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Irritating Mother In Law

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Giddyup210 Sat 18-Nov-23 14:47:44

My daughter had a baby one week ago. Everyone is on cloud nine apart from mother in law.
You know one of these people who just looks for problems?
Well she has irritated us all.
Posting pics and one of her relatives is concerned about photos being taken as it may damage baby’s eyes if flash is used. Another of hers concerned car seat isn’t right for baby as it may damage their neck if there was high impact.
We have been in touch saying no one needs to worry. Son in law sent a good message saying any further concerns to raise with him and his partner instead of me.
We are all just so happy for my daughter and son in law but this person is just looking for negative things and pointing them out.
She hasn’t replied to my daughter or son in law though has asked me by text if I am a not talking ti her anymore? I am but she just winds everyone up!
Any advice most welcome how to deal with her!

Philippa111 Wed 22-Nov-23 11:09:22

I would tell her it’s stressful enough for new parents and her anxiety and fears are just adding unnecessary difficulty to the situation.
Could you sit down with her snd ask her why she is so anxious. How was it for her when she had her son etc. and does she think she has got more negative/ afraid as she has got older. I find if I can get someone like that to talk it can remove some of the difficulty.
It is quite normal these days for new parents to not have their own parents so involved. Maybe she can’t handle that and this is her way of trying to control the situation so she doesn’t need to feel redundant.