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Colouring books for adults.

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NanKate Thu 27-Aug-20 08:12:08

Can anyone recommend any colouring books they particularly like for adults. Also any books that teach total beginners to use coloured pastels. I know I can find these books online, but it’s good to get a recommendation.

In September I am having two toes straighten and I will have my feet up for about 2 weeks and need to fill my time. I thought art would be a lovely way of passing the time.

PECS Thu 27-Aug-20 10:22:08

If you want to develop an art skill then it won't be a colouring book you need..though think they can be satisfyingly calming.
Have a look out for online tutorials or art sessions..they may give you clearer guidance on the particular aspect you want to learn.
I am not particularly artistic..Dick Bruna is my stylegrin

Alegrias Thu 27-Aug-20 11:01:32

I love the books by Johanna Basford. It feels like she puts a lot of thought into them.
Some of the pictures that people create from her line drawings are amazing.

NanKate Thu 27-Aug-20 14:31:14

Thanks both of you for your advice.

NotTooOld Thu 27-Aug-20 16:30:33

Try YouTube for art lessons. Some of them are excellent.

NanKate Thu 27-Aug-20 16:42:56

I will do thanks.