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What is the most unusual item your grandchild has asked you to make for them?

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HillyN Fri 21-Apr-17 22:59:54

DGS just acquired a 'camouflage' teddy and asked me if I could make an ammunition belt for the bear. Of course I obliged but it got me wondering what other wacky craft items have Gransnetters been asked to produce?

Humbertbear Sun 03-Mar-19 13:13:50

I’ve had to knit many dinosaurs for my GC. I bought some patterns for Sights of New York and knitted my daughter the Statue of Liberty. It was half a metre tall!

Mabel2 Wed 07-Nov-18 16:09:34

Harry potter outfits for Barbie dolls, full tack for a toy horse, miniature greenhouse for cress seeds to name but a few lol

LapetEmb1244 Tue 05-Jun-18 16:33:35

My grandchildren will have do their marzipan birthday cake, especially the kind I can't make. It usually comes out ok, but it takes a lot of time. Embroidery takes even longer, but it's easier for me. it only has to look good. A cake must taste good too. I just got into a larger project now, a Story Book from Ann's site, looks like is taking me a long time, but I already have my grandchildren each wanting to take it home when done. I'll try to post some images when done.

coast35 Sat 14-Oct-17 22:23:12

Our Grandson asked Santa for a set of Pylons!! Papa sent for some from Hornby and they arrived in a box like a bunch of thin sticks for self assembly. I would have put it straight in the bin. Looked like an impossible task. It took him 3 hours but he finally got them assembled. 3 of them. Then he put thread between them to represent the wires. That was when Grandson was only 4. He’s 7 now and still plays with them around his train track. He is very gentle with them and they have only had to be “rewired” once. They live in our house proudly sitting on the window sill.

Maggiemaybe Sat 02-Sep-17 16:56:46

A Tracy Island birthday cake. As this was just last month, he was the only four year old at the party who knew what the heck it was, realistic though it was down to the very last detail (well, sort of!). There were some very puzzled little faces gathered round it on the day. We'd introduced him to Thunderbirds when we found some of the old toy vehicles in a box in our cellar, and he has been a huge fan ever since.

BBbevan Sat 02-Sep-17 16:10:02

Last of many, was a poncho with a detachable unicorn horn ! 🦄🦄🦄

Norah Sat 02-Sep-17 15:34:44

A Dumbledore robe, hat, beard and wand.

grannysue05 Sat 02-Sep-17 11:06:22

The Magic Faraway Tree from the Enid Blyton books.
Was (as usual) a homework project for DGS aged 7.
We foraged in the garden for twigs and assembled a sort of knarled old tree.
Added wool leaves and cardboard cut out doors and windows.
GS got a gold star!

tanith Sat 02-Sep-17 08:55:44

My granddaughter needed a Viking shield for a school project, she was the Viking King leading a raiding party. A joint effort between Mum me and GD. A photo appeared on the school website but GD decided she didn't want to be in the photo so gave the shield to one of her army to hold'. confused

Imperfect27 Sat 02-Sep-17 08:47:37

Not at that stage with GS yet, but so many fancy dress costumes, including 'toga' pillowcases, hobbit shawls, a variety of nativity wear. My favourite, and only real triumph was a costume I made for my daughter when we were away at a summer school - so not much to hand, just carboard, paper and paints. I made a sandwich board outfit, with a Branston pickle jar front and back, a jar lid for a hat and a super-sized fork. The jar label said 'Mummy's little pickle!' I have one treasured 'snapshot' photo of her beaming out from underneath the wonky hat. smile

Anya Sat 02-Sep-17 08:27:49

Gummy5 grin

Crazygran Sat 02-Sep-17 08:17:55

My son who is a teacher rang me up and asked if I could help him? I replied ,"of course if I can, what do you want?"
Will you make me a brain ?!!!
I spent hours making a brain out of rolls of cotton wool covered in glue and paint.
I was very pleased with the result but my DDin law said it looked like dogs poo!
It looked good on his classroom wall .

Gummy5 Tue 15-Aug-17 13:22:10

My twin 4year old GS demanded a time machine and despite my best efforts with wind up alarm clocks and loads of string were surprised it didn't actually work. Have referred them to Stephen Hawking for advice.

annifrance Mon 24-Apr-17 15:42:57

Last year my DGD had a fairy party - we sourced some wooden fairy doors and passed the buck! we sat them all around a table and gave them all sorts of crafty stuff and glue and told them to get on with it! Really super and strange ideas.

To make the party last longer I made fairies out of wooden clothes pegs and dressed them all differently, then they played hunt the fairy and each child had one. Went down very well and saved going to one of these expensive craft parties.

bethanmp23 Mon 24-Apr-17 13:02:08

Aged about 4, he required a "tooth fairy pillow". [His older sister had one in pale pink.]

He was quite clear that his had to be a padded cushion with a pocket for the tooth/money. It also had to be black, shiny, triangular, and have a ruffle all around the edge.

It took me quite a while to make it, but luckily his tooth held on until it was finished!

Llamedos13 Mon 24-Apr-17 02:57:48

My five year old granddaughter requested that I make her a fart!!!I which I successfully did.Cant even begin to describe it but when it was alll done everyone agreed that it did resemble what a fart might look like.

Hattiehelga Sun 23-Apr-17 20:58:18

A hedgehog cake

ValC Sun 23-Apr-17 18:29:13

A Tsunami cake for my eldest granddaughter. It was for a project at school. Her remit was the 3 colours of the earths layers for the sponge and a beach scene with a huge Tsunami wave complete with debris. Her and her friend came to help make it and between the 3 of us we produced a quite impressive cake even though I say so myself. If I knew how to put pictures on I would show you the finished product.

stillaliveandkicking Sun 23-Apr-17 16:43:24

Not my grandchild but my nephew wanted to go to a fancy dress party as a "wire" so constructed a huge tube out of cardboard and painted it green and yellow grin

David1968 Sun 23-Apr-17 16:32:01

A knitted character called "Sackboy" (from a video game.) I'm not a great knitter but (with a little help from my friends) I managed to do this. DGS was thrilled and I felt so proud of myself - three years on and he still takes it to bed.

lesley4357 Sun 23-Apr-17 15:43:11

5 yo GD asked me to sew her "a teddy bear horse with a saddle, stirrups and a unicorn horn " !

NanaandGrampy Sun 23-Apr-17 14:48:57

Luckily Hilly their expectations of perfection are a lot lower than mine ;-)

HillyN Sun 23-Apr-17 13:55:04

That's what I love too, Nana, but it takes a lot of living up to sometimes!

NanaandGrampy Sun 23-Apr-17 13:51:48

What I love most is my granchildrens complete confidence that no matter what the request is , Nana can do it !!

tiredoldwoman Sun 23-Apr-17 13:46:29

Last year it was a parrot outfit to fit my 13 year old gd, last month it was a tsunami cake ! These are always requested the night before , aren't they !!