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CherylMoon Tue 09-Apr-19 02:24:11

Hi everyone!

I’m new here, and wondered if anyone does Loom knitting?

I’ve been doing it for about a year, and I really enjoy it. I can’t knit, and find this easiersmile

Hopefully I’ll add a picture of some hats I’ve made.

fourormore Sat 13-Apr-19 16:39:12

Welcome CherylMoon What a great idea! I have never seen this sort of knitting before and although I can knit this looks intriguing and a change from the normal!
I am going to investigate!
I hope you enjoy Gransnet - I don't post a lot but there are a lot of interesting posts about.

CherylMoon Sun 14-Apr-19 00:59:45

Hi Fourormore

There’s loads of stuff on YouTube. I recommend Loomahat, that’s how I learned to make my first hat smile

Thanks for the welcome too!

fourormore Sun 14-Apr-19 09:57:09

You're very welcome CherylMoon and I will look into YouTube sometime. Life hectic at the moment (whoever invented school holidays grin) but soon all will be calm again! (Some hope!)

CherylMoon Mon 06-May-19 02:43:04

Do let me know if you try Loom knitting fourormore!

Jzpap Tue 09-Jul-19 07:16:01

I have done some loom knitting. I love it and I’ve made a couple of pairs of lovely thick socks from using a YouTube video. Everything comes out evenly knitted unlike my efforts with needles. There are several different types of looms available. Definitely worth investigating and a lot easier than the traditional method!