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Leavesden Sun 14-Apr-19 17:19:33

I like to knit as I find it relaxing I don’t want to knit clothing and I haven knitted lots of toys for grandchildren. Has anybody got any suggestions for something else?

mrsgreenfingers56 Mon 01-Jul-19 20:15:56

Have a look at The Samaritans Purse website, I knit hats, scarfs, mitts,little purses and puppets for their shoe box appeal at Christmas. They have a knitting site with patterns.

Nanagem Mon 01-Jul-19 21:48:28

I’m doing a temperature blanket, it takes a while to work out colours for each temp range, but then you work one row per day in the colour for that days temperature.

If you have any odd left over, my daughter is a vet nurse and I supply squares from all sizes little blankets for rabbits/cats to bigger for dogs, even the smallest are used rolled to prop a cats head up etc, she says they are invaluable.

Grammaretto Mon 01-Jul-19 21:52:07

when our DGD was in the neonatal unit she was given a handknitted blanket by the hospital. We all thought it lovely.
Our knitting group knit for memory boxes for still born babies. Tiny hats and blankets.
They also make trauma teddies and hats and gloves for the homeless.
John Lewis were offering free wool and patterns for knitting for various charities

seacliff Mon 01-Jul-19 22:05:58

Probably a bit fiddly, but we have some lovely ladies that knit cute colourful mice stuffed with catnip, for Cats Protection. They use up all the scraps of wool. They are very popular at fetes etc, and all the cats love them.

Overthehills Sat 06-Jul-19 22:27:00

Socks, hats, scarves, mitts for local refugee charity.
Thanks for the link for the fishermen’s charity.