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Self adhesive filing tabs

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fourormore Wed 27-Mar-19 13:10:53

Not sure what forum to put this on but are there any stationers or office workers out there who know what I am talking about?
I am looking for card tabs that are attached to both sides of a page or divider in a folder. I am sure in the old days I had some that were 'double thickness' - like a post-it note attached to one side of the paper but also with a second flap that attached to the other side of the paper.
Post-it notes nowadays are too thin and if I used one each side of the page the tabs wouldn't be stuck together.
I am making a real pigs-ear of describing what I mean so I am hoping someone out there will remember the ones I remember hmm
If anyone knows what they are called or where they can be obtained I would be grateful. I have tried all sorts of stationers but all I can get are post-it notes sad
Did I dream these stronger ones? grin

Allegretto Wed 27-Mar-19 13:39:44

I’ve used Sticky Index Tabs and I found them fantastic. You can get them on amazon.

rosecarmel Wed 27-Mar-19 14:30:17

I totally recognize the item you are describing! There are several types, there's the colorful ones to mark sections in document collections of chapters in books, some of those types provide a space between to slide a bit of paper in and some dont, then there are the larger type for organizing file folders .. They've also space to slide that bit of paper between, which I guess is a label ..

fourormore Fri 05-Apr-19 19:03:56

Apologies for not thanking you both before now - life took over - so better late than never! Thank you both!
I am delighted to say I have found the very thing I was looking for - they are 'Double Sided' and I found them on Ebay.
Thanks again so much for the suggestions.