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sparkledeb Tue 04-Jun-13 11:04:18

Hi, I live in Essex and was wondering if anyone knows of any art classes locally. Or anything similar? I am at that stage now where I need a hobby, any ideas please confused

ninathenana Tue 04-Jun-13 18:14:01

Check out your local college and the notice board at your local library.

nannychips Mon 22-Jul-13 21:01:07

Thurrock Art Society meets on Weds am at the Adult Centre Bridge Road. All abilities

ScarlettandChasesgrandma Sun 17-Nov-13 10:35:59

Ladies, also have a look at art painting/drawing whatever tutorials on you tube, I have got a heap saved, so that I can come back and watch them and follow along with the artists, you can search for any medium or type eg: landscape, abstract, oil paint, acrylics or watercolour, whatever you desire.

Also Facebook has ALOT of art groups which is really fun, we get art prompts and then go away and paint that word, for example one group Im in is doing "40 faces" each time we paint a face we add it to the group to our own photo album, you can get feedback IF you want it, today's word was "gypsy" other groups do art journaling, which is quick and easy to do and not very expensive either.
I can also offer you some links to online art courses, which I prefer because you work at your own pace by watching the instructors on video, I'm learning so much! PLUS no travelling, so you can do an art course in UK, USA or Australia. Some are free some you pay for, most have a payment plan which I prefer. If you would like any links or any more info just let me know.

This is my "year of fun" so Ive been doing art classes, sewing classes, meditation classes and about to become a Grandma two times within two weeks of each other, it surely has been my year of fun! [Grin]