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Best wool for a baby blanket?

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MarionHalcombe Tue 18-Feb-14 18:19:08

I need a recommendation of something that is beautifully soft but machine washable. I'm looking for 10 ply weight.


whitewave Tue 18-Feb-14 19:28:56

cashmere if you can afford it washes fantastically baby alpaca is also delightful I have just knitted something in 10 ply alpaca well I will own up - a a scarf!!!

Anne58 Tue 18-Feb-14 20:10:51

Linda Snell would recommend llama wool! She used that for step grandson!

AriaBeth Fri 05-Dec-14 00:04:07

Machine Washable, again and again for an even softer blanket will be the best option.
I got few blankets from The Wool Company. It keeps my babies snug at night.