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Puffed Sleeves - Argh!

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Alison333 Mon 26-Feb-24 14:19:46

AIBU to wonder why so many tops and dresses have puffy short sleeves this year? I'm sure they can look lovely on slim, tall, young things but what about the rest of us?

I tried one on and in the mirror was the 'Incredible Hulk' (except not green).

Judy54 Mon 26-Feb-24 14:21:39

I agree Alison they look absolutely awful and definitely not something that I would wear.

sharon103 Mon 26-Feb-24 14:24:27

I agree. They are awful.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 26-Feb-24 15:04:05

The young things who must have the latest fashion will come to realise their mistake if they buy these daft things (and try to put a jacket over them).

Callistemon21 Mon 26-Feb-24 15:08:29

I don't think I've worn puffed sleeves since I was about 7.

keepingquiet Mon 26-Feb-24 15:10:57

One of the best things about getting old is making your own fashion!

Casdon Mon 26-Feb-24 15:13:17

I agree, I would never wear them. I really don’t like tiered skirts or dresses either, they also look seventies naff - I wouldn’t have worn them even then.

Callistemon21 Mon 26-Feb-24 15:26:38


I agree, I would never wear them. I really don’t like tiered skirts or dresses either, they also look seventies naff - I wouldn’t have worn them even then.

I remember my DD being desperate for a ra-ra skirt because all her friends had them. I made most of her clothes because we were very hard up, having moved to London where property prices were high. Anyway, we went shopping for this ra-ra skirt and a top, she was beside herself with excitement! I think it was from Tammy Girl
She must have been about 8 at the time.

Oreo Mon 26-Feb-24 15:32:08

I don’t think even pretty and younger women look good in them, puffed sleeves are the work of the devil😂

Joseann Mon 26-Feb-24 15:36:59

They're not for me on short sleeves, but not so bad on long ones that end in a nice wide cuff.

rafichagran Mon 26-Feb-24 15:41:38

Not for me, they look horrible.

keepcalmandcavachon Mon 26-Feb-24 16:04:03

"It would give me such a thrill Marilla, just to wear a dress with puffed sleeves"

Anne of Green Gablessunshine

Alison333 Mon 26-Feb-24 16:34:06


They're not for me on short sleeves, but not so bad on long ones that end in a nice wide cuff.

But most long puffed sleeves tend to be elasticated at the wrist so you can't roll them up without feeling like you are having a blood test!

BlueBelle Mon 26-Feb-24 16:37:04

No not for me but hey ho no problem if the young want to reinvent them 🤣

Kim19 Mon 26-Feb-24 16:37:18

I've yet to see anyone I think looks good in them irrespective of age. Dreadful fashion.

Lexisgranny Mon 26-Feb-24 16:49:48

The ‘puffs’ on my sleeves as a small child were few and far between because my mother really hated them. This stemmed from when her engagement to my father was announced. It came to her ears, that the extended family (on her side) had been announcing to all who would listen that she was to have her seven young cousins as bridesmaids who would all look sweet in powder blue dresses with ‘dinky puffed sleeves’. She was so insensed that she had no child bridesmaids and the adult ones wore pink!

Strangely this had rubbed off on me though I probably don’t dislike them quite as much as she did!

Casdon Mon 26-Feb-24 16:50:25

Rara skirts and short puffed sleeves both look nice on 8 year olds Callistemon, but I’d say 10 is the upper acceptability limit for both!

Labradora Mon 26-Feb-24 17:09:02

I'm no fan of puffed sleeves, I'm too beefy as it is. Sleek and elbow length does it for me.

Grammaretto Mon 26-Feb-24 19:11:00

I think the young are allowed their own fashions. Whether it's puffed sleeves, long white boots, very short shorts or the latest fad I have noticed; long net tutu skirts. I wondered if this was to do with Taylor Swift and the Swifties? Anyone know?

Esmay Mon 26-Feb-24 19:25:02

Young slim girls look great in most fashions .
I don't think that puffed sleeves look good on my chubby arms .
I'm working on them
Short sleeved /sleeveless T shirts aren't a great look either .

I went out today and saw many middle aged women looking truly awful in leggings or jeggings .
You have to have a really shapely bottom to look good in them .

Granmarderby10 Mon 26-Feb-24 20:06:10

I think the “interesting” sleeves of the last couple of years are preferable to the no sleeved dresses and tops that had been “de rigueur” for the previous decade or more.

Every lovely dress I fancied for a do or wedding, required a tedious hunt for a bolero/cardigan to cover my upper arms or a jacket that concealed the dress virtually.

Particularly hate strapless dresses/tops as well because even though they looked ok on photos they always feel like I’m trying to keep a bath towel up🤨
Wish there were more elbow length sleeves on t shirts and tops plus more “interesting” necklines.

Freya5 Mon 26-Feb-24 20:40:01

Puff sleeves, ten year old and under, cold shoulder tops another fashion blunder.

crazyH Mon 26-Feb-24 20:42:57

I don’t think I’ve even seen my little GDs in puff sleeves

Grams2five Mon 26-Feb-24 21:02:55

I have a newish blouse with some small puffed sleeves and rather like it. 😳. But I’m basically lacking in shoulders otherwise and I much prefer them to sleeveless anything

NotSpaghetti Tue 27-Feb-24 00:07:11

I think if you are the right shape - especially for an "event" puff sleeves can be striking/dramatic.
They don't have to be "girly".

I think that like other styles they just have to work with your body.