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Knickers lost in Super Market!

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Bella23 Fri 03-Nov-23 18:15:04

This afternoon when I was in the supermarket. I felt something bunched in the right leg of my cords. I shook my leg and saw last night's pants coming out.
I lent on DH and quickly pulled them out and stuffed them in his pocket. I had to explain, he laughed and asked if I had got any on.
Have you ever done anything similar? I was so embarrassed. shock

MissChateline Fri 03-Nov-23 18:23:05

I found mine on the pavement on my way back from my small town centre. It’s a steep hill, they must have fallen out on the way down and I hadn’t noticed. I can’t remember how I was certain that they were mine. But they definitely were. I had to wait for several people to walk past before I dared pick them up and scurry home with them!

BlueBelle Fri 03-Nov-23 18:28:26

I ve also done this a few times, one day at work I wondered what the big lump was on my leg and out they came

Marydoll Fri 03-Nov-23 18:45:50

I was newly married and came out of a fitting room to find my DH talking to his mother and fourteen year old brother.
I saw them looking at my feet, so I looked down and my knickers were lying on the shop floor. I have no idea how they got there. 🤣

Grandmabatty Fri 03-Nov-23 19:18:36

Yup. Walking from the dentist and the previous day's fell out. I ignored and kept walking (faster) til I reached the car.

Oreo Fri 03-Nov-23 19:34:53

😂 have to laugh but how embarrassing for you.Never happened to me but can only be a matter of time.Maybe I have a bigger bum to keep them up.

Ladyripple Fri 03-Nov-23 20:28:18

I was at the gym once with my daughter,she whispered “eugh someone has left their dirty knickers over there on the floor”! Yes they were mine!

Whiff Sat 04-Nov-23 07:45:33

Haven't had any knickers fall down . But when I saw an urologist 2 years ago went in trousers did realise I would need an internal. It was all very quick and I never get embarrassed. This may sound crass but I was widowed in 2004 aged 45 . Never wanted another man my husband was my own and only . Nice suprise I hadn't sealed over from lack of use 🤣. I wore bright red pants that day and always wore a panty liner . I wear tights under my trousers as I can't wear socks. It wasn't until I got home and went to the loo I had put my pants on inside out and the panty liner was next to my tights 😱. I was to busy talking to the nurse to concentrate on what I was doing. But you would think I would notice something was missing when I pulled my knickers on especially as they were bright red. 🤦

kittylester Sat 04-Nov-23 07:48:37

Only once, in the doctor's waiting room.

Grammaretto Sat 04-Nov-23 08:18:34

It happened to me in a rather naice antique shop. The knickers had worked their way almost to my socks. I removed them as discretely as possible but with DH drawing attention to me, it wasn't easy

Another time I was leaving the ladies at the interval in a concert and a woman tapped me on the shoulder to tell me my dress was tucked into my knickers at the back. Thankyou kind lady. blush

Desdemona Sat 04-Nov-23 08:28:23

I had my pants fall down in a busy shopping centre a few years back - was wearing a skirt, no tights. The elastic must have become loose in the pants and they just slid down round my ankles!!
I kind of "scuttled" to the side of the precinct and whipped them off with as much speed as I could muster and then hurried home.

shysal Sat 04-Nov-23 09:41:03

That is why I never take off my pants with my trousers.

I do remember, in the days of 'roll on' suspender belts, that I found one bunched up around my waist and another supporting my stockings. That was in the days before tights were a 'thing'.

Bella23 Sat 04-Nov-23 10:08:15

Glad I'm not the only one.
What I didn't confess was that I had shown myself up in the same shop the week before.
I thought DH was standing behind me and turned with something and asked "What do you think of this?"Only to see another elderly man. I apologised and said I thought he was my husband. He laughed and replied, "Unfortunately not my dear". I scurried and found DH in the wine section as usual.
I think I'll be banned from going next week.
I also as a child had my knickers round my ankles in Chatsworth house, the elastic

JackyB Sat 04-Nov-23 10:37:29

Before we had children and both worked, I had a longer commute than DH so would get up, get dressed and leave before he was awake. I had to do some things in the dark. The worst that happened was that one day I got to the office and discovered I had put on navy tights with a black skirt.

