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Izabella Mon 16-Apr-18 21:23:54

Today I started to embroider. I have a beginners kit with sorted threads etc., the encyclopaedia of embroidery stitches (£2 from a hospice shop) and clean glasses. Main problem so far? Threading the d* needle.

Anyone else out there do this sitting down thing? It's a first for me as usually all go.. I have however been told to rest my hip. And my shoulder.

hildajenniJ Mon 16-Apr-18 21:39:09

I used to be great at threading needles, but why have the eyes become so small and narrow? I must need new specs. My sitting down hobby is crochet.

Moocow Mon 16-Apr-18 21:44:32

Needle threaders help me but they tend to be flimsy but do not cost too much. I am thinking of upgrading to one of these

Eglantine21 Mon 16-Apr-18 22:00:18

Oh I love doing embroidery. I even have an O level!

SueDonim Mon 16-Apr-18 22:04:06

Try this? I only saw it recently and haven't tried it out yet myself. You've nothing to lose, though!

Bathsheba Mon 16-Apr-18 23:02:51

I find holding the thread in a pair of serger tweezers (the kind with a curved/angled tip) really helps - also make sure you hold the needle in front of something white. When I'm threading my sewing machine I always slip a small piece of white paper or card just behind the needle (my auto threader broke sad)
Moocow I bought a needle threader gadget from Hobbycraft a couple of years ago and couldn't get it work for me at all. Not sure if it was the same as the Pram one though.

Bathsheba Mon 16-Apr-18 23:04:15

Oh and I've just tried that threading trick SueDonim, but couldn't get it work. Guess I'm just unlucky with tricks and gadgets, haha!

SueDonim Mon 16-Apr-18 23:26:51

Aw, shame! I think the article gives some tips for if it doesn't work first time. I suspect it might not work so well with polyester thread, as they're so slippery.

Bathsheba Mon 16-Apr-18 23:49:42

Ah yes you could be right about polyester thread. I’m going to try again tomorrow with some cotton thread and report back 😊

Moocow Mon 16-Apr-18 23:54:44

Thanks Bathsheba looks like I'll be sticking to my flimsy needle threader and just replacing it when it's had enough use. Will be watching to see if anyone manages the trick suedonim has linked.

Izabella Tue 17-Apr-18 11:30:41

Yay Suedomin that really works on longer threads so thanks. Still struggling with a shorter one though when I already am using the thread. One thing at a time............

SueDonim Tue 17-Apr-18 13:12:00

Ooh, good, Izabella! I tried it with knitting yarn last night and it worked.

Threading those tiny ends is very anger-making, I agree. Grrr!

humptydumpty Tue 17-Apr-18 13:41:33

Sure I'm teaching GM to suck eggs, but I find easiest is to wrap end of thread around needle to thread a loop through (i.e. double thickness: easier to see and no problem with threading ends).

Bathsheba Tue 17-Apr-18 13:52:40

I find that works with wool humpty, but not with sewing thread and a small-eyed needle - the double thickness is simply too thick to go through a very tiny eye.
And sorry to report back that even with cotton thread I couldn't get that trick to work SueD sad. I'm extremely envy of those who can do it!

humptydumpty Tue 17-Apr-18 14:13:39

Bathsheba, I agree - I always try to sew thread with a needle with a longer eye! Want to try that threading trick but suspect it won't work for me...

SueDonim Tue 17-Apr-18 14:36:00

Oh, that's funny, Bathsheba - I find doubling the thread works for sewing threads but not so much for wools! How weird.

I can't believe I'm debating on the Internet about threading a needle. grin

Bathsheba Tue 17-Apr-18 16:13:25

I can't believe I'm debating on the Internet about threading a needle. grin


humptydumpty Tue 17-Apr-18 16:46:03

Isn't it more fun than politics, though, which always ends in tears

Bathsheba Tue 17-Apr-18 17:14:21

That is so true humpty smile

SueDonim Tue 17-Apr-18 19:15:31

Agreed, Humpty! Knitting and fluffy kittens all the way. wink

tosca60 Thu 20-Sep-18 09:58:42

Hello, I am new to embroidery and looking to join a group that welcomes beginners. Are there any in/around Glasgow?

Izabella Thu 20-Sep-18 10:02:49

I can't help with your query Tosca but I am delighted to say I start an embroidery class on Saturday

Izabella Fri 28-Sep-18 16:48:30

and learned to pass thread over a beeswax block making it easier to pass through the needle eye. It works!!!!

grannysue05 Fri 28-Sep-18 17:20:52

I have got needles that are called 'self-threading' .
They have a split at the top of the just pull the thread downwards through the (almost invisible) split.
Works really well. I bought the pack of assorted sizes from my local wool/craft shop.

hillwalker70 Fri 28-Sep-18 17:29:12

Hi tosca60. If you look on Embroiderers Guild website it will give you list of groups, also Stitch and Embroidery magazine have info re exhibitions etc.