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GP is not providing Covid vaccinations

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Fairislecable Wed 20-Sep-23 18:00:52

I have heard nothing from our health centre with regards to Covid vaccinations. Despite checking on the website etc.

Unable to get through on the phone I popped in yesterday to be told they are not doing them this year and they think a pharmacy 12 miles away is doing them! (No public transport from here though).

I pointed out that perhaps if they are not providing a service to their patients it should be put on the website in a prominent position.

Is it just this area of Oxfordshire or is this the situation elsewhere?

tiredoldwoman Wed 20-Sep-23 18:09:28

No , my letter said that I'd have to go to a shopping centre or a community hall both 13 miles away !! I'm in Fife , Scotland .

kittylester Wed 20-Sep-23 18:10:05

We have never had Covid jabs via the gp. Book on line.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 20-Sep-23 18:12:52

In Scotland the Health Boards are doing immunisations now, tiredoldwoman. We have to go 17 miles but there is public transport.

Casdon Wed 20-Sep-23 18:14:16

GP surgeries have never been obliged to do covid vaccines, it’s an optional extra service for them, and many GP practices are hard pressed and don’t have capacity to do them. If you have no transport it would be worth checking with your local voluntary services if they are putting on buses to take people to the nearest centre, or have voluntary drivers who could help.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 20-Sep-23 18:16:12

Our GP practice is doing Covid and Flu boosters, (S E Essex)

Fairislecable Wed 20-Sep-23 18:20:33

Hopefully it’s a sign that perhaps this year it is not as necessary as the last few years.

FindingNemo15 Wed 20-Sep-23 18:33:29

Our surgery has been a bit hit and miss re the previous Covid injections. Last year our GP chose to go to centre and ignore his patients at our surgery and got paid £15 per injection! Such compassion.

Sparklefizz Wed 20-Sep-23 18:51:12


Hopefully it’s a sign that perhaps this year it is not as necessary as the last few years.

No, because numbers are rising and the autumn booster has been brought forward to cope with this, so it really is as necessary as in other years.

Jaxjacky Wed 20-Sep-23 19:03:55

Our GP surgery is doing both Covid and Flu, text sent about three weeks ago we’re booked October 3rd, three local pharmacies are too.
South Hampshire.

Oreo Wed 20-Sep-23 19:10:43

My Mum rang 119 ( I think it was that number) and found a pharmacy about six miles away who booked her in.
I’m not age eligible, but think pharmacies are doing as much as they can to help out GP surgeries.There’s usually a choice of which one to go to.

Chardy Wed 20-Sep-23 19:20:20


We have never had Covid jabs via the gp. Book on line.

I booked previous Covid jabs online (I live in a substantial town), I was sent 18 miles away, DD sent ten miles away in the opposite direction. Fortunately access to both by train and bus.

Pittcity Wed 20-Sep-23 19:22:44

There's another thread on this topic here

Fairislecable Wed 20-Sep-23 19:26:02

Oh! Sorry for the duplication I missed that one.

Keeleklogger Wed 20-Sep-23 19:59:52

We had our Flu jabs last Saturday and we are having our Covid jabs in 2 weeks time all done at the local GP in Staffordshire

kittylester Wed 20-Sep-23 20:09:07

Having our tomorrow- booked on line.

Septimia Wed 20-Sep-23 20:10:32

Haven't waited to see if our GP is doing them. Booked online at the pharmacy adjacent to the surgery for our flu jabs tomorrow. Went online, rather than phoning 119, to book the Covid one for a couple of weeks time. Choice of places, opted for the one in our nearest town - it does mean travelling and this (new) venue isn't on a direct bus route, but it's nearer than the place we went to for the last 2 (second nearest town, no direct transport).

Whiff Wed 20-Sep-23 20:57:03

Go on the NHS app site to book your Covid booster. Did mine today having it on Wednesday at the pharmacy I use. Had my flu jab at Boots yesterday.

Kim19 Wed 20-Sep-23 21:05:14

I've just had a letter from my medical centre informing me of the date of my next two injections. I will only have one at a time with a three week interval and they're fine with that.

Hetty58 Wed 20-Sep-23 21:24:24


'Hopefully it’s a sign that perhaps this year it is not as necessary as the last few years.

No - it really isn't. The latest new variant, BA.2.86, is still being investigated/studied - both for testing and for immunisations. We don't yet know much about it yet. The rates of Covid infections are rising here, as expected before winter.

I always book online. I'd travel quite a long way to get that jab (and the flu one) - as it might just keep me out of hospital this winter. I dread ever going into hospital.

You can, of course, wait a few weeks to see if more local jabs become available - while gambling that you don't catch Covid in the meantime.

Luckygirl3 Wed 20-Sep-23 22:05:49

I am having flu and covid on 14th Oct at my GP surgery. They do special Saturdays - we are called alphabetically by surname. A good service - only downside is we have to queue outside - which is great if the sun is shining ........

Debbi58 Wed 20-Sep-23 22:38:03

Our local doctors have done all ours and I've already got my booster and flu jabs booked for next month, i'm in South Gloucestershire/ Bristol

cornergran Wed 20-Sep-23 22:53:23

Our GP Practice has always offered both flu and covid vaccination, however it’s at a surgery located some miles away which isn’t fun to drive to. I booked covid jabs on line for this afternoon in a pharmacy much closer to home with a convenient coffee shop next door smile. We’ll have flu jabs in Boots early in October as we prefer to keep them separate.

It’s always worth checking on line if you can as a choice of locations usually appears. I’ve also found if the locations don’t appeal because of access it’s worth trying again as others pop up sometimes, no idea why or how.

25Avalon Wed 20-Sep-23 23:13:07

Our GP isn’t doing them just the flu jab which we’ve booked for. Dh had a Covid booster in July so doesn’t think he will be offered one now. As I was under 75 I wasn’t allowed one but I see the latest booster is for over 65’s so I will be enquiring.

silverlining48 Wed 20-Sep-23 23:18:45

We had COVID and flu jabs at our surgery’s store Saturday. Kent.