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Iceland's new carrier bags

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Gillypaula Thu 01-Sep-22 12:22:22

Am I the only one who has a problem with the carrier bags that Iceland supermarket now delivers their food in. They are really shallow, about 7 inches, quite long, handles in the middle and any goods put inside fall out at both ends. I am disabled so having to keep picking up stuff from the floor is a real pain. More worrying in this day and age of reusing things, the bags are not fit for any other use. you can't use them to carry washing upstairs, the washing falls out, in fact they are in totally useless and we the consumers are having to pay for them. I have contacted various bigwigs in the Iceland chain and no-one has replied. Even tried the CEO. Anybody else agree with me?

Blossoming Thu 01-Sep-22 12:24:36

I haven’t seen one yet GillyPaula but they sound as though they’re not fit for purpose.

MissAdventure Thu 01-Sep-22 12:25:03

They're boat shaped!

MawtheMerrier Thu 01-Sep-22 14:08:15

Why are they delivering shopping in bags at all?
Other supermarkets have dispensed with plastic bags, or
like Ocado use returnable bags, why can’t Iceland?

avitorl Thu 01-Sep-22 17:20:03

My Iceland Delivery man complained about them to me. He said they are useless and difficult for him to handle.
They are much thinner plastic than the previous bags so I suppose that is the main reason they are using them?

Callistemon21 Thu 01-Sep-22 18:02:46

You can opt not to have your shopping delivered in bags and the delivery person will help you dispense the shopping into our own reusable bags if you can't manage it yourself.

Maw we can use re-use polythene bags here for food waste and they are then recycled to make electricity.

MawtheMerrier Thu 01-Sep-22 18:07:05

That’s what Waitrose do, they carry the trays into the kitchen , if you want or decant into your own bags on the doorstep. They’ll even help unpack the trays. I have yet to get them to put the shopping away in the cupboards but I’m working on it!

pensionpat Thu 01-Sep-22 20:31:33

I’ve complained about these bags to the manager and have stopped using their delivery service. He agreed that no-one liked the bags. If you haven’t seen them, think of the bags that rolls of wallpaper were carried in.

Jaxjacky Thu 01-Sep-22 21:20:06

Can you opt out of bags on your delivery?

MissAdventure Thu 01-Sep-22 21:23:19

I would think so.
Iceland is usually one of the front runners in eco friendly initiatives.

To be honest, I can't see well enough on the small print stuff to opt in or out.

I usually load from their crate, into my bags for life, but last time the boat bags appeared.

Franbern Fri 02-Sep-22 09:30:07


That’s what Waitrose do, they carry the trays into the kitchen , if you want or decant into your own bags on the doorstep. They’ll even help unpack the trays. I have yet to get them to put the shopping away in the cupboards but I’m working on it!

Yes, same as Sainsbury's deliveries. Your last sentence made me laugh Maw. I welcome the deliverer at the front door of my flat (have let him into the building remotely), with my wheeled large bag. Everything gets decanted into that, he leaves and I wheel it into my kitchen.

Just started to use Iceland, very occasionally, for small freezer
kept in garage. Was horrified that they used plastic bags for all my items. Totally unnecessary.

MissAdventure Fri 02-Sep-22 09:38:52

Iceland were the first supermarket to use plastic free bags, so I'm not sure what has happened.
It's all very strange.

JaneJudge Fri 02-Sep-22 09:42:59

Malcolm Walker (the former CEO) has handed over to his son, that is most probably what has happened. I've noticed he seems on tv a lot, especially on political type programs

MissAdventure Fri 02-Sep-22 09:58:42

Ah, that may explain things.

Hetty58 Fri 02-Sep-22 10:11:53

The bags struck me as very silly - just not fit for any purpose. Still, I bought three Ikea laundry 'baskets' (the solid ones) to bring things indoors when some shops stopped providing bags for deliveries.

Lovetopaint037 Fri 02-Sep-22 10:31:07

They charge for them so why are they not recyclable like those thin green bags the Co-Op sell? I occasionally buy one and can use it for the food bucket which is taken every week.

MissAdventure Fri 02-Sep-22 10:44:38

I was going to say I find the co-op bags good for delivery or just doing the job efficiently if you buy a few bits.

VB000 Fri 02-Sep-22 11:33:34

My mum used to have Iceland deliveries - she took her own bags to the shop, then left the shopping for them to deliver later that day.

Gillypaula Fri 02-Sep-22 12:45:09

Thank you for responding. I thought I was the only one who had complained. I would rather I had no bags and will ask for that next time.

Lunnunis Tue 17-Jan-23 15:43:10

Unfortunately after briefly swapping back Iceland are using these bags again. I have complained in writing and got a reply but it basically says the bags are fine (they aren't!). Here's the reply -

Thank you for getting in touch with Iceland.

I am sorry to hear about the experience you received with the new crate liners that are being used for deliveries.

Our new crate liners have been trialed in a number of areas for some time with some really positive feedback.

These bags are recyclable and can be returned to the driver if you have no further use for them.

This has now been rolled out into all stores, and as expected there can be some teething problems but we are working hard without drivers and taking on customers' feedback to improve this service and lead it to a success.

I will pass your feedback over to the relevant department.

Once again, I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused and we hope you have a great day.

Kind Regards,

DaphneDiligaf20 Sat 28-Jan-23 10:33:42

Oh that's a shame, I'm still using my Iceland bags from my lockdown deliveries.

Lizbethann55 Tue 07-Feb-23 22:26:24

I hate them. My delivery driver told me that the drivers hate them as well. He also said that they do not take them back ( Morrisons will take their bags back, and give you money back for them as well). The driver said that if you shop in store the big white bags are still being used.

Norah Tue 07-Feb-23 23:08:29

Sainsbury's bring everything in the side door, unpack onto laundry worktop. Works well, not always shopping for ourselves.

lynntaylor4 Sun 12-Feb-23 22:36:19

I think if Iceland's management team check their customers' feedback again as well as consulting their delivery drivers they will very few people who actually thinks these crate liners are a good idea. Could everyone who really dislikes these liners, write to the CEO of Iceland who is Richard Walker and then maybe he will come up with a solution.

LitterBug1882 Thu 04-May-23 20:06:05

Oh no the horrorrrr 😱😱😱