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Swapping cups and plates.

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kircubbin2000 Thu 12-May-22 13:11:11

Dermot O Leary admitted on a recent programme that he often brings up the plates from the bottom of the pile so that 'these fellows can have a turn.Same with mugs at the back of the cupboard, these chaps don't want to be left out. Does anyone else do this?
I do feel a bit guilty about my 2 special settings which I never use. I don't like the thought of them being left on the shelf! I

Cabbie21 Thu 12-May-22 13:13:27

Good idea in theory, but in practice it is not so easy now to fetch out items from the back of a cupboard or the bottom of a heavy pile.

tanith Thu 12-May-22 13:33:20

When I’m putting clean dishes away I do put the clean ones at the bottom and try to rotate mugs and glasses.

Kate1949 Thu 12-May-22 13:48:05

I put newly washed tea towels at the bottom of the pile so that they all get equal use. Daft I suppose.

Sara1954 Thu 12-May-22 14:34:32

I do that as well, I also do it with towels, underwear and nighties.
A bit different with plates and pasta bowls, because all the everyday stuff is on a plate rack.
I do the same at work, even when it’s not necessary, new stuff always goes to the back.

Blossoming Thu 12-May-22 15:00:54

We rotate plates and bowls but have favourite mugs for tea, coffee and other hot drinks.

Bellanonna Thu 12-May-22 15:07:12

Yes, I do rotate my plates

BlueBelle Thu 12-May-22 15:08:09


Wheniwasyourage Thu 12-May-22 15:10:01

I rotate plates, bowls, towels, tea towels and knickers, but not mugs or glasses.

Makes a nice change to have a discussion about something which is completely trivial and has no right answers, isn't it? smile

M0nica Thu 12-May-22 15:19:39

It just happens in our house, I have a full size dishwasher, which, with only two of us, I use once every two days, which means most of the plates are used and in the machine anyway.

With towels etc. I have only two sets for kitchen and bathroom. One in use and one in the wash, plus a few extras for emergencies.

Baggs Thu 12-May-22 15:22:12

I put clean ones at the bottom of the pile and take off the top the ones I'm going to use next.

Callistemon21 Thu 12-May-22 15:42:01

I have two favourite mugs and so does Himself.
The plates all get used if the family comes over ...

We have too many mugs ?

Sara1954 Thu 12-May-22 17:01:07

We also have dozens of mugs, we have three sections, one for me, I like smaller mugs, one for everyone else, and one for tradesmen, known as builders mugs.

Callistemon21 Thu 12-May-22 17:22:21

I need a mug sort-out, Sara1954

We have some rather nice ones but they're a bit too small or oddly shaped.
Not many match now either.

lixy Thu 12-May-22 20:28:58

We rotate china and linen but have our own favourite mugs that we use all the time.

I filled our surplus mugs with goodies - some with sweets, others with small soaps/toiletries - wrapped up in cellophane. We sold them at my Mum's church Christmas fayre - none left over. She lives in a different town; no-one saw their gift being repurposed so no hard feelings either.

Lark123 Thu 12-May-22 20:39:41

I also rotate some of the varied mugs in the cupboard.

If I find myself constantly reaching around one to get to another, then it's off to the charity shop it goes!

Having said that, I did find that during the initial Covid lockdown, many of my mugs mysteriously developed chips from careless washing up ( not me ).hmm

Of course I couldn't get more at that time, and dreamt of having new mugs!

All my mugs are miss-matched, I guess I'm more eclectic than 'matchy- matchy'.

That goes for silverware too; each piece has it's own 'personality' I find.

This was a fun post; thank you smile

Blodwyn Thu 12-May-22 21:32:01

I rotate /my mugs and bookmarks. I buy them when I go on holiday and it brings back happy memories of places visited abroad or in the UK and friends who have bought them for me. My oldest mug is one I got with an Easter egg from my nanna and grandad when I was 7. I'm now 60 ?

kittylester Thu 12-May-22 21:47:25

People really have matching mugs?

Sara1954 Thu 12-May-22 22:05:30

Well we do have some matching mugs, but I prefer things not matching really.
My favourite mug is a NT mug, my husband favours some rather large ones I picked up in Waitrose because they were pretty, and our daughter will drink out of anything.
The other five hundred may be useful if I’m ever asked to host the village fete.

Granny23 Thu 12-May-22 22:18:30

I've just worked out that my favourite Chunky Mug, used 4 times daily is 46 years old and looks good as new. It was given to me as a leaving present when I changed jobs and then was my 'at work' mug in various jobs until I retired and it came home with me.

Lark123 Thu 12-May-22 22:23:58

KittyLester; apparently many people do have matching mugs.

I love having each mug a different colour, different pattern, connected with the memory of who gifted it to me, or where I found it to my delight smile.
But, like all things, to each his own and more power to them!

Lark123 Thu 12-May-22 22:27:53

Sara1954 smile

cornergran Thu 12-May-22 22:44:01

Mugs aren’t rotated, plates and bowls are simply because they go in the dishwasher which isn’t put on everyday. When they emerge the plates and bowls go to the bottom of the pile. Always have. Never occurred to me to do anything else. Sorry, kitty, we do have mugs that match. Maybe I’m odd. grin. Bedding, towels and tea towels have their own system, different ones for different times of the year - I do like a change. I know, no hope for me and definitely none for Mr C when he tries to work out which duvet cover is next when he’s on bed changing detail.

JenniferEccles Thu 12-May-22 23:21:33

Rotation of stock.
You could all get a job in a supermarket ?

MissAdventure Thu 12-May-22 23:28:03

I used to do things like that, but not really, anymore.

I also always had a set of 6 mugs, and would replace the lot if one got damaged.
These days whatever is clean will do.