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Art & Craft - an extreme sport?

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Anya Sun 29-Mar-15 14:09:56

Well it certainly appears to be at my 4-year old DS's school.

So far in the last two weeks he has allowed another boy to cut the knees out of his school trousers, cut his own hair, sampled the water used for washing brushes and felt-tipped all over another child's white shirt (ironically belonging to the lad who cut his trousers.

Should we be worried?

I have to add he's an extremely outgoing and happy child.

Elegran Sun 29-Mar-15 14:15:09

Sounds about average to me.

aggie Sun 29-Mar-15 14:24:02

At that age my DS3 came in with a deep v cut in his gloriously long thick black eyelashes ! the thought of what a deeper cut could have done turned my blood to ice !

loopylou Sun 29-Mar-15 14:33:07

About the norm Anya, DS came home, at that age, with his dark curly hair plastered to his head with that awful white glue schools (used to?) was a total nightmare to wash out of clothes (resembled snot, sorry!), so you can imagine my reactions!
He and his friend had liberally tipped it over each other when the teacher's head was turned and being the shorter of the two......

Anya Sun 29-Mar-15 14:38:34

This is all Very Reassuring grin

merlotgran Sun 29-Mar-15 14:50:27

Wait till they start cooking! grin shock

loopylou Sun 29-Mar-15 14:56:57

And sport!

J52 Sun 29-Mar-15 15:27:16

The phrase' I do it Granny' fills me with fear! x

whenim64 Sun 29-Mar-15 16:33:33

Ooh, I recognise that phrase, J52. 'Let's make cakes, nana!' means 3 year old grandaughter wants to do it all herself. She is fearless when smashing eggs - shell everywhere and runny egg down her front - and it's a race to the kitchen sink before she upends the washing up liquid into the bowl and starts searching in the bubbles to take the sharp knives out for me to do.

Mishap Sun 29-Mar-15 17:07:41

And DD coming home with only one plait when she went out with 2 in the morning!

Anniebach Sun 29-Mar-15 17:08:55

Wish mine had cut her own hair at four, less worrying than learning she was running a protection racket - my daddy is a policeman and will lock you up if I ask ,

loopylou Sun 29-Mar-15 17:25:27

grin shows initiative Anniebach
Thank goodness DCs grown up safely-I don't envy DS and DDIL in a couple of years when 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' DGS goes to school!

FlicketyB Sun 29-Mar-15 20:24:24

When DS, aged 12, his class visited to the National Gallery and managed to sustain three injuries, including a hospital admission.

Two of the boys managed to trip over and graze their knees. The third fainted on seeing a particularly gory martyrdom picture, fell on the floor and was carted off to hospital for a check -up.

Katek Sun 29-Mar-15 23:16:32

Anniebach......priceless!! Best thing I've read this evening! grin

NotTooOld Sun 29-Mar-15 23:21:41

He-he! Some good stories here. The scariest thing I ever saw was my 8 year old son's friend standing at the top of our steep stairs about to come down - wearing his roller skates!

rosequartz Sun 29-Mar-15 23:44:47

DD chopped off her hair all up the sides (close to her scalp) when she was 4.
I never realised those craft scissors were that sharp.

Very enterprising daughter you have there, anniebach!

ninathenana Sun 29-Mar-15 23:45:10

DGS cut his own hair a few months ago in class after blaming it on another boy for a week he finally owned up.
DD still has a scar on her leg from a trip to the Natural History Museum with the brownies. Aged about 8 she got her brush tangled in her hair and instead of coming to me, she cut it out. Her hair had to be cut from being halfway down her back to an ear length bob. I could have cried !

Anya Mon 30-Mar-15 08:34:45

Had lots of chuckles reading these this morning, making GS3 sound very normal. Problem is elder brother is such a 'good' child and wouldn't never dream of doing anything like this so DD and SiL will have to accept they've got a live one in younger son!

POGS Mon 30-Mar-15 10:01:30

My DGD cut her fringe , right back to the scalp, it looked awful

When she was asked why she did it she said, with that face, you know the one I mean all sweetness and light, "I didn't, the tooth fairy came and I had all my teeth so she took my hair".

She looked a numpty for weeks.

AshTree Mon 30-Mar-15 10:07:30

I remember my niece doing exactly that POGS many years ago. She was about 3 and had the most beautiful, thick long blonde hair. She had cut so much off at the front, right to the roots, that her mother took her to the hairdressers and had the rest cut short so it didn't look quite so ridiculous. The child was gutted to lose her hair - no more ribbons or pretty hair bobbles! I think she learnt her lesson wink

Juliette Mon 30-Mar-15 11:53:14

Sept. 1980

Dear Mrs. Juliette,
You will have noticed that DS2s appearance has changed somewhat from this morning.
DS2 and J. decided, during our craft lesson this afternoon that they would like to emulate Js grandpa. They have both now realised that Gloy, however liberally applied does not give the same effect as Brylcream.
May I suggest that you use only warm water initially to remove the glue.

Yours faithfully
Mrs. N.J. Year 2

Oh! How we laughed. grin

This is in DS2s box of stuff that he doesn't want me to throw away but doesn't want cluttering up his own house!

Anya Mon 30-Mar-15 13:17:50


Deedaa Mon 30-Mar-15 18:18:05

DD cut all the front of her hair back to the scalp when she was three. It took forever to grow back.

When I was nine I went on a school trip to Stonehenge and walked into a lamp post. I came home with a purple lump the size of a hen's egg on my forehead and DM nearly passed out at the sight of me.

rosequartz Mon 30-Mar-15 19:40:59

When DD's hair had recovered from the first scalping, we were rushing to get ready for a wedding. I found her with my hairbrush curler (unplugged) tangled in her hair. She wanted 'pretty curls for the wedding'. She had a very choppy hairstyle because I had to cut out the brush and then cut the other side to match.
When I was about 5 I plastered my hair with a whole big pot of Vaseline because I had seen my older DB using Brylcreem. I can still remember DM dragging me to the hairdresser's where I was due to have a haircut that day. They sold her a special shampoo instead.

AshTree Mon 30-Mar-15 22:33:27

My son had a little wind up car - you know the sort of thing, what we used to call a vroom vroom car, you moved it forward several times then let go and off it went, whizzing across the floor. Well he thought it would be fun to wind it up and then let go on his little sister's head. He was about 2 and a half, she was just over a year old. The first I knew of it were her screams as the wheels caught her hair and pulled it ever tighter - the dratted thing was still 'whizzing', so I just grabbed the kitchen scissors and cut it out of her hair. She had a bald patch the size of a half-crown shock