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Christmas 2023??

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Bella23 Sat 05-Aug-23 16:53:35

Today in the middle of a torrential rain storm I was approached about our Christmas plans. Has anyone else given Christmas a thought yet? The conversation ended with a gleeful they were flying off to warmer climes tomorrow.

Grannybags Sat 05-Aug-23 16:57:44

Nooooo!!!!! 😱

Sidelined Sat 05-Aug-23 16:59:39

Yes, two different conversations 😱 I can’t think that far ahead myself

Redhead56 Sat 05-Aug-23 17:02:12

I start thinking about Christmas gift ideas in autumn always have because time seems to fly after September. I noticed some Christmas trinkets on shop counters the other day thinking it was a bit early!

AGAA4 Sat 05-Aug-23 17:03:27

The tubs of Roses, Heroes etc are already in the shops but too early for me to be thinking about it.

Dickens Sat 05-Aug-23 17:03:37


We have decided to 'do it' as quietly, peacefully and inexpensively, as possible.

And we'll think no more about it until mid-November, or even later.

Serendipity22 Sat 05-Aug-23 17:13:32

Ooooo yes, Christmas is always on my mind. I have already bought gifts and sewn some little Christmas bag to put each gift in ohh and booked the pantomime.

So yes yes yes... Christmas 🎄 🎅 🌲 🧑‍🎄 🎄🎅 🌲 🧑‍🎄 🎄

Foxygloves Sat 05-Aug-23 17:14:02


Smileless2012 Sat 05-Aug-23 17:14:03

Yes. Our DS hoped to come over from Australia but we've found out that he wont be coming now sad.

SueDonim Sat 05-Aug-23 17:39:59

I saw the first advert for booking your office Xmas party recently. 😱

Summerlove Sat 05-Aug-23 17:47:37

I love Christmas. I love it all year round.

I despise the holiday plan making though, it’s so stressful. One side makes plans very early, the other waits until the last minute, someone is always annoyed we can’t commit, or have already committed.

It’s enough to make me wish for a quiet household only Christmas

SusieB50 Sat 05-Aug-23 17:59:04

I’m keeping very quiet about Christmas this year . DD and family want to go to Portugal , SIL parents lived there for some years before they both died and he would like to have a time of fond memories Christmas there . DD is very keen for me to go too but I don’t wish to travel on a plane at Christmas, too stressful. I know whatever I say she will be concerned that I will be alone . My DS always hosts DIL family on Christmas day .(long story) I’m quite looking forward to a day of doing nothing having “done” Christmas Lunch for 15 people for so many years! I will see DS and family forBoxing day so not a problem .

BlueBelle Sat 05-Aug-23 18:00:49

NOOOOOOOO please don’t start posting about Christmas I might have to go into hiding

HowVeryDareYou2 Sat 05-Aug-23 18:00:54

I don't think about Christmas until mid to late November. A friend of mine has already told me she's got my present. I've got 6 adults and 5 children to buy for, plus 2 birthday presents in December.

Oreo Sat 05-Aug-23 18:02:25

Christmas? Leave it out! 😡😆

Oreo Sat 05-Aug-23 18:03:41


The tubs of Roses, Heroes etc are already in the shops but too early for me to be thinking about it.

Yeah I noticed those too, in Tesco just as you go in the door.

AreWeThereYet Sat 05-Aug-23 18:12:37

Usually we don't want to know until the end of October (apart from cake and pudding) but this year DS1 and family are returning from NZ and staying with us for six weeks over Christmas and New Year. We haven't seen them in the flesh for nearly three years. It's all taking some planning and will be a huge upheaval as the Ukranian family that live with us will be moving out to stay with their family, the people that are living there are moving in with friends... so for once we are counting the days. I feel extremely mean that I want to kick our long term guests out of the door right now so I can start sorting the house. But I'll refrain.

Harris27 Sat 05-Aug-23 18:16:37

My secret is I love Christmas films already watched two can’t help it!hubby thinks I’m mad! 😂

Bea65 Sat 05-Aug-23 18:24:15

some of us haven't yet had a holiday in years...please stop...this sort of thread in August raises my BP!!

Shinamae Sat 05-Aug-23 18:25:27


NOOOOOOOO please don’t start posting about Christmas I might have to go into hiding

And I’ll join you! 😬

keepcalmandcavachon Sat 05-Aug-23 18:43:51

Harris27, I'm with you and this damp, mizzly weather is just perfect for christmas crafting evenings with a festive film. Mince pie anyone?

aggie Sat 05-Aug-23 18:44:59

I’ve stared making my Christmas cards !

MiniMoon Sat 05-Aug-23 19:06:22

Yes. We have bought some gifts already. QVC do Christmas in July, so we did some early shopping.

grandMattie Sat 05-Aug-23 19:06:56

Certainly not! DD’s birthday is at the end of November and we start thinking of Christmas after that…

Whiff Sat 05-Aug-23 19:29:21

Saw some cards ideal for Christmas on Green pebble they came today. Will be asking my daughter for birthday / Christmas present ideas for my grandson's. Ones birthday is November the other January. So she gives me ideas and choose what to get and split them between birthday and Christmas. Also have a set amount I spend on each .