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GeeGee31 Tue 08-Aug-17 10:43:39

I want to start working on the above and wondered if there is already a thread on it or anyone does it already and can point me in the right direction on getting started. TYI

tanith Tue 08-Aug-17 11:56:28

Could you perhaps tell us what it is ?

GeeGee31 Wed 09-Aug-17 10:26:00

MDF wooden shapes I have hearts and other shapes to paint have been on Pinterest both only shows the pictures not how to paint them (and what sort of paints).

willsmadnan Wed 09-Aug-17 12:26:11

Newspaper on work top, lay shapes on top, get small paint brush, squeeze some acrylic paint into small receptacle and paint shape. Not really rocket science. To paint the other side, wait till paint is dry, turn over and repeat process. grin

ninathenana Wed 09-Aug-17 12:56:31

H recommeds sealing with diluted PVA as MDF is quiet porous. Then cheap white undercoat and use a small roller to paint with your colour choice the roller will give a better finish. Gloss or even old matt emulsion with a finishing layer of clear varnish could be used unless of course you want them matt.

gillybob Wed 09-Aug-17 13:02:52

Hobbycraft stock them GeeGee31 My DGC have made some lovely decoupage animals using them. We use layers of colourful serviettes and diluted PVA (as described by nina and willsmadnan).

GeeGee31 Wed 09-Aug-17 16:19:20

Thank you for your replies it helped me a lot as I know now to seal the MDF and what to paint it with. xx

SilentSun Wed 09-Aug-17 23:03:27 have a massive range of wooden shapes and I've always found them very helpful.

Nanabilly Thu 10-Aug-17 09:18:46

I made some wooden coasters and sealed them with yacht varnish to make really waterproof . Just be in a well ventilated room though and give plenty of thin coats.
You can also get something called decopatch papers which are beautiful to cover things with.
I once also got an mdf letter writing rack with drawers for stamps and slots for pens and papers and other bits , I painted it pale gold colour giving it a few thin layers then a gold metallic coat then another pale gold and wander the edges to scratch through to metallic gold .then used services with yellow roses to transfer them once letter rack with of a glue then varnish . It was beautiful and I kept it for many years but no more letter writing made it just a dust it's in the loft.

GeeGee31 Thu 10-Aug-17 11:08:12

Sounds lovely Nanabilly I have a holder for the battery night lights which has GD's name on the front plus lots of hearts to do. My first attempt was a letter 8 with buttons so no paintwork was showing.
Thank's once again for everyone's help.