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Bluecat Fri 03-Jul-20 17:08:04

This is going to be a really stupid question but please bear with me.

I used to knit quite a few things, including a little bolero for two of my granddaughters. Their mum now has another little girl, 3 months old, and she asked me to knit one for her. So I started...

Trouble is, I was extremely ill a couple of years ago and, for some unknown reason, my memory has never been quite the same. The time before my illness seems to have gaps, sometimes for quite simple things.

In this case, I simply can't remember how to decrease 3 stitches at the end of a row. I can cast off 3 at the beginning. I just can't, for the life of me, remember how to do 3 at the end.

I know that I know how to to do it. I have knitted the damn pattern twice already. I know it's something very simple but my mind has gone a complete blank. Please help!

HAZBEEN Fri 03-Jul-20 17:10:06

Knit 3 together?

tanith Fri 03-Jul-20 17:12:17

I do the cast off at the beginning of the next row Bluecat not at the end of the row.

midgey Fri 03-Jul-20 17:31:04

Try YouTube, it may have a video so you can see. My son tells me YouTube has the answer for most things!

BBbevan Fri 03-Jul-20 17:33:30

Leave 6 stitches. Then K2tog x 3 ?

Callistemon Fri 03-Jul-20 17:35:40

I recommend doing what tanith suggests.

In fact, I'm sure the last pattern I knitted said to 'decrease at the beginning of the next two rows'.

TwiceAsNice Fri 03-Jul-20 18:09:30

You do usually decrease at the beginning of a row if it is more than one stitch . If it is only one stitch you can do it easily at beginning or end by just knitting the last two stitched together

Callistemon Fri 03-Jul-20 18:13:36

I didn't find boleros that simple, Bluecat - do you have to pick up a lot of stitches around for the edging?

I think, if we don't use a skill regularly, we can forget sometimes how to do what we used to do easily.

Grannmarie Fri 03-Jul-20 18:30:18

Hi, Bluecat, I agree with Midgey, YouTube tutorial videos are great! I've used them often to remind me of things I've forgotten, or feel unsure about, in knitting.

When I was knitting a bolero for my granddaughter, I found a tutorial which showed me how to knit a picot edge, something I hadn't knitted before.

Give it a try!

Flossieturner Sat 04-Jul-20 08:34:07

I would knit three together. This will give you a rounded decrease. If you cast off three at the beginning of the next row you will get a step. I assume the bolero is rounded.

Flossieturner Sat 04-Jul-20 08:40:11

I have just looked on you tube and there is a really clear tutorial about how to do this.

Callistemon Sat 04-Jul-20 09:39:55

If you cast off 3 you have 3 fewer stitches.
If you knit 3 together you have 2 fewer stitches

Callistemon Sat 04-Jul-20 09:48:45

Interesting, FlossieTurner, if I was watching the same one, the Aran Afghan.

I've never seen anyone knit like that either, rather like crochet style.

Bathsheba Sat 04-Jul-20 09:52:33

I can't imagine your pattern actually says "cast off 3 stitches at the end of the row". It might say "decrease 3 stitches at the end of the row", but the process for this would normally have been explained earlier in the pattern. So it would say something like "decrease 3 stitches as before at the end of the row" I don't agree with just knitting 3 together - and actually you'd need to knit 4 together to reduce it by 3 stitches, which would be a very clumsy and bulky end to the row.

Callistemon Sat 04-Jul-20 10:01:25

It could be rather bulky if you knit stitches together, especially for a baby's garment.
It's quite easy to adjust one row difference in decreases when sewing up.

Karalou51 Sat 04-Jul-20 10:51:19

I had this problem following a stroke a few years ago. It's certain random rows in a pattern that I just can't follow... Luckily my sister has always been on hand to help out. You probably have it sorted now but hopefully realised that casting off 3 stitches will totally change the shape of a garment from decreasing? What I now try to do when I get this frustrating brain freeze, is try out options for myself. Get to the last 6 stitches then try various techniques you do remember until you've lost 3 of them! Then write down how you did it! It sounds a faff but it'll help jog your memory in the right direction for other things too, if you try and work things out first. Good luck and stick at it! I was told in hospital that knitting is the best recuperation aid for various problems!

Doodledog Sat 04-Jul-20 11:31:12

If you cast off at the end of a row you will have to break and rejoin the yarn, or you will ‘drag’ the stitches behind the yarn when you start the next row.

Can you take a photo of the pattern instructions for us to look at, please? Or copy exactly what it says? I don’t think you can cast off at the end unless it is the final row of the pattern, or of that ‘part’ of it (eg the sleeve).

PammyHoops Sat 04-Jul-20 11:38:57

I have knitted a couple of patterns recently with this instruction. I cast off the last 3 stitches and usually have to leave the rest of the stitches on a holder to join later.
If you are to continue knitting. I would simply cast off 3 on the next row.
Hope that helps

Flossieturner Sat 04-Jul-20 11:54:56

Of course you are right about not stitching three together. The video uses a big loop of yarn and looks a bit complicated. I think you would have to practice On a spare sample piece.

dontmindstayinghome Sat 04-Jul-20 12:24:15

I have done a lot of knitting (the more complicated the better)! and I have never come across casting off stitches at the end of a row. You would end up with a 'round knobble' at the end of the row if you knit 4 stitches together.

Alternatively, when you get to the last six stiches, knit two together three times - K2 (3) - but that would not be casting off it would be shaping.

I would go for casting of three stitches at the beginning of next two rows.

I can't knit any more as it has caused arthritis in my left little finger, which controlled the tension.
Too painful to knit but I can crochet!

moggie57 Sat 04-Jul-20 12:27:27

get a pattern for a bolero....

Callistemon Sat 04-Jul-20 13:13:05


get a pattern for a bolero....

Bluecat has the pattern but, like many of us, has a blank on how to carry out this particular instruction, moggie.

I'm going to try and find my bolero pattern and see if it's similar, Bluecat.

Doodledog Sat 04-Jul-20 13:33:32


What does the pattern actually say?

Callistemon Sat 04-Jul-20 13:35:12

I found a King Cole bolero pattern and for the back, when you reach the armhole shaping, it says:
Cast off 5 stitches at beginning of next two rows (size 22")

Also a Peter Pan baby cardigan:
For the back armhole shaping
Cast off three stitches at beginning of next two rows

I can recommend the Peter Pan pattern for a baby girl although it's not a bolero, it's very pretty and simpler than it looks.
Peter Pan P963

Flossieturner Sat 04-Jul-20 15:57:54

I could not follow the you tube tutorial. I got round it Knitting the row to the three stitches before the end cast off the stitches and snipped the wool and fastened off the last stitch. Then I rejoined and continued knitting. As the bolero edges are close together it does need to match.