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Knitting novice needs help please

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NotAGran55 Mon 30-Mar-20 07:39:02

I learned to knit at a child but haven’t done anything since , and then only very basic with my mum casting on and off for me .

Could you please advise me on the best type of needs to get , when I was a child they were grey and long - now seems to be a huge choice

Also what size for Double Knit wool please, and any recommendations for simple patterns , fingerless gloves , hat ... simple stuff. In reality I probably won’t wear it so will donate to charity shop if it works out .

I’m going to use YouTube but any tips about knitting or sites would be most welcome .

I’m probably going to buy the stuff from John Lewis on click and collect with my next shop.

Thank you

Witzend Mon 30-Mar-20 16:12:24

Thank you, GrannyLaine - your post about knitting needles has given me a great idea for something to use up a remnant of curtain material.
Well before she died, my mother gave me her collection of knitting needles - loads of them! - but the felt roll she’d kept them in was ancient and falling to bits even then, so they’re now in a jumble in a bag.
I shall make a nice neat roll for them.?

Callistemon Mon 30-Mar-20 16:28:57

My MIL's knitting roll was made out of curtain material, I think, a thick brocade. I wish I'd kept it now.

Callistemon Mon 30-Mar-20 16:32:00

I have some thick redundant curtains and a sewing machine ? ??
Good idea, GrannyLaine and Witzend

Except that DH has puzzle bits spread all over the table hmm

NotAGran55 Mon 30-Mar-20 17:45:02

Decision made and ordered. Super Chunky cushion cover in moss stitch as the first project and then premature baby hats in baby DK yarn, lemon and pink .

All needles and yarn is short supply on John Lewis but I managed to sort out enough.

On eBay I’ve just so bought a JL set of 7 pairs of bamboo needles in roll for £9 including delivery which I’m pleased with.

Thanks again for your help.

P.S I just need to learn how to do !

Callistemon Mon 30-Mar-20 18:06:03

There may be lessons on there which are very clear

MamaCaz Mon 30-Mar-20 20:42:26

I've been knitting for yonks, but now use YouTube quite often to check out new knitting techniques or anything I'm not sure about. I sometimes how I managed before it existed, but I think patterns used to be written much more clearly back then anyway.

Jessity Mon 30-Mar-20 21:11:57

I’ve found very useful, the Video Lessons section. She’s American so “cast off” becomes “bind off” but each step is so clearly shown that you’re not in any doubt what is meant.

Mrst1405 Mon 30-Mar-20 21:44:41

I've been knitting for about 60 years, it's my main hobby. I still buy needles nearly everytime I order yarn. I love circular bamboo. They suit my hands. It's all just knit and purl. Use thicker yarn dk up and take it slow. U tube has so many tutorials and I love Ravelry. Socks are my go to . Small easy enough and portable.

Doodledog Tue 31-Mar-20 10:20:30

*I did try once with a hat but couldn't work out how so few stitches could stretch round
It must be me.*

Ah. That's where the interchangeable ones come into their own smile. You need to select the right length of cord for your project. The sets have several cords and lots of different tip sizes, so there are numerous permutations. Usually, the cord is shorter than the circumference of the knitting, as you have to allow for the tips themselves, and the fact that stitches can 'bunch up', which is easier than stretching around the cord.

You are all right about YouTube. There is a lot on there, but feel free to shout on here, or look on Ravelry if you prefer written instructions.

Callistemon Tue 31-Mar-20 10:35:50

I think my 'new' pack, still unopened, which arrived about a year ago blush could have two lengths of cord, Doodledog

The other circular needles were from Lidl and are fixed with long cords.

I am into crocheting now though

Duh - stupid me

TillyAnn52 Mon 20-Apr-20 09:10:56

LoveCrafts are another site worth a look. Downloadable free patterns plus printed or bought pdf versions.
Nice company & found them helpful if a phone conversation necessary.
Lots of craft supplies inc material, embroidery etc & a beginners page. 15% off first order atm. Hope this (my first GN post) helps.

NotAGran55 Mon 20-Apr-20 09:18:52

Welcome to Gransnet TillyAnn52 and thank you for your recommendation. I have a couple of patterns from the site and here’s my little stash of hats so far , waiting to be sewn up .

NotAGran55 Mon 20-Apr-20 09:20:20

Oops didn’t attach

Harris27 Mon 20-Apr-20 09:20:57

Love knitting and it’s been my ‘prozac’ in these trying times. I’m knitting baby blankets. In dk and thus takes me a while to do but I don’t mind as it takes up my time. Use the normal steel needles and have a look on the websites for ideas and free patterns. I like to order my wool from love crafts they are really quite quickly.. If you don’t have a wool shop near Aldi sells wool. I knit a bit loose so I do the edging or rib on10s and blanket on 9.s old school numbers!