Mon 11-Apr-22 09:26:05

Talking to yourself is fine, tad worried about the ??

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Apr-22 09:29:32

Animals are the very best listeners Daisymae. You can tell them everything and they’ll never repeat it or argue with you.?

AreWeThereYet Mon 11-Apr-22 09:41:20

I was once sat in my car in a traffic jam on the way to work (a long time before mobile phones ? ) and decided to practice my discussion points for the conference I was going to, as I was a bit nervous. Ten minutes later in full flow I glanced at the car alongside me and the four young men in it were killing themselves laughing, each imitating my head and hand movements and mouthing a lot of nothings, heads pressed up against the windows in my direction.

V3ra Mon 11-Apr-22 09:44:40

My 37 year old son talks to himself, especially when he's in the shower, so it's not an old age thing.

henetha Mon 11-Apr-22 09:46:12

I talk to Wiggy out loud all the time. Or if she's in a bad mood, to myself instead. grin

Grannybags Mon 11-Apr-22 09:49:13

Poppyjo's cat was imaginary though!

I talk to myself all the time and always agree with myself! grin

Bellanonna Mon 11-Apr-22 10:21:29

This is hilarious. I’ve laughed out loud several times - youths in trees, imaginary cats, practising for a conference in the car. I’m feeling reassured that I’m completely normal. Perhaps we should be worried about those who don’t talk to themselves?

biglouis Mon 11-Apr-22 16:17:01

I often talk to myself when I am marshalling my thoughts to explain something on the phone or in writing. I dont give a dogs damn if people think I am that crazy deaf old bat at number X who talks to herself.

I have told quite a few people I have invisible aliens living in my house!

It means that people are less likely to bother me, wanting favours etc. Im not in the least deaf and only wear glasses for close work. However being selectively deaf, short sighted and eccentric can have many advantages.

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 11-Apr-22 16:21:32

I’ve always talked to myself. The strange thing is...since my husband has semi retired, he’s often appeared in the room I’m in....chatting away to myself, because I’ve forgotten he’s at home!

He wants to know who I’m talking to. It’s strange, because when I actually am talking to him....he ignores me.