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GP is not providing Covid vaccinations

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Fairislecable Wed 20-Sep-23 18:00:52

I have heard nothing from our health centre with regards to Covid vaccinations. Despite checking on the website etc.

Unable to get through on the phone I popped in yesterday to be told they are not doing them this year and they think a pharmacy 12 miles away is doing them! (No public transport from here though).

I pointed out that perhaps if they are not providing a service to their patients it should be put on the website in a prominent position.

Is it just this area of Oxfordshire or is this the situation elsewhere?

lixy Sun 01-Oct-23 14:19:05

Covid vaccinations here have always been at walk-in centres or pharmacies not the GP.
However GP's will have ordered flu vaccines for their patients and are paid for administering them. It is better for your GP practice to have your flu vaccination there if you can. A local practice here is doing flu clinics for their patients on Saturdays - just for the flu jab but staffed by the doctors and nurses from the practice. That way their appointments aren't all clogged up by the vaccination programme.

CBBL Sun 01-Oct-23 15:19:47

Already had the Flu jab (one weekend ago last Friday) and Covid Booster booked for Friday, this coming week. All via my local GP Surgery. I'm in Seaham, Co. Durham.

GrauntyHelen Sun 01-Oct-23 15:30:41

I'm in Scotland Health Board sent appointment for both jabs on Thursday I'm in a Town and jab being done in education centre in walking distance

Jzpap Sun 01-Oct-23 15:35:16

Our GP surgery had never done the Covid vaccine and hasn’t done the flu one for a couple of years. It would be chaos if they did, the practice isn’t big enough. I booked in online at our local chemist and have already had the flu one and I’ll be getting the Covid one soon. By choice I have them separately. There is also a centre four miles away which will do both.
I do agree it’s a problem if you are expected to travel miles and don’t have transport.

TiggyW Sun 01-Oct-23 15:38:47

We had flu jabs last Saturday at our GP surgery and we’re booked in for next Weds. for Covid jabs (again at the surgery) - Lancashire. It’s officially Greater Manchester, but I don’t acknowledge it! 😂🙄

BlueSapphire Sun 01-Oct-23 15:44:53

My GP is only doing the flu jab (which I have booked already), so I went on the NHS site and booked my Covid jab at the nearest pharmacy. Had it Friday 10 days ago, no problems.

Paperbackwriter Sun 01-Oct-23 15:50:57

Our local surgery texted us with appointments for both flu and Covid. I had mine yesterday, one in each arm. Felt a bit grim overnight and this morning but am massively grateful for the service. They've been brilliant, all through the pandemic. You can even get to see a GP in Real Life!

Treetops05 Sun 01-Oct-23 16:35:08

No, our area of Devon isnotgetting them through Dr's, although my FinL who is 93 will be.

4allweknow Sun 01-Oct-23 16:36:03

GP practice used to do fluvaccine but that stopped a good number of years ago. Now done by NHS trust and Covid vaccination also done at same time in local centre.

Wiser Sun 01-Oct-23 17:48:20

Ours never did COVID..they do flu jabs only. Out local pharmacy does COVID jabs

Nannashirlz Sun 01-Oct-23 19:28:25

I got a text for my flu shot which was about 10 miles away when I went nurse asked if I wanted covid while I was there. I hadn’t received my invite yet but she did it at same time. My drs has never done it neither north york or Newcastle always had to travel to a gym or hall of some kind.

Nannashirlz Sun 01-Oct-23 19:28:54


I got a text for my flu shot which was about 10 miles away when I went nurse asked if I wanted covid while I was there. I hadn’t received my invite yet but she did it at same time. My drs has never done it neither north york or Newcastle always had to travel to a gym or hall of some kind.

