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ginny Fri 03-Oct-14 22:45:29

Any body watching this series of 'Goggle Box' ? Did you notice all the hand knitted tea cosies in the shots of the lady vicar ? I've counted at least 6 different ones so far.

Starling Sat 04-Oct-14 13:00:18

ginny I haven't watched it but her tea cosies have been mentioned in the Nottingham Post and people have been sending her more!

"IT'S a new series with new tea cosies for Notts' Gogglebox vicar, the Rev Kate Bottley. Her collection, from a pineapple to a rabbit, has been swelled by fans .....
The vicar..... says: "A few people in Nottingham have sent me tea cosies so I'm trying to get as many of those on TV as I possibly can. I've got a knitted owl, a strawberry and a lovely Christmas pudding."

The link keeps turning into an advert so I won't post the link but it's on the Nottingham Post website.

Also some discussion online about whether a snail tea cosy will be shown!