No knicker stories but I had a very prim aunt, who had been widowed since the war. She came with us on holiday to France. I went shopping with her to a local market and, as we were waiting to cross the road, the elastic in her slip gave and the pink nylon slithered to the ground. She stepped out of it and picked it up, with lots of other people standing around us. She went bright red and was so flustered. She was in a frightful state. I was 10 at the time and couldn't understand the fuss.

Oldbat1 Sat 04-Nov-23 11:13:37

Not knickers but an underskirt fell down whilst shopping. I just stepped out of it bent down and picked it up.

nexus63 Sat 04-Nov-23 11:38:02

as a 3 year old back in the 60s my gran dressed me in frilly dresses and knickers to go out, forgetting i no longer had a nappy i would take them off, when i bent over my gran would shout, another bloody full moon.
back in the early 80s i wore stockings and suspenders with thigh high split skirts, (i was 19) rushing that morning i put on the pants that tied at the sides, as i boarded the bus they came loose, i pulled them from the split in my skirt and paid my fare still holding them (sexy black with white frills) after that i got a big smile and hello darling from the bus driver every morning.

hugshelp Sat 04-Nov-23 11:43:03

I have done that more than once. I also once went to a job interview wearing hold-ups and one of them failed. I had waddle to the loo holding the errant one up with my hand on my thigh then remove both and stuff them in my pocket.

Blossoming Sat 04-Nov-23 11:49:16

No clothes failures, but one of our Burmese cats was a knicker nicker. She would take them off the clothes horse and bring them to you. Fortunately always clean ones, but embarrassing when she presented visitors with knickers. I think we made a mistake by thanking her when she first did it.

Juliet27 Sat 04-Nov-23 11:50:55

Oh yes, I’ve done similar. Walking my dog down a little lane I noticed a pair of knickers lying to the side. They were still there the next day but I didn’t like to touch them. By the third day I suddenly realised that they were mine and had arrived there the way yours had reappeared Bella and by then a fox had pood on them but I felt duty bound then to pick them up with a dog poo bag and deposit them in the appropriate bin.

Maggiemaybe Sat 04-Nov-23 13:03:26

Fortunately, when I noticed the knickers bunched up in the ankle area of my jeans I was sitting down in a cafe and could extract them discreetly.

Much worse was when I left some pairs of (clean) knickers out in the textile bag for recycling. I’m guessing the collectors thought it was a right laugh to scatter them across the pavement outside the house. blush

AreWeThereYet Sat 04-Nov-23 13:22:05

I also once went to a job interview wearing hold-ups and one of them failed.

Hold ups could be a nightmare! I once had to run for a train early in the morning on my way to work. One of my black hold ups fell down, so I had one black leg and one white leg and nowhere to pull it back up until I was hidden in the middle of a load of commuters on the train, when I could discreetly reach down and take them both off. I didn't want to risk one of them falling down again before I got to the office.

inishowen Sat 04-Nov-23 13:26:21

My mum loved to tell the story of how her pants fell round her ankles when she was pushing me in my pram. Quick as a flash she hid them under my blanket and carried on shopping.

Spuddy Sat 04-Nov-23 14:15:54

HA HA HA! Crying with laughter here!

buffyfly9 Sat 04-Nov-23 15:17:38

Several years ago I caught an awful skin infection from sandfly bites. It covered both legs from knee to ankle and had to dressed by the GP with large gauze type pads so that the copious amounts of fluid, pus and blood could be absorbed. I couldn't wear trousers because the dressings got caught up in them so I wore a long skirt. We went to look at woodburners in a local DIY shop. I trailed round various rooms looking at them then left and went back to the car. I pulled my skirt up and to my horror two large dressings from one leg were gone. I said "drive!" to my husband and we have never been back. We were the only customers so what the staff must have thought when they found two large blood and yellow stained sanitary looking towels on the floor is anyone's guess. I pass the showroom regularly and still feel awful.

halfpint1 Sat 04-Nov-23 15:33:10

It happened to my son at school. Changing class and walking down a busy corridor. Underpants suddenly flew out. Poor lad, he was about 14at the time.