Got it two weeks ago lol

nadateturbe Sun 01-Oct-23 19:55:24

Our surgery has sent reminder to hurry up and come. N Ireland.

ruthiek Sun 01-Oct-23 20:33:26

Covid cases are very high in my area -South east

growstuff Sun 01-Oct-23 20:43:55


Our surgery has been a bit hit and miss re the previous Covid injections. Last year our GP chose to go to centre and ignore his patients at our surgery and got paid £15 per injection! Such compassion.

The GP surgery would have been paid the same, whether it was done at the surgery or a health centre.

jocork Mon 02-Oct-23 00:52:55

Having had a reminder about the flu jab I tried to book with my GP but the date I was offered I was going to be away. The next date was 'locked' until the first was full! They were not doing Covid jabs.

I went to the local health pharmacy, booked the flu jab 5 days earlier than the first date offered by the GP and by the time I attended they were also booking Covid jabs and did that too while I was there. No long queue round the car park like last year at the GP! Much better service.

I think GP's are struggling so they are happy for us to go to a local pharmacy but I'm lucky it is in the same village and just about withing walking distance if I didn't drive.

Covid infections are on the rise again so it is important to get your jab if you can. Check online for your nearest centre.

TanaMa Mon 02-Oct-23 08:41:53

My GP surgery carried out both covid and flu 💉 last Saturday.

Lollin Mon 02-Oct-23 09:21:23

The location for jabs always varies in our area. We finally have an option within easy walking distance this time.

Oldbat1 Mon 02-Oct-23 10:56:22

Boots for flu inj on 14 sept then i went down with flu on 22nd Sept! One week of being very poorly in bed slowly recovering. GP do not have any covid injections and nearest according to nhs is 18miles away!!!

Mirren Tue 03-Oct-23 18:20:15

FindingNemo15 , just wondering if ( and how ) you know for 100% certain that your GP went to vaccinate at a centre and also that they were paid £15 for each vaccination.
I do hope you have a good foundation for what is ,essentially, a libellous statement .
I'm a GP ( in Northumberland, I don't know where you are ).
During the height of the vaccinating all the local surgeries ran a vaccinating centre at the local cricket club . It involved a short journey for some patients but it worked extremely efficiently.
All us GPs chipped in and did extra ( note that , EXTRA, not instead of, our usual surgeries ) voluntarily.
We were joined by nurses , admin staff and local volunteers who guided the patients.
I can tell you that it was extremely hard work . We gave thousands but I am very proud to have been able to offer the service.
We no longer do vaccinating for Covid.
The health authority now arranges this . I recently had mine ,at a local Scout hut ,and I booked it on the NHS app like everyone else , travelled there and stood in line.
If your GP really was earning £15 a jab( which I absolutely refute ) then ,maybe either I am working in the wrong place or you are living in the wrong place.
Which ever, please make sure your facts are correct. You could find comments like this might backfire on you.
Don't forget. Us GPs are humans too ..and, rather surprising to believe but , we can and do , use Social media!

Marydoll Tue 03-Oct-23 19:55:33

Well said Mirren!

I have nothing but admiration for my clinicians and the admin staff today, as I experienced today.

Janetashbolt Wed 04-Oct-23 12:20:09

Both of us got texts from our GP, walk in for flu and covid next day, got them done within 30 mins

Witzend Thu 05-Oct-23 09:20:14


I’ve just spent 8 days in ICU following a heart attack. The care was amazing. I’m now on cardiology ward and have contracted Covid whilst in intensive care. Covid is definitely back.

I hope it’ll prove to be a mild case, Grandyma. I know of 2 men, who contracted Covid while in hospital - one (80) while he was in for major heart surgery, the other (nearly 90, already frail, admitted after a fall).

Neither had any symptoms whatsoever!

Cherrytree59 Thu 05-Oct-23 09:51:44

If you have a local town/village Facebook page, it might be worth checking it out

Our local fire station advertised that Covid vaccination are available at the station on (I think) Thursdays during October.

Not sure about flu.
But most chemists are providing flu vaccination for those who are eligible.