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What can I knit next

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DINNNO Sun 14-Apr-19 17:47:03

You could try making a lovely woollen bag. They tend to be expensive in shops but you could design your own for allot less

Feelingmyage55 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:43:45

Cushion covers - complicated ones as they are small items, blankets, mini blankets for the foot of the bed, items for premature babies - at the moment knitting octopuses for the nurseries is “the thing” as apparently they feel like the umbilical cord.

J52 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:43:42

Most maternity units want prem baby hats and blankets. Quick to knit and use up spare wool, DK or 4 ply. They sterilise then so no need to wash before you send.

Nonnie Sun 14-Apr-19 17:28:56

Scarves and gloves to be given to a local charity before Christmas. Yes, I know it is clothing but a great way to use up leftover yarn. I know of a city where knitters tie scarves to some railings with a notice saying 'help yourself'

Leavesden Sun 14-Apr-19 17:19:33

I like to knit as I find it relaxing I don’t want to knit clothing and I haven knitted lots of toys for grandchildren. Has anybody got any suggestions for something else?