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grannysyb Mon 11-Jan-16 18:30:07

I belong to the sewing forum, haven't been there for some time, tried to access it today, and it's gone! Does anyone know what's happened?

Ana Mon 11-Jan-16 18:35:37

I think all the 'sewing' threads are on this (Arts & Crafts) forum now. GNHQ had a tidy-up a while ago and some topics were merged.

Versavisa Wed 13-Jan-16 21:10:30

Yes, I noticed that it has 'gone' too. But I can't find out what has happened.

I hope it's not permanent as it was a valuable source of information I found.

Ana Wed 13-Jan-16 21:13:27

See my post of 11th January. It hasn't 'gone', all the sewing threads are now on the 'Arts and Crafts' forum.

rosesarered Wed 13-Jan-16 21:14:59

Oh no, it's gone! what will I do?

rosesarered Wed 13-Jan-16 21:15:45

Ana ? grin

Versavisa Thu 14-Jan-16 16:52:19

The Sewing Forum - is now back online. Thank goodness! Haven't found out yet what happened to it.

Ana Thu 14-Jan-16 17:07:40

Well, it's not on the list of Forum Topics. How do you get to it? confused

Ana Thu 14-Jan-16 17:09:33

Oh, I see it's an online forum, nothing to do with Gransnet!

You could have made that a bit clearer. Never mind, I'm glad it's back smile

grannysyb Wed 20-Jan-16 15:47:04

Sorry I didn't make it clear, anyway i still can't find it. How did you get to it Versavisa?

Ana Wed 20-Jan-16 15:49:07

This one?

overthehill Sun 31-Jan-16 23:39:23

Thought I'd bring this to the attention of anyone thinking of buying a new machine.

I watched the Sewing Bee and noted that they all used Janome machines. I had a Toyota which was a bit of a pain, the thread was always breaking and you had to tiddle around with tension all the time.

I decided I'd buy one of these Janomes. I did research and it was supposed to be good so I got one from John Lewis.

I had trouble with the zigzag stitch. As I tried to neaten the edge of the fabric it sort of cobbled it up in the middle of the stitch. I persevered with this thinking it was me. Also I didn't use it such a lot and forgot about this problem until I used it next time. After my last time I looked on the internet and discovered others having the same problem. It machines straight stitches fine and also the fancy embroidery stitches, but not the zigzag.

It has now gone back to JL and I went up today as the lady told me there was nothing wrong with it. However, she got it out and machined some stitches and to my relief it did exactly the same as I experienced and she agreed it was not good enough.

I now await the verdict from Janome on what, if anything can be done. If nothing can be done, I expect a refund. My old c****y Toyota could manage zigzag stitching no problem but not this expensive machine.

M0nica Mon 01-Feb-16 16:03:24

Sad to hear of your experience overthehill, but I think it is exceptional. DD has had a Janome sewing machine since 1984 and uses it constantly and has never had a problem. I have had mine for about 5 years and am equally delighted with mine. I have nver had a problem (that I did not cause myself).

overthehill Mon 01-Feb-16 17:07:32

Hi Monica

perhaps the older models were engineered properly. I have been told today by JL that Janome said if you machine on the middle of the cloth as opposed to machining down the edge it will pucker up.......rubbish. On my old machine I would sometimes zigzag about 1.5" from the bottom of the hem to save blind hemming it. It is now going back for their engineers to have a look at it.

M0nica Mon 01-Feb-16 17:11:48

Mine is only 5 years old and I cannot remember ever doing what you are doing , but I ave not had any problems I didn't cause myself through incompetence or blind ignorance, I am an enthusiastic but not very competent sewer.