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First great grand child on its way

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travelsafar Tue 22-Sep-20 06:44:06

I want to make something special for this new baby coming next year. Any ideas for something knitted, what would you do??? I would say i am a middle of the row knitter so noting to complex smile Gender as yet unknown.

Marmight Tue 22-Sep-20 07:32:19

Congratulations! How about a pram blanket with small squares. As it isn’t due until next year and winter is on its way, it could grow into a cot size depending on your speed/inclination grin. I know this is something my daughters would have appreciated rather than knitted clothing which babies don’t wear very much these days

tanith Tue 22-Sep-20 07:41:59

I agree a blanket is more likely to be kept and reused too. I’ve knitted some things for mine but I rarely see it worn to be honest.

BlueBelle Tue 22-Sep-20 08:18:44

Oh congratulations I don’t think i ll be a great as all of mine seem career orientated
I m another who says a pram cover We sell beautiful handmade ones donated to the charity shop and people are always so admiring of them and they so look so pretty I d buy one like a shot if I had a baby

Mrst1405 Tue 22-Sep-20 17:50:39

I think a good fine shawl is nice. They tend to use them for swaddling younge babies.

Callistemon Tue 22-Sep-20 17:55:15

The blanket that another Gransnetter made was lovely and unusual.
You wouldn't have to do the intarsia if it was too complicated.

I'll try to find a link.

Callistemon Tue 22-Sep-20 17:57:31

It was a thread called Child's Knitted Throw by MellowYellow, yesterday.
You could make it smaller for a pram.

GrannySomerset Tue 22-Sep-20 18:04:19

If my family is any guide, knitted sweaters join everything else in a hot wash so not worth the trouble. I commissioned cross stitch samplers of their names and date of birth for my grandchildren and they are greatly appreciated even now they are teenagers. Means they probably got them for their first birthdays of course!

Grammaretto Tue 22-Sep-20 18:49:34

I'm sure they will love anything you make because you made it! A pram blanket does sound sensible and will be well used.

I have to knit in acrylic or cotton for my DGC because they find wool itchy but the nicest one I made was in Alpaca and very very soft. It wouldn't be machine washable though..


dontmindstayinghome Tue 22-Sep-20 19:02:14

I crochet baby shawls for our local baby bank, they can't get enough of them. They are quite fine wool but plain with a shell edging.

I made a very special one for my Grand-daughter using beautiful fine lemon wool with lots of crocheted flowers and lacy edging with bows of fine ribbon. It caused a storm at the maternity unit and I had loads of requests to make them for others - but I never did
She still cuddles up in it now and she's nearly four!

Witzend Wed 23-Sep-20 14:32:28

I made a blanket in moss stitch squares for 1st Gdc, gender unknown in advance, so did it in different shades of blue, green, cream and yellow.
Still used for no. 3, five years later.
It was a Debbie Bliss pattern in Baby Cashmerino, nice and soft, but still machine washable. The knitting was quite easy.

travelsafar Thu 08-Oct-20 12:00:00

I too have a great grand child due next year and i have just finished a blanket for a crib. It is not perfect but hoping my grand daughter will like it.

boodymum67 Sun 01-Nov-20 14:15:47

I think modern mums aren't too keen on hand knits for new babies...but yes, a blanket would be a lovely idea and hopefully, a keepsake too.

V3ra Sun 01-Nov-20 16:18:29

travelsafar your blanket is really lovely.

My Mum knitted a beautiful shawl square when my daughter was born in 1981. I used it for my three and she's had it for my granddaughter. I've warned her not to get rid of it ever, I'll have it back. It's put away carefully at the moment.

Chardy Sun 01-Nov-20 16:18:43

I knitted my granddaughter a wool 'Tree of Life' blanket. If I did it now, I'd do it in a bamboo mix as that's very soft. (Easy - all basic plain and purl with cables)

Chardy Sun 01-Nov-20 16:20:11

And congratulations, best job in the world

Welshwife Sun 01-Nov-20 17:08:25

I too have the first GGc on the way - next April. When DGD rang to tell me the news I said words to the effect I would need to get the needles out her reply was - that’s why I am telling you now!
I shall start looking at blanket patterns. The

Feelingmyage55 Sun 01-Nov-20 17:18:52

Beautifully knitted pieces in these photos.
Why not ask if a knitted item of clothing would be appreciated? Lots of young people are into knitting again. Blankets are always acceptable and there are lots of machine-washable knitting wools. You could knit toys. There are many simple patterns. Enjoy the anticipation.

JackyB Mon 02-Nov-20 11:41:20

Someone (witzend?) recently posted a picture of a blanket with pockets she had knitted. Hand-knitted toys were put in the pockets.

travelsafar Mon 02-Nov-20 12:29:40

V3ra thank you very much. My grand daughter loves it too as it is her having the baby in the new year. My knitting needles will be working hard especially now we are in lock down. I have lots of wool in my stash and will order more on line if necessary. I know many say they dont like hand knitted items, but i think if you google Modern knitting patterns you can always find something really special. smile

Oopsadaisy4 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:24:43

The thing about knitting baby clothes is that once they grow they are either given away or put away.
A knitted blanket can be used and added to over the years, starting as a small cot blanket and ending up as a blanket for a child’s bed.
GCs are still on their beds as are their patchwork quilts that I made.

Oopsadaisy4 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:26:37

So sorry, forgot to say Congratulations!

ElaineI Mon 02-Nov-20 13:47:14

Blankets are a great idea. DD1 crochets them and DGC still use them age almost 7 and 3 ½ if its cold and in older one's den! She has also crocheted a blanket for her granny, FiL and a Christmas one for her family.