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Thinning hair!

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foxie48 Sun 28-Feb-21 18:14:54

In my 70's and my lovely once thick hair is looking a little threadbare on top. During Covid lockdowns I've grown my hair into a chin length bob but I'd like it a bit fuller on the top. What are people's thoughts on hair pieces?

Jzpap Mon 01-Mar-21 06:37:53

I’m 63 and have had a similar problem for at least two years. My hair was never thick only fine and wavy/curly.
I recommend trying the following things
Olaplex 3 Is worth a shot, it’s really helped me.
NEVER use a heated appliance just let your hair dry naturally
Also NEVER use a normal towel on your hair as the rubbing makes the hair fall out even more. Instead try squeezing it in an old t shirt then using one of those micro fibre turbans to wrap it in for a few minutes before letting it dry naturally
Centre partings are a No No
Dry shampoo used sparingly along the parting helps

Hope at least some of these help

Madley Mon 01-Mar-21 10:47:28

A friend of 85 has thinning hair on the crown and has been wearing a topper for a couple of years now and loves it. She colours her own hair to match. I think it's by Balmain. It has small clips to attach to your own hair. It certainly makes her look younger and she feels so much better, too.

red1 Mon 01-Mar-21 10:48:57

try caffeine shampoo, works for many, the longer you leave it on the better.

tinytears Mon 01-Mar-21 10:59:13

I am having this problem too, menopause related but also hereditary so had been expecting this tbh. I have tried every shampoo and treatment going, as a pp mentioned some of the dry shampoos do help a little but tend to make my scalp itch unfortunately. The latest trend is for castor oil which apparently is known for healthy hair and regrowth including eyebrows and eyelashes. Have just received my order of Pukka organic castor oil so will give this a go in the hope that I have found the holy grail!!

lilylove Mon 01-Mar-21 11:15:36

Have been thinning out in front. Loose too many hairs when washing. Let's know if the caster oil works

lizzypopbottle Mon 01-Mar-21 11:19:13

Madley When you said your friend wears a topper, I automatically assumed it was a top hat! Then, dying it jet black to match, at 85 years old, didn't sound flattering at all! ???

Hilarybee Mon 01-Mar-21 11:19:43

So tinytears do you drink the castor oil or rub it on to the desired areas?

jaylucy Mon 01-Mar-21 11:21:17

I am currently using a shampoo by a company called Syoss . Used to be available in Tescos but they have stopped stocking it. Contains caffeine which is supposed to help with hair regrowth. Whatever it certainly plumps up my hair.
There is also several shampoos that contain Biotin, that are supposed to help as well that might be good to try.

J52 Mon 01-Mar-21 11:22:33

Just before the first Lockdown my hair seemed to be falling out and considerably thinner. I started taking hair skin and nail supplements and Feroglobin. Not to be taken together, so alternate days.
At first I didn’t think much was happening, but gradually my nails improved. In the past month my hair has stopped shedding and new growth has appeared making it visibly thicker. So no quick fix, but I will continue with the supplements.

J52 Mon 01-Mar-21 11:24:05

Meant to add, I only wash with organic shampoo and every other wash only use conditioner. As previous poster said, you should be gentle when handing wet hair.

sazz1 Mon 01-Mar-21 11:46:41

I had a 1 week course of steroids Prednisone for a bad sinuous infection and 6 weeks later my hair came out in handfuls. Lucky I have v thick hair so was ok GP confirmed it's a known side effect of steroids.

lizzypopbottle Mon 01-Mar-21 11:47:55

You can buy biotin supplements but read this first before you spend money:

HannahLoisLuke Mon 01-Mar-21 11:50:08


So tinytears do you drink the castor oil or rub it on to the desired areas?

Rub it into your scalp, wrap your head in a warm towel for an hour, then wash.
Don't drink it unless you want to spend the next several hours on the Loo, it's a max active!

HannahLoisLuke Mon 01-Mar-21 11:51:04


FannyCornforth Mon 01-Mar-21 11:54:40

Get your vitamin D levels checked!
I post this on every thinning hair thread (of which there are plenty!)
It's worked a treat for me - but you will need to have a prescription only high loading dose first.

FannyCornforth Mon 01-Mar-21 11:56:04

'Max active laxative' ! shock

NoddingGanGan Mon 01-Mar-21 12:01:59

I have always had very fine, baby soft hair and in the two or three years pre covid it had become suddenly even more so.
I used the first lockdown to stop washing it so often (used to be every other day) and now only wash it once every ten daysor so. Also, it having grown a lot with lack of access to a hairdresser, it now gets brushed only twice a day. Once to put it up in the morning and once to plait it before bed.
Like a previous poster, I don't use a towel but wrap it in a clean t-sirt after washing and let it dry naturally. I will never have a really thick head of hair, I don't have the genes, but can honestly say, at 61, my hair is as thick as it was when I was a teenager.

HannahLoisLuke Mon 01-Mar-21 12:03:44

I started taking powdered collegen dissolved in a drink every day, initially to cure the purple bruising caused by taking steroids. It cured the bruising and also helped strengthen my skin, hair and nails.
I think you also need to keep your vitamins, especially B complex, D3 and iron levels topped up.

lizzypopbottle Mon 01-Mar-21 12:05:26

Taking biotin as a supplement can interfere with some blood test results, apparently.

lizzypopbottle Mon 01-Mar-21 12:18:42

Just to say: Collagen is a protein and supplements are derived from animal connective tissue, a by-product of the meat industry. It is broken down in the digestive tract to its constituent amino acids and these are used, as needed, by your body to build new proteins. Collagen is chemically identical to gelatin (derived from exactly the same source), which is much cheaper than fancy beauty supplements and yields the same amino acids. You might as well eat jelly. You can Google it if you don't believe me.

Nannan2 Mon 01-Mar-21 12:29:23

Was getting some hair loss on my brush, turns out i have an underactive thyroid!So please all of you check with your doctors first! (Especially with helpful post from lizzypopbottle!) But then i noticed was still happening, dr checked my levels should ok on my dose- but ive now found can be an effect of another tablet im on, so i must discuss it with my dr, as i cant just stop the pills- please always check with your dr first before trying out 'cures' for things.?

tinytears Mon 01-Mar-21 12:34:26


So tinytears do you drink the castor oil or rub it on to the desired areas?

Yes you massage it into the scalp and wrap in a hot towel for 30 minutes or so or leave overnight, apply to eyelashes and brows with a cotton bud or clean mascara wand. Am going to try all three options!

LornaC Mon 01-Mar-21 12:39:10

If you have grey or white hair plus a centre or side parting. Use a blusher brush with a small amount of talcum powder on and brush it down the parting. This stops your pink scalp shining through and makes your hair look thicker. Be careful not to use too much, if you do just rub it with your fingers.

FannyCornforth Mon 01-Mar-21 12:41:00

How interesting re gelatine Lizzy.
I remember in the 70s my mom eating a cube of 'raw' jelly every day for her nails. I thought that it was a bit of an old wives' tale, but apparently not!