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College fiasco!!!

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tanith Tue 07-Jun-22 16:45:31

I’m so angry!!!
My 17 yr GD is a very anxious person who is Dyslexic she has waited a year now for a CAHMS app re her mental health.

Two weeks ago she retook her first English exam which she was fully informed about by letter. Last night she gets a text from the college wishing good luck with her maths retake today. She had no clue and no notification by word of mouth or post of venue date or time. She got to the exam venue where she did the English exam only to be told that as she is a pupil given extra time for the exam it is at a completely different venue to her class and as the exams were about to start she would be too late by the time she got there. I can’t believe the college has messed up she is so upset and confused.

My daughter is going to contact the college for an explanation when she finishes work, GD was told on the phone to speak to a specific person next time she is in.

Luckygirl3 Tue 07-Jun-22 16:50:19

I do not blame you for being angry - I definitely would be too.

cornergran Tue 07-Jun-22 16:53:02

Anger is definitely an ok reaction. Very upsetting for anyone, doubly so for your granddaughter. I hope it can be sorted.

LucyLocket55 Tue 07-Jun-22 16:56:25

She needs to speak to either the Additional Needs coordinator or the exams officer. She should have had a timetable and information on exam venues sent to her. Did she check her email as information is usually sent out via that or her college portal.

If she has not received any notification at all, she should ask the exams officer if special consideration could be applied due to these circumstances. As she is dyslexic, she need to also ask the Additional Needs department for their support

luluaugust Tue 07-Jun-22 16:56:26

Poor girl, I was an invigilator and can't believe she has been treated like this. I hope your DD is able to get answers and your GD is able to sit the exam, something has gone very wrong somewhere.

toscalily Tue 07-Jun-22 16:57:39

I would be very cross too. Exams are stressful enough without any additional pressure due to incompetence with the notification system. I do hope they manage to arrange for her to do the retake soon.

MaggsMcG Mon 13-Jun-22 10:58:09

How did she find out about the English Exam? Surely she should have been informed the same way.

Smileless2012 Mon 13-Jun-22 11:07:01

No you are not being unreasonable. I hope this can be sorted asap.

BlueBelle Mon 13-Jun-22 11:09:40

That’s totally unreasonable a big complaint in order and some special treatment as regards retaking it needed
Definitely not being unreasonable, that’s atrocious I d be hopping if it was me or mine

midgey Mon 13-Jun-22 11:10:46

I would be incandescent on her behalf, poor girl.

M0nica Mon 13-Jun-22 11:30:50

Cross?, like midgey I would be incandescent and at the colleged demanding answers. Their response to this debacle has been lack lustre, to put it mildly.

It is shocking that a girl like this should be treated like this in the first place. the college's response only adds misery to woe.

Baggs Mon 13-Jun-22 11:36:14

Another one who'd be incandescent! Students have had a rotten deal over the last couple of years. Colleges need to get their act together.

Really hoping your DD and DGD get some answers and some apologies, tanith. As well as having an exam sitting especially set up for her.

tanith Mon 13-Jun-22 11:41:06

Turns out it’s partly her fault as she assumed her exam would be the same day as her friend but turns out not to be.
My daughter has complained about the lack of communication. We think the mix up was because she does do her math classes on her own and for some reason no one thought to tell her what was happening and when she got the text wishing her good luck she panicked. It should never of been sent to her. The college are going to sort it out apparently.

Jane43 Mon 13-Jun-22 11:45:48

I worked in a college from 1983 until 2004 and I am shocked to hear this. The college should have an Examinations Officer and it is their responsibility to put this right. They should also have a Student Services Team with people to look after her welfare after what must have been a trauma for your GD. Don’t let it rest and I wish her well.

Jane43 Mon 13-Jun-22 11:48:28

I posted before your post Tanith. I’m glad things are in hand but I do think the examinations procedure seems very informal.

Yammy Mon 13-Jun-22 11:49:15

I went through all of this and what they also forget is that most Dyslexic people or very bad timekeepers. Keep complaining and don't give up. I even gave in and was tested myself when asked and found to be the same to a certain degree.
Our family is now going through it with the third generation.
After a lot of hassle we did get the condition taken into account and DD has an extremely good Uni degree and as her sister always says gets any job she applies for. They are not unintelligent they are Dyslexic. Good Luck.shamrock

eazybee Mon 13-Jun-22 12:37:35

Did your daughter check that your granddaughter knew the time and place of her exams? She was reminded the night before so time to check on the arrangements the next morning.
I absolutely do not believe that she was not informed; colleges are used to dealing with the many and varied arrangements for pupils with special needs and make sure that they are given the details.