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Elegran Wed 28-Sep-16 10:19:41

Very recently someone posted that they made handcut birth announcement cards. They included a photo. I can't recall who it was or what the thread was. Can anyone tell me?

shysal Wed 28-Sep-16 10:51:31

I can't remember who it was. I searched on Ebay for 'photo birth card' and thousands popped up! Hope you find what you are looking for.
Ebay photo birth cards

Elegran Wed 28-Sep-16 11:02:46

There are some on Folksy, which reminded me that someone on GN made them. I was hoping to get in touch with her. The GN search engine is NBG.

NanaandGrampy Wed 28-Sep-16 11:17:57

I make cards Elegran but not sure if I posted a photo of a birth announcement one . Was there something special you might like ?

If you PM me with the details Id be happy to put together a design or two for you to look at .

Elegran Wed 28-Sep-16 12:09:52

I may have been wrong about it being a birth announcement. It was pink, but there was exactly the same thing in blue, so I think it must have been made by one of those cutting machines. (I am not after a birth card, actually)

shysal Wed 28-Sep-16 14:41:46
I think this was the thread. If so, it was NannaandGrampy who is the card maker.

Elegran Wed 28-Sep-16 14:56:07

No, it wasn't that thread, or Nanaandgrampa I am starting to think I must have imagined it.