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How embarrassing ?

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Poppyjo Sun 10-Apr-22 22:03:53

I was in the kitchen with the back door wide open. I was busy and talking out loud to myself! I turned around and there was a workman standing looking at me. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. Trying to think of something to say so he would not think I was mad I turned around and began talking to an imaginary cat. I felt so awful.. please tell me I am not alone in this or is it too late for me?

V3ra Wed 13-Apr-22 21:57:48

I try and have a conversation with my husband, but as he's invariably tuned into something on the radio via his Bluetooth hearing aids I end up talking to myself. Sigh... ?

Bellanonna Thu 14-Apr-22 21:25:02

V3ra I know the feeling only too well. The thing is, DH
isn’t even tuned into something. Note to self: I must search in his sock drawer for those abandoned hearing aids.

heathermiller09 Fri 15-Apr-22 07:53:07

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

Bellanonna Fri 15-Apr-22 09:08:53

Just in case you’re advertising, heathermiller, that’s not even a proper link! And it is not allowed. Reported.

Eloethan Sun 17-Apr-22 13:13:58

I talk to myself, particularly making comments about TV programmes.

FarNorth Sun 17-Apr-22 20:38:46

I sometimes hear my DD, who is living with me, apparently having a loud conversation.
I originally thought she was on the phone, then realised that usually she's conversing with the TV .