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mrsmopp Sun 07-Sep-14 18:07:02

Hi, thought I could make some knitted or crocheted poppies for Remembrance Day. Any donations would go to the British Legion. Had anyone done this? It seemed like a good idea as I have spare red and black wool already.

rubysong Sun 07-Sep-14 21:15:26

BBC Nottingham have a web page with free poppy patterns to knit or crochet.
The crochet ones actually look more like the usual November poppies.

Icyalittle Sun 07-Sep-14 22:12:32

mrsmopp do you have a pattern? I can pm you one if not - £2 to the British Legion if you sell them, I think.

mrsmopp Sun 07-Sep-14 22:40:22

Hi well I've had a go at making a simple one without a pattern, but I'd really like to do this properly, so, yes please if you could pm it that would be great, cheers! Thx.

shysal Sun 07-Sep-14 22:40:41

I have bought a white crochet poppy from ebay, but only 50% of the profit goes to RBL.
Would you consider doing both red and white ones? I think the design looks good.

Grannyknot Sun 07-Sep-14 22:48:01

icy and me, please smile! I'd be very grateful to have the pattern.

Iam64 Mon 08-Sep-14 09:04:28

yes, knitted using the British Legion pattern, that's available on line. Easy to knit, and they look great.

Icyalittle Wed 10-Sep-14 14:19:46

I have tried to attach a file in a pm, but can't work out how. The RBL version is here

Elegran Wed 10-Sep-14 15:03:34

I don't think you can attach files to a PM. They are not quite like ordinary emails.

Icyalittle Sun 14-Sep-14 08:55:17

Here's the RBL poppy pattern I posted a link on another thread for it already.

Icyalittle Sun 14-Sep-14 08:58:10

Whoops. Wrong thread.... Ignore me.