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Nativity set/stable update!

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Witzend Thu 27-Dec-18 12:04:54

It was very well played with over Christmas and despite general daily re-organisation (aka trashing) of the scene, it's all stood up very well - even Eeyore's legs are unbroken!

At one point I found Gdd ((3 1/2) 'marrying' one of the Wise Men - the yellow one I christened Melchior - to one of her Barbies! Another time Baby 'Cheeses' was 'cuddled up' aka stuffed down the jacket of an ancient Ken doll that had belonged to dd2.

Just wondering now how to store it all for next year - wrap it all up and keep in the loft I expect.

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 12:14:34

wonderful Witzend!

I am ashamed to say that I haven't finished mine - never mind, perhaps for Christmas 2019! I must make sure it is stitched together firmly.
I saw a set in church the other week, but the donkey was not a knitted one.

Ilovecheese Thu 27-Dec-18 12:48:48

Lovely story witzend

Buffybee Thu 27-Dec-18 13:21:28

This has just reminded me of my Dfriend correcting her 5year old Gd who was singing, "Half, the Herald Angels sing."
And Gd told her that "Hark" couldn't be right, as it was a silly word.

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 14:11:10

I wonder what the other half of the Herald Angels were doing!

Buffybee Thu 27-Dec-18 15:26:39

Jamila108 ?

paddyann Thu 27-Dec-18 16:10:05

I have a nativity set I bought the year we got married so this is its 44th Christmas.My children played with it the GC loved playing with it,this year our two new kittens have taken up residence in the small stable made by my FIL all those years ago .They do knock the angel off the front first though..thats the angel my son used to take to school in his pocket in primary one .Best value for money I've ever spent .

Billybob4491 Thu 27-Dec-18 16:39:48

Witzend - think my knitted donkey has rolled over and "died", insufficient stuffing in the legs, plus an overfat body! have put it behind the Nativity scene so only his head can be seen!

Greyduster Thu 27-Dec-18 17:16:22

We have a nativity set and for some years I have been trying to get a small angel I bought on a trip to Harrods (her name is Hark. Hark the Harrods Angel! Geddit?) to stand on a ladder at the back of the stable. No matter what I do, she won’t stay upright! Must be a bottle of gin in there somewhere!

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 17:44:16

Angels fly and hover Greyduster - can you string her up in a kind of harness like Peter Pan?

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 17:45:40

The one on top of our tree is leaning forward with an intent expression on her face.
I've called her Paula Radcliffe.

Witzend Thu 27-Dec-18 18:15:52

Half the Herald Angels were maybe too busy watching out for 'Farmer' Christmas, who kindly visited out house on Christmas Eve, despite Gdd being a bit worried in case he forgot that she and Gds would be at Granny and Grandpa's house.

Witzend Fri 28-Dec-18 18:03:13

Sorry you didn't get yours finished, Jalima. Though maybe better to have plenty of time for all the fiddling stuffing and sewing up before next December. So much more of a faff than the actual knitting - I counted 10 separate pieces for each of the Wise Men - main body and head, robe, sleeves, hands, belt, beard, headdress and gift!

Jalima1108 Sat 29-Dec-18 09:50:02

I realised when I'd finished the bodies and robes of the Wise Men that there was still a long way to go, Witzend.
Now I think I'll try to finish it all in between other projects

Witzend Sat 29-Dec-18 11:01:18

What else are you going to make, Jalima?
I miss having no knitting, but TBH find it hard to find patterns I like enough to bother with, that aren't too fiddly.

Last year I made a plain, oversized sweater from an Erika Knight pattern, nice and simple in super-chunky pure wool - quite expensive - and managed to shrink it badly during its first wash! Hand washed it plus a spin in the machine, but new washing machine doesn't have a 'just spin' function - God knows why- only a 'rinse and spin' which you have to faff with to get spin only - and evidently I had mis-faffed!
Had to bin it - so annoying.

Jalima1108 Sun 30-Dec-18 11:56:54

If I want to do something easy I knit squares which are sent off to make blankets for refugees, plus hats, little jumpers etc.

I think the DGC no longer want knitted items sad

I wondered whether to knit myself a throw to take to yoga - however, that could take me years at the rate I knit!!