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vintage crochet bon bon dish pattern

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MamaCaz Wed 13-Aug-14 09:27:03

Going back some thirty years, I used to do loads of crochet, before life got in the way and other things took up my time. One thing that I remember making were some bonbon dishes - I made loads of them for Christmas one year, filling them with chocolates.
They were made more or less like a doily, but with fewer increases on each row so that they didn't lie flat, then soaked in sugar starch and put over a bowl to dry into shape.

There is a produce / craft fair coming up soon in our village and I like the idea of making something retro like that to enter, but unfortunately I got rid of all my craft patterns some 10 years ago (something which I bitterly regret now, as I had a great collection of knitting, crochet and sewing patterns that would be so useful to me now) when DH decided that we should move abroad to live (a short-lived experiment, as I hated it). I've tried Googling such things but with no success.

I don't suppose any Gransnetters have any such patterns that they could share, do they? There is a produce / craft fair coming up soon in our village and I like the idea of making something retro like that to enter smile

Elegran Wed 13-Aug-14 09:28:53

Have you searched on Google,*Mamacaz"? There are a lot of crochet patterns online and what you are looking for is probably there.

hildajenniJ Wed 13-Aug-14 10:02:31

Try googling back issues of Crochet Today. It's an American publication which has some really fun retro patterns. July/August 2010 had a basket pattern and May/June 2012 has a "Bodega basket" and a "potluck carrier". I know these are not exactly what you were asking about but I don't have all the issues. Hope you find something soon.

Grannyknot Wed 13-Aug-14 10:07:38

MamaCaz you have taken me back - my gran used to make those. Sorry I can't help with a pattern.

Liz46 Wed 13-Aug-14 10:19:59

Ask in your local charity shops. I am a volunteer and things like that are kept 'under the counter' and we bring them out if asked.

MamaCaz Wed 13-Aug-14 10:27:21

I had tried Google, but not found anything similar. That said, it was only a quick search so I'll keep trying.

Liz46 - I had no idea that things like that might be kept under the counter in the charity shops, so I'll definitely try asking next time smile

Grannyknot Wed 13-Aug-14 10:31:26

Hi Mamacaz this site might help you:

Not quite what you describe ... smile

Grannyknot Wed 13-Aug-14 10:35:46

You have to pay for this pattern (but I'm having fun looking)

Elegran Wed 13-Aug-14 10:38:48

Did you find this one?

Or you could make it up as you go along - a circle of plain flat crochet with the usual increases, then as many rows with fewer increases as you need for the sides, ending with a strip of fancy edging or picot. If you don't like the effect at any stage, crochet is easy to undo a bit and redo it.

If you keep notes of what works, you can repeat it as often as you like - and you know that what you made is unique to you.

Grannyknot Wed 13-Aug-14 10:39:15

What I often do when I am looking for something on google, I put in the search but click on "images" - that brings up the picture on all the sites that match your search, and from there you can click on the pic, then on the "Visit website".

I'm knocking off now smile

MamaCaz Wed 13-Aug-14 17:47:17

Thanks for your suggestions everyone.

I still haven't found exactly what I want - or at least not with a pattern - but I've found a site with some lovely doilies that I will try to adapt. Years ago I would probably have been able to make up my own pattern completely, but after all this time I will have to set my sights a little lower to begin with smile

Gracesgran Tue 16-Sep-14 00:24:23

Have you tried Pinerest? I couldn't live without it.

The first ones are all quite chunky but there is a pink lacy one if you scroll down - row 7 on my screen - and a lovely white one on row 4. The rows may come up differently when you go in though.

I searched using "crochet bowl pattern free" after going to just in case the link doesn't work.