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How do you keep your bus pass and phone handy

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oodles Fri 21-Oct-22 13:51:34

Locally there are few busses but have been away a few times in the last few months and have been using my pass a lot. I've seen people with their pass on a lanyard, and having it in a little case but don't fancy a lanyard and discovered about the case when I picked up a lady's who had dropped hers in the queue
I've been using an old phone Cas which has a long strap. I can pop the pass in a little pocket on the outside, but my phone doesn't fit it any more and I use it for maps and for the bus tracker app so. Would like a bigger (but still small) bag that I could easily access to pop it away safely when I saw the bus coming which had a little pocket i could easily pop the pass back into when I have got on, with no fuss, don't want to hold the queue up while I fumble to put it away safely and pack up my bags. It would be useful on the train or tube too, I once. Lost a ticket in between the tube station and the train station

NotAGran55 Fri 21-Oct-22 14:36:03

Oodles if you Google ‘bag organiser ‘ or ‘bag insert’ you will find millions of options to pop inside your usual handbag.
All shapes , sizes, colours fabrics etc to fit in every conceivable bag.
Makes finding your stuff quick and easy.

winterwhite Fri 21-Oct-22 14:37:12

I never buy a bag without a zipped outside pocket which I use for that purpose.

M0nica Fri 21-Oct-22 15:20:01

Do not have (or want) a bus pass. I suffer from travel sickness, and I make my own phone bag with a long strap to wear cross body after seeing the price of them on ebay.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 21-Oct-22 15:27:41

My phone is in its own case with slots for credit cards and bus pass. It goes into my pocket.

Grammaretto Fri 21-Oct-22 16:27:55

I use my pass all the time. It fits in the pocket inside my phone cover and I keep it in my zipped coat pocket when I need it.
However yesterday I was distracted, couldn't find it so had to pay and then found it loose inside my pocket.

Glorianny Fri 21-Oct-22 16:30:29

Pockets! They hold. everything.

Chestnut Fri 21-Oct-22 16:46:24

My bus pass is in a little wallet marked Travel Card. I bought a few of these wallets, they're great, easy to open. They hold two cards and you don't have to take the card out to scan it on the bus. In another I keep my bank card and shop card so they are handy in the supermarket.
See Travel Card Holder here
I make sure I pack my phone and bus pass wallet in an outer pocket of my handbag so they're easy to reach.

Nannarose Fri 21-Oct-22 16:51:36

I have a cross body bag which I made with a pocket for this, and I put it so tickets & passes are next to my body. Have a look at Healthy Back Bags which are costly but excellent value, with pockets accessible for just this

Jaxjacky Fri 21-Oct-22 16:53:51

Phone lives in the back pocket of my jeans, any card(s) I’m likely to use are in the inside pocket of my jacket, or top left pocket of my shirt.

vegansrock Fri 21-Oct-22 17:02:04

When I go to the airport I wear a crossbody/ round the neck travel bag for passport , tickets, phone etc. I think I got it from the travel section in an outdoors type shop. Very useful as you can hide it under your jacket. Look for travel wallet / passport holder or similar .

Bellanonna Fri 21-Oct-22 17:04:25

I’m a pocketer too

henetha Fri 21-Oct-22 18:34:49

My Kipling bag has lots of zipped pockets
for items like these.

Redhead56 Fri 21-Oct-22 19:47:44

Sounds ridiculous but if I don't take a bag for practical reasons rugby match etc. I put bus pass in phone case that goes down by bra very safe place for me.

CanadianGran Fri 21-Oct-22 22:10:25

There are a ton of options if you google 'phone case'. Depending if you want to splurge or not, here is a cute Ted Baker phone plus card bag, and they've included a mask. maybe a Christmas present for yourself. If not, there are lots of other options on Amazon.

Chestnut Fri 21-Oct-22 23:29:47

The phone case is very nice, but I don't want to be fumbling with my phone on a bus, while looking for my bus pass. My little travel card holder is so quick and easy to get out and scan on the bus, and you don't even need to remove it from the holder. I can't think of an easier way of doing it.

tiredoldwoman Sat 22-Oct-22 06:59:34

My new phone is bigger than my previous one (that I kept my bus pass in) so no longer fits in my pocket . I'm too big for my coat too so I'll need to buy a new coat !!

Allsorts Sat 22-Oct-22 07:06:41

My phone and keys and bus pass, hardly used, go into a pocket of cross body bag.

Lucca Sat 22-Oct-22 08:07:51


Phone lives in the back pocket of my jeans, any card(s) I’m likely to use are in the inside pocket of my jacket, or top left pocket of my shirt.

Dangerous … I don’t do that usually but was having a daft day and had phone in back pocket. Went to the loo… phone fell out ?. Luckily I was quick and retrieved it

Greyduster Sat 22-Oct-22 08:45:35

Mine is in a pass holder that it came with, but I keep it in a zip pocket in the outside of my handbag. If I’m not taking a bag out I use a waist pouch that takes it and my phone, my debit card and a bit of cash but can be concealed under my jacket or sweater.

oodles Sat 22-Oct-22 16:21:05

Hi All
Thanks for your thoughts. I'm currently using a phone case for an old phone, my current phone is a lot bigger these days, I have a protective cover on it. I do use a little case or my railcard, but don't that often go on trains. I picked up a lady's card in a lovely leather little holder, fortunately, she was still in the queue, I presume that hers had been in a pocket or something, Don't wear jeans, when I'm out with bags I often take a backpack with a bumbag. If I don't have bags and I'll be walking I usually have my nordic walking poles. So a bumbag with an outer pocket or a cross-body bag sounds best for me
I also have been thinking about how best to hold my phone when using the satnav when out walking with my hands full. I need to go bigger don't I so things just slide in I've been making the mistake of keeping it too small I need to go up in size a bit but not so big that I can't pop it under a jacket
I do have some vouchers so maybe once I find the right sort I can splash out a bit

M0nica Sun 23-Oct-22 07:06:26

Put it on your Christmas wish list. these bags are not wildly expensive.

oodles Tue 25-Oct-22 09:03:59

It's not, really the expense. We'll, I don't want to spend out on bags that don't work out for me, I don't want any more bags, unless they do something my existing bags don't, as that is a waste of money. I don't mind spending on something I know will do the job I want it for. This is where I miss department stores like Debenhams, where you can try things out, seen some lovely looking ones on the John Lewis website but will have to go and try them when I can next get there, it's a pain to have to return things. Having said that I might get to tk Maxx next week and they usually have a selection.
Wgod have thought mobile phones after years of getting smaller, would get bigger again

Purplepoppies Fri 28-Oct-22 05:36:32

My phone case has a hidden slide panel at the back you can keep bank card/bus pass in.
I don't because if I lost my phone I'd be stuffed, but there at
are similar products out the. Happy shopping ?

Witzend Fri 28-Oct-22 08:27:47

Dedicated pockets in bags, and always put them back in the right place. Usually works for me - but vital to check before buying any bag that it has suitable pockets. Which will usually means not buying online - not enough